The Full Body Scanner Philosophy Essay

Nudity is a Taboo for some and then for others it is considered an improper behavior. From location to place the view point of how a lot of our body we can expose in public differs. In a few part of the world, people believe it is a divine teaching from ALLAH (GOD) for ladies to repay their body from tip to bottom, no elements of the women's is permitted to be exposed in public and for the person to cover from the neck to the leg. In contrary to these believes that is described on top, there are also others that don't limit how a lot of the human body of either man or man can be shown in public areas, except their private parts. Contrarily, there are also others who believe that it is a divine to be nude, and that is their imagine system. For whichever part of these groups that someone is affiliated with, there are occasions where we must break from our believe systems and commit to serves that are contrary to what we believe. Today's world's growing crises illuminate many privileges that the planets' inhabitants used to take pleasure from in the days of tranquility and steadiness. Taking footwear off at the air port for screening process purposes became already a norm. Some take it as inconvenient screening methodology, but is not a real solution to the airport security, thus there many people who prefer "to be safe than sorry. " However, airport terminal commuters are divided as it pertains the installation of new system call "Full body scanner. " This technology is similar the once used at big clinics. Machines produces a "low levels of X-rays. " The safe practices risk produced by millimeter X-rays which made by the full scanner machines could minimal and also have the potential profit that it might add the protection of the airports security throughout the world, but there are disagreements of proper usage of the equipment among the experts and the public is divided between your lines.


Safety is number 1 issue for almost all the individuals and it is the sole goal these systems are being installed in every the airports. It makes no sense and it is silly for airport commuters to choose between the lasers of both evils. Either to suffer through painful sickness caused contact with undetectable X-rays or explosion in the air by a terror bomb. Majority of men and women might choose not suffer through pain and die once with no pain and the suffering. Why even work out as it pertains to the security and the wellness of the people. All the specialist must do is to carry out a thorough test that either approves the utilization of full body scanners at the airport terminal or come up with an alternative solution way to secure the safeness of the airports without jeopardizing the fitness of the individuals. Many people see these new systems as an portrayed decision to force through some form of security systems that can find explosives hidden beneath the underwear, after the Detroit December event that can have stated many innocent lives. To be able travelers to produce a sounding judgment as it pertains cooperating with the power to use the entire body scanning device or not to, there must be some form of public recognition for the pros and negative aspects of using the system. The health of the travelers is in the line and they're up against a well known killer that if not properly safeguarded can cause fetal healthy damage to our body and can wipe out people without noticing it. The silent killer is named x-ray. "In 1895 x-rays were learned by Wilhelm R¶ntgen. This breakthrough of how to look over an object to see details beneath has advanced to include new techniques. One particular technique called "backscatter" X-Ray is based on 'the emergence of rays from that surface of any material through which it got into. " experts claim that this is high energy x-ray is more likely to scatter than to permeate materials different from its sister used in the medical flied that used penetrate materials and is low power. Father more; experts are skeptical about government's declare that this technology is harmless and they explain the probability that x-ray can go through other materials, such as clothing.

Ethical assessments.

Kantianism "Act so that you always treat both yourself and other folks as leads to themselves, and never only as a means to a finish " the question to be asked in here is if the system providers misleading the general public by reselling a products which may have not been tested thoroughly and may result in a potential health risk. Also, the luck data that helps the authority's state of harmlessness of product brings suspicions and the users' matter. Critics are asking an independent research to be conducted on these systems before their popular usage and suggest public access to the results. In cases like this, until trustable tests are conducted and the info is distributed to all the stake holds there is likely to be doubt. As stated in these quotation Kantianism rejects using individuals as a way to an end. In that case, the use of these systems with no satisfaction of others is assessed as a way to a finish.

Act Utilitarianism. The concept of power says "An action is right (or incorrect) to the magnitude that it does increase (decreases) the full total enjoyment of the influenced people" as an illustration, why don't we say one tenth of the percent of the full total number of folks that goes through the machines are influenced by the x-rays they have been subjected to, through the procedure. Their suffering may possibly also affect numerous others that might not step into one of these machines ever. For example, family members that must reveal the pain with their loved ones and must be there for the person who is suffering and may have to keep to pay the sky rocketing healthcare costs. Also, other by criteria that their medical health insurance premiums might be jacked up because of the raising statements and the insurances adjustment to the expenses, and generally all the tax payers that their taxes are used to aid law income individuals. The installation the entire scanner can create can decrease the total contentment of the afflicted celebrations which is not a good idea to install using Utilitarian analysis.

Social contract "Morality involves in the group of rules, governing how people should be treated one another, that logical people will consent to accept, because of their mutual benefits, on the condition that others follow those guidelines as well. " There are of course a set of rules that rational people can agree on. Safety of all citizens and the need of securing that is no brainer to today's post-9/11 societies. Power claims that installing these systems is essential in order to give a full security to the tourist. Many people buy into the specialist and appreciate the authority's plan to put these systems in place. Also the expert is liable of reinforcing the rules and is liable to the safety of the traveler incase of occurrence. The authority is also achieving this to safeguard its citizens rather than damage them. Any security get away from could start a general public outcry. For that reason, government believes installing these systems is the only path to avoid any security escapes. Using sociable contract theory permits installing these systems, though it could harm some of the system users.


Privacy is important to the majority of humans if they have the same believe systems or not. All around the globe people share a thread which is covering all, 50 percent or a few of their areas of the body. Some of these acts are strengthened by a deep divine believes as well as for others that is matter of human being dignity. Even those who live in rural areas, and walk necked with no clothes, majority of these folks might cover few elements of their body parts. These days plenty of rights that folks took for granted originally have been revoked from them without foreseeable trust of their come back of these privileges. We release one right and clinch on another, ignorantly believing it be studied over our lifeless bodies, which one too slips in front of our eyes. Now and new technology that violates another right and destroys gradually like it never existed before is surfaced. It really is called Full Body Scanner and is designed to be install into all airports so when reported on CNN "A hundred and fifty new full-body scanning machines are placed to be located in airports across the USA as federal government bodies work to close security loopholes revealed by the attempted Holiday Day bombing of your U. S. -bound airliner. " Full body scanning device produces complete nude human body feature and almost perfect image. It exposes all the body parts to strangers that are screening the travelers without concealing any of its parts. Besides uncovering private areas of the body this machine has the capacity to store data completely and this what sort of report describes it, "Full-body scanners at airports can store or send their graphic images. " When data is store anywhere in a public domain, the probability of misuse and tempering of data is likely high. Due that circumstances, the gain access to and possible misuse of the images produced by the security machines create a problem for most travelers and so there many skeptic of installing these systems into the airport. Many folks from different walks of life warn the luck reliability of the authority's claim that the images of travelers will not be saved and think usually. They believe the federal government and other agencies that coordinate international airport security aren't sharing the full details of the use of the private images that the full body scanner will produced. There are ready legislation suits and problems about the technology before it is even installed into the most the international airports. The battle to avoid installing full body scanner at the airports already drawn steam after a United States Law manufacturer voiced this concern, "We don't need to look at naked 8-year-olds and grandmothers to secure airplanes, a lawmaker says. " In addition to this, there are various religious communities, from different believe systems voicing their oppositions to deployment the entire body scanner, which include many well known religious market leaders, like the Pope, and the record input it this way. "Pope Benedict XVI has became a member of civil libertarians and air travel basic safety experts in voicing matter about new airport terminal scanners like people destined for O'Hare AIRPORT TERMINAL. " To make matters a whole lot worse, many people already refused to undergo these machines at the airports and since reported on TIMESONLINE lady girl "was barred from boarding a air travel after she refused to undergo a complete body scan for spiritual reasons. "

Ethics evaluations.

Divine Command line Theory. Most the religious people concur that at least it is divine

command from originator of the mankind that humans to pay their private parties. This is the

reason that a Muslim woman forfeited her solution by refusing to undergo the machine which could expose her private gatherings to a strangers. The action of the woman is totally in lines with the Islamic coaching that prohibits individuals exposing their private functions in a public. There's also many other people different religious believers that oppose installing this system for the same reason. In that case, according to the divide command line theory it is undesirable to install full scanner system or mandate all people proceed through this machine.

Kantianism relating to Kantianism it is ethical to use people as a means to an end. For this case the system can not work with people who don't want their private celebrations to be exposed to the strangers and so it is ethical according compared to that theory.

Act Utilitarianism evaluates the degree an action raises or diminishes the enjoyment of the individuals, and action is known as good if it increases the total contentment and is considered bad if lowers. According to the theory if the violation of the personal privacy of the travelers reduces their total happiness action is known as bad. Since religious follower expressed distress of using the system and may be many none religious people that are nervous about exploitation their own private body images and the likelihood of these information dropping in to the hands of a certified individuals, that alerts the disapproval of the system in line with the Action Utilitarianism. However, there're many other facts that should be evaluated before deciding if an action is good or bad based on the act. For example, there're many spiritual followers that thinks the action is in line with their religious teaching since it is permissible for the supporters to act unlike their religious coaching if their livelihood depends upon, and they choose to sacrifice their images than their life. So to be able to say specifically that is system inacceptable employing this theory we've compare the number of unhappy people to the happy ones and if almost all is happy than the action good often the action is bad.

Consequences. There may be many consequences that relate with the installment of this system. The first one is, the opportunity of the machines becoming a health hazard. Exposure to X-rays can cause health issues to all individuals and is riskier to pregnant women and children which is what most are worried about. A BusinessWeek reviews that folks who file issues about the use of full body scanning device claims contain concerns associated with the health of the women that are pregnant, here is how they put it ". Travelers also expressed concern about their personal privacy being invaded, of sense humiliated, of rays risks to pregnant women and of children being subjected to the scans. " This demonstrates that there is public outcry which could swing either way. If the machine triggers more problems than it solves, it might backfire big time. Secondly, it could be consequential if the machines cause security escapes. There are already experts that assume that these machines may not be able to prevent terror menace like the Detroit one over the last Xmas and the news places it this way, "The machines create images outlining the unclothed body by jumping X-rays or radio waves off skin area or concealed things. But security experts say the advanced imaging technology, or AIT, has limits: The "backscatter" rays can be obscured by areas of the body, may not quickly detect slim items seen "edge-on" or stuff hidden inside the body, and need a human operator to decide whether to execute additional questioning or a physical search. " Therefore the question is the reason why are investing vast amounts of dollars that into a system that cannot leave up to its reputation which is to detect things that already existing technology cannot detect.

Alternatives. Yes, there're alternative. Those that do not need to through the full body scanning device can go through something call "physical pat down" such as includes physical checking of the whole body of both men and women. This method just like others might lead to the same problem to some people like the define control theorists. What if there is no women working at specific flight time and there is a woman who prefers pat down method over the full body screener or vice versa. This option itself could cause more problems than it solve.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of the system is it enhanced airport security. Additionally it is a peace at heart for many that are daily travelers. A broad usage of this system could minimize the long hanging around lines at airports through that the United States and elsewhere on earth where travelers by using a lot of airport checks to avoid terrorist functions. The disadvantage of system will be if system fails to detect materials that it's designed to get and could result in a security failing. If the gear is related with security failing, people will dsicover it as thrown away duty payer money and could again slash. Another downside is if the system becomes a health risk it might be hard persuade moves to use the system even if the issues are fixed and cost a lot more money for the government for laws suits.


Full body scanner technology is similar the once found in big hospitals. It produces a "low degrees of X-rays. " There are several experts that consider system has potential of leading to medical condition to the users. There's also many other people from different strolls of life and have different religious believes that oppose installing these systems in to the airports due to their religious believe. Others are also nervous about their privacy. Health issues, spiritual believes, and level of privacy is the three biggest road blocks that can put risk in the installation of these systems. Systems are already installed and are used through the planet. Its oppositions is also growing, people are refusing to through the machines for any different purposes we mentioned on top. Whether these systems will be extensively accepted or not accepted is a sing of that time period.


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