The Future of Essential oil - Article Analysis

Analyzing the Logic of your Article

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Jennifer R. Thomas

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Article 26

"It's Still the One" by Daniel Yergin

Work Cite: Jackson, Robert M. Global issues 13/14 (1st ed. ).




What qualifications will the author have for writing an article on this subject? (This may also connect with quotes within the article. )

"Daniel Yergin received a Pulitzer Award for The Award: The Epic Quest for Olive oil, Money, and Electricity, published in an updated edition this year. He is chairman of IHS Cambridge Energy Research Affiliates. " (p. 113, Jackson) Yergin is the founder of Cambridge Energy Research Affiliates, (CERA), a member of the Country wide Petroleum Council and a Global Energy Expert. He's a graduate of Yale University with a BA and Cambridge University or college with a PH. D and has two honorary diplomas, one from School of Houston and the other from the University of Missouri.

http://www. cnbc. com/daniel-yergin/

Chair of an activity push for the U. S. Division of Energy, (p. 111, Jackson)

When and where was the article first published? Does indeed this impact its trustworthiness?

The article was posted by the Foreign Policy in September/October 2009, pages 90, 92-95. Foreign Insurance plan is an extremely reputable source of information and Daniel Yergin has an extremely extensive backdrop and knowledge about the Petrol industry, however, the article is not a recent because so many valuables resources are or that I'd like to starting my conclusions from. I would have to state that the info provided by Daniel Yergin is credible but would like to see updated information to verify/confirm this post.


Describe the key purpose, what conclusions the writer drew, and what assumptions the author made in this article.

The purpose of this article is to provide a perspective into the future of Oil globally and the impact Petrol will make on regions internationally. Volatility influences many people, not just those in the engine oil market and worldwide. This article explains the way the essential oil industry has evolved through the years due to specific things like technology, local climate change, how it can be used and exactly how much is used.

What is the author's point of view for this article? (How many other things of view is there?

Cushing Oklahoma's essential oil allows them to are likely involved in the price tag on oil. Petrol trading is a financial property but unstable. Essential oil prices over the years have fluctuated from a higher dollar to an extremely low money per barrel rate, with prices varying from $147. 27, $59. 87, $32. 40 and as low as $10. 00/barrel. Big essential oil industries have grown and control over eighty percent of the petrol industry, as the smaller ones have disappeared. Oil get sold and exchanged to be converted into gasoline jet energy, diesel, warming oil plus more. The demand for petrol has changed, how exactly we utilize it, how much we use and technology can transform the energy portfolio as well. The oil industry has evolved in that if offers pension money, endowments, and hedge funder and includes money professionals to assist with the budget attached to the petrol industry. Engine oil use will increase as energy needs increase in the up and coming years. The upsurge in essential oil demand has impacted the prices of engine oil. The increasing demand in addition has caused tension between countries such as China and the U. S. and Britain and Germany scheduled to scarcity. China has guaranteed future oil giving loans to prospects countries that are engine oil producers. The discord between China and the U. S. is not only about olive oil but includes coal to where they both are the most significant consumers of coal and the greatest resources of coal as well. Weather change also effects the future of oil which gives yet another reason to operate a vehicle down the requirements for engine oil. Technology needs to be utilized to find an alternative for petrol use. Ideas of alternatives are electric cars, advanced biofuels, solar systems, new building designs, substantial investment in blowing wind, integrating electric autos with the electricity industry, and a revolution in the inner combustion engine unit. (p. 112, Jackson) THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has taken a growing interest, giving bonuses and subsidies that will drive technological change. Decrease requirements and becoming more energy conserving has been a focus of america and has been doing well. Resources do however show that there surely is enough oil to maintain with the requirements for years to come but limited access, taxes systems, civil conflict, geopolitics, rising costs for exploration and creation and uncertainties about demand could hinder oils getting consumers. The ultimate conclusion would be that the engine oil market is not continuous and that lots of things change the source and demand of olive oil and the price tag on oil, the olive oil industry is unpredictable.

List new terms introduced and define them. You may even include any important information that was offered in this newspaper.

Volatility- "Liability to improve speedily and unpredictably, especially for the worse. " www. dictionary. com

Somnolent- "sleepy, drowsy, exhausted, lethargic, slow. " www. dictionary. com

WTL-West Texas Intermediate (p. 110, Jackson)

Hedgers- "A person who builds or fixes hedges (any hurdle or boundary, a row of bushes or small trees planted close collectively, especially when forming a fence or boundary" www. dictionary. com

Speculators- "the financial players. " (p. 110, Jackson)

Supermajors- "a term put on the six largest Oil companies on earth. " www. oilprices. org

Paper Barrels- "an petrol cargo that comes and traded on the open market, however, not actually sent. " www. wisegeek. com

Muskier-as an smell www. dictionary. com

Wherewithal- "that with which to take action; means or resources with the objective or need, especially money". www. dictionary. com

Were any propaganda techniques used in an attempt to influence viewers? Explain. (See explanations at the end of this doc. )

I found this post to have very little if any propaganda. This article was predicated on reports and was attractive matter of reality. One attention grabber for me were the highlighted figures throughout this article, including the strong and underlining of the price tag on oil per barrel on web page 111 and the on web page 112 on the amount of barrels the globe demand increased. These will be a form of bandwagon propaganda. Page 110 also detailed the Oklahoma sunlight as "hot", "lovely" crude oil, could be described as a kind of propaganda. Other propaganda was the utilization of big name oil companies that individuals are familiar such as Exxon Mobile and Chevron and other not so big but nonetheless familiar like Amoco and ARCO.


* Refer to the regular folder for the questions you need to answer.

The questions are positioned in the Critical Thinking section by the end of each article.

Question #



The get older of engine oil is changing because the government is providing subsidies and incentives that will drive technology change and help decrease the demands for olive oil. Climate change also effects the change in the new period. Furthermore to climate change and technology, there are now more players in the essential oil industry like financial managers, investors, hedgers funds plus more.


The demand for essential oil is changing in that the demands are decreasing, take the exemplory case of america who are doubly energy efficient as they were in the 70's, electric automobiles are attaining more attention, improvement if biofuel, solar systems that are now given attention as well as the wind. The federal government is giving more focus on energy efficient ways to enhance the economy and reduce the demand for engine oil.


The U. S. and China romantic relationship is the one which not only deals with competing over oil nonetheless they also remain competitive over coal as well. They are the largest tool of both. They may have the same interest new technology solutions for the emissions released when coal is burnt.


Article 3 is complemented by Yergin's article, article 26 because both are making the idea that the task of reducing usage of gasoline/oil is a hard challenge and will involve many competition, better technology and the involvement of the government.


This article was interesting because I did so not realize how much america and China were in competition over oil and coal. I am old enough to remember a few of the fluctuation in the changing of gas prices. I also find the information of the article very helpful because of recent debate that a band of co-workers and I were having over environment change, energy efficient autos and biofuels. A team member was considering purchasing a power efficient car, which we found the team was divided as to for or from the talk of environment change and its existence.


  • "Bad" (or "Sad") Names - The use of words, phrases, or expressions with negative connotations.
  • Examples: slob, prude, moron, embarrassing
  • "Glad" Names - The usage of words or phrases with positive, nice connotations.
  • Examples: warm, lovely, scrumptious, "lemony" fragrance
  • Testimonials - The recommendation or endorsement by prominent and/or influential people.
  • Example: Professional football legend Derek Jeter's advertisements for a credit card
  • Transfer - The use of titles, phrases, or symbols to influence popularity.
  • Example: Utilizing a movie star's photograph on the cover of an newspaper to get visitors to buy it
  • "Just Plain People" - The usage of dress, tendencies, or other devices in an attempt to identify a product or person with typical people.
  • Example: Photographs of the President of america eating spaghetti or chopping wood
  • Card Stacking - The presentation of only that information or those quarrels most favorable to a particular viewpoint.
  • Example: Making a list of all the benefits of buying a fresh car without making an identical list of every one of the disadvantages
  • Bandwagon - The use of the fear to be "different" to impact behavior.
  • Example: "20 million people jog for their health. Shouldn't you?"


by Brian W. Carver

After you have browse the passing carefully, distinguishing between purported facts and ideas, answer the following questions completely.

  1. What is the author's finish?
  2. What premises does the writer provide to aid this bottom line?
  3. What assumptions (unstated premises) are required for the author's discussion to be valid?
  4. Do the premises seem to be uncontroversially true? If not, explain.
  5. Do the assumptions seem to be uncontroversially true? If not, describe.
  6. Are all terms in the debate adequately described? If not, clarify.
  7. Are there other facts, not discussed, that would be helpful to know in assessing the discussion? If so, clarify.
  8. Does the author appeal to feeling or use words made to affect our response? (e. g. , discounts, hedges, assurances, repetition, etc. ) If so, make clear.
  9. Is your well-crafted version of the discussion valid? That is, imagine the premises and assumptions are true, no matter their actual fact or falsity. Consider, given their fact, does the conclusion have to check out? (If therefore the discussion is valid, if not, it is invalid. ) In case a clear valid/invalid answer is difficult, explain why.
  10. In your view, is your well-crafted version of the discussion sound? That's, does it both have a valid form and also have all true premises and assumptions? (If so, it is acoustics, if not, it is unsound. ) Explain your answer.

Retrieved from https://www. ocf. berkeley. edu/~brianwc/courses/thinking/2002fall/analyze. html

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