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The Record Of Hospitality Importance Tourism Essay

The hospitality industry is a company which provides transitional or short-term lodging with or without, food. It is one of the very most fast growing companies on earth. This industry comprises of many professions, many of these professions include; chefs, standard managers, owners of their own business, a director of marketing or an event professionals all working along to create good quality services with their customers. A service is a type of economical activity that is intangible; it is not stored and will not result in ownership, delivering this service on the market include people like, hotel maids or housekeeping, gardeners and receptionist all which are used and overseen by the manager of the industry. The assignments of the employees in the hospitality industry are extremely important, they are the ones which holds out the nice service towards the customers so that they can give good feedback and induces their relatives and buddies to come. You can find 5 characteristics of service are The guest input are very important in the hospitality industry, so this industry always aims for outstanding guest satisfaction that will lead to the loyalty of the guest and well profited products. To be able to make sure that your hospitality business is successfully providing good service, these steps must be adopted:

Focus on the guest; make sure that their needs and wants come first since they are the one's extra cash.

Understand the role of the guest-contact worker.

Weave something culture into education and training systems

Emphasize high-touch rather than just high-tech

Thrive on change, this means always be prepared to make step up your game and get new ideas.

Giving good service in the hospitality industry is a very difficult task. Matching to Horst Schulze- there are three areas of service:

Service should be defected free

Service should be timely

People should care

He also quoted that all hospitality business should be doing four things

Keeping guest as equals, signifying trust you and happy to form a marriage with you

Find new guest

Get the maximum amount of money as possible from them without getting rid of him/her

Create efficiencies

All which can't be possible without delivering good quality service in the industry. Relating to William B. Martin, "it is what hospitality is all about and what we do". One essential difference between the hospitality business and other business is the fact that in hospitality we are available intangible and perishable products.

Part 2 what exactly are the professionals and negative aspects of community structured tourism

What are pros and cons?

Pros and drawbacks are the positive and negative of a concept or thing. Pros are the positive and negative aspects are negative.

What is community established tourism?

This kind of tourism is about the allowance of traveler to some untouched areas which is very sensitive to the impact of mother nature. It allows the traveler to discover our local habitats and celebrate and respect our traditional civilizations and rituals and enjoy the animals.

Community based tourism is the same as environmental tourism. The pros of community based mostly tourism symbolizes the strengths and essentials about this type of tourism, It details on the benefits it provides to the city the tourism is at. some positive aspects of community founded travel and leisure bring the locals to the awareness of all community problems, the traveler might easily feel compelled to bring back some positive activities to the environment and it's easy to start a fundraising items that tourist can pay for like camp sites and area entry fees. Various other benefits of communication based tourism include;

The money gained from community established tourism dates back into the conservation of the area

The wildlife habitat is protected such that it can attract these types of tourist.

All guests will be informed on these visitors attractions while browsing the site

Some visitors carry back the data they gain from their experience with their own community/environment.

More natural habitats are being reserved.

The negatives of community established tourism sheds a light on the negative aspects which this travel and leisure brings; Air pollution- pollution maybe the biggest negative aspects on community structured tourism, this includes waste, physical damaged and noise.

Waste- Tourists normally load up disposables when planning for a remove, which cause landfills.

Physical harm- the destroying of flora and fauna for pet animal accommodations

Noise- loud noises may scare family pets out of the area.

The local people of the surroundings can generate profits from showing vacationer around the attractions.

Tourism Interest Factors of the Caribbean

Tourism has become a very important part of the Caribbean. It includes benefited the Caribbean in lots of ways such as providing the Caribbean people who have jobs, promotion of the island and delight where they gained from viewing how the holiday loved experiencing about their cultural activities and history. Travel and leisure is one of the main reasons why some of these islands are developed ain beauty and has a profitable development to their economy. The Caribbean has become one of the very most popular exotic vacation spots for the Us citizens and Europeans. There are various types of tourism that can be found in the Caribbean such as; trip travel and leisure which details activities such as coastline browsing, exploring the jungle and diving in the reefs, you can find eco-tourism which basically involves the environment, it contain site discovering of the island's mother nature and wildlife, afterward you have agro-tourism formally known as agricultural travel and leisure which is the viewing of farms for the work experience or simply for the pleasure, sex travel and leisure which is about tourist travelling for erotic activities, sports tourism which is when holiday happen to be watch or part take in sporting events. Within the Caribbean we have attractions for various different types of individuals and personalities, since holiday normally search for the factors that best fulfils their personality. Travel and leisure has become quite successful in the Caribbean and is constantly growing. Below are a few factors that attract tourism to the Caribbean;

The cost-The cost of travelling to the Caribbean looking at to other countries located in Europe, Asia and Latin America is cheaper and more affordable. It has become an essential factor in travel and leisure growth in the Caribbean.

Ease of access- The Caribbean is accessed quickly and simpler to tourist from the northern hemisphere like THE UNITED STATES. It has become another essential factor that has been benefiting the growth of travel and leisure in the Caribbean.

Accommodation - The Caribbean has been developing a quantity of accommodations which has become a factor which has been benefiting the growth of tourism in the Caribbean.

Reputation - The Caribbean has been a destination of choice in being a tourism product from the 1800s, and its own beautiful resorts and comforting surroundings has been aside of their history. The good trustworthiness of the Caribbean has a travel and leisure destination has been a essential element in the development of tourism in the Caribbean

Pleasing weather- this is actually the warm natural light which is one of the most crucial interest factors in the Caribbean that every tourist looks forwards to while travelling to the Caribbean islands.

Hospitality is the duty of the united states being visited. The tourist should be cared for as a friend and the company should be courteous and welcoming.

The Caribbean islands have been historically favored by the traveler from America, Canada and Europe. During the world recession in 2010 2010 the Caribbean tourism product slowed but remained its power in percentage.

Part 3 Report

The Goblin hill hotel, Dock Antonio, Portland

The hospitality industry handles people, good service and product and providing that good service to the people via hotels, restaurants, spas and inns, the most important thing in the hospitality industry is keeping the customers happy and always satisfied by always delivering good quality services and making the merchandise worth spending money on. When tourist come to your resort they mainly go for the entertainment of the great view of the beach, a wonderful environment up in the hillsides not too much of the key but silent, and the fun of characteristics trailing which causes a rainfall forest. The hotel is filled up with beautiful floral plans and great employees with wonderful working personalities built especially to please the guest of the hotel. When browsing the Goblin hill hotel the warm welcome of the receptionists alone can make you happier of your own preference to remain at the hotel. Both employees and manager all interact to complete a straightforward but difficult target which is to provide the guest with the service the deserved and expect. The supervisor distributed her views on how she operates her hotel and her chain of employees and the obligations and tasks they carry out everyday to keep the hotel in order.

The manager uses advertising mostly on her behalf marketing tool at her hotel. Advertising is what works best for goblin hill hotel, we advertise using brochures and the internet. The director at the goblin hotel manages everything, but divides these duties to make them easier to be achieved. The general role of the director of the Goblin hill hotel (in the hospitality industry) is to ensure that the basic function of your hotel is up to standards, such as to make certain that the guest needs are placed first and also to ensure that they get total sufficient in getting their money well worth and also the functions of all employees are being carried out and/or complete.

These are some of the responsibilities the manager of the goblin hill hotel;

Planning and creating accommodations

Carrying out inspection of property and service

Dealing with deals and supplies

Recruiting and monitoring staff

Addressing problems with staff and also guest

Ensuring security is effective

Planning working arrangements for staff

The manager wishes to ensure that these functions are being carried out while still making a revenue. The director is also responsible for the marketing of the hotel. The hotel consists of many jobs and responsibilities that should be completed every day to keep carefully the hotel running well. In the hospitality industry there are a lot of jobs offered to locals.

At the Goblin hill, employees are to make that all of their jobs are being done to match the manager so that the hotel can be comfortable and well reasonable into the customer's expectations. Producing a pleasant smile when a customer is nearing, speaking in perfect British in order that they could understand and talk to you as a worker or service provider is some of the inequalities that an you should/must in going into in to the hospitality industry. In the goblin hotel there's a beautiful view of the sea and your garden.

Here are some jobs that are proposed by a hotel;

Receptionist- a receptionist of the hotel usually takes care of leading desk, they are normally the first person the truth is and talk with upon coming into the hotel to check on in for a room or your reservations. They may be responsible for keeping all the time the appearance of being beneficial and assertively punctual, other obligations of an receptionist are;

Making of bookings

Answering phones

Making to the many government

Arranging business meetings and executing them

Doing of transcripts and replacing analysis

Bell-hop- a bell hop practically becomes your assistant as you enter the hotel or come out of the travel. Below are a few responsibilities of your bell hop;

Accompanies guest to their rooms

Clean pools

Assists guest and house keepers

Turn on lights

House keeper- the house keepers will be the people who provide breakfast, lunch and supper for all visitor if possible. They clean the villas, forward office as well as the visitor clothing if wanted.

Maintenance- They ensures that all consumer electronics and mechanical stuff stay in form at the goblin hill hotel.

Gardener- They prides their selves at the goblin hill hotel on their nature arrangement so the landscapes of the hotel maintain steadily its beauty.

Having a business in the hospitality industry includes a lot of competitors some better than you and some worst, but you should always be ready for an alteration or always ensure that season holiday still wants to go to your holiday resort.


This jobs details the value of the delivering good services in the hospitality industry and how two essays about the factors that get tourist to the Caribbean and the positive and negative aspects of community based tourism. It tells what community established tourism is and exactly how it benefits the conditions where it resides. In addition, it showed the functions and responsibilities of a manager within the hospitality industry and the careers they offer.

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