The effect of American management culture on all of those other world


My management education has been greatly affected by the 'American Academics Management Culture' and in in so far as i disagree with some of its approaches to Human Resources Control Styles; I am also to get some of its strategies and techniques.

Western academic management culture offers an understanding to how People Resource Management differs from one region of the world to some other, with respect to the lifestyles and beliefs of folks therein. Today's world is ever more emulating these american academic management styles, irrespective of its unique regional values and practices which act as a core basis to its territorial HRM style.

Citizens of these non-western countries look forward to attending academic institutions in the western countries thinking that the education system is better. However, this might not exactly help much if these students opt to return to their countries because some of the western ethnicities do not integrate the cultural rules of the non-western countries in their teaching and for that reason, these students will tend to eventually take care of issues in their countries only with the american HRM culture they have learnt, which may still lead to problems within their organisations.


The following sub headings are in disagreement with the fact that European education management culture has misinformed the entire world with its Man Resource Authority Styles; rather, they may have been a blessing in these aspects or the civilizations of the growing countries havent accepted many of these western strategies, instead they have got resolved to managing their organisations in their own ethnical management styles. Organisations in non-western countries may tend to are unsuccessful even after applying these strategies because they totally misuse them or completely neglect their own beliefs instead of strategically merging both, in a way that would best improve them.

Organisational Structure

Planning of organisational composition is important to control and coordinate responsibilities to assure the improvement and sustenance of organisational traditions (Henderson 2008). The success of the European management style is dependant on its ability to take care of diversity. Organisational composition needs integration and differentiation. Differentiation is about grouping personal job duties while integration is synchronizing the outcomes of the non-public tasks to make a suited merged product. Integration is more powerful when differentiation is high. In an organisation, there should be an in-house upgrade to handle a rise in diversity to be able to fulfil the same organisational aims. Integration helps the business avoid wearing down into different segments and it gives value to business (Boone and Vanden Bosch 1997). Organisational structure emphasises strategies and systems of an organisation to set-up employee understanding on the reporting composition within and what is expected of these to deliver. In addition, it encourages those to are a team (Elkin 2007). A proper structured organisation in the non-western country will perform better. The Chinese language management, which is more family-oriented however, will not see the need for an organisational composition. Employees are accountable to one another predicated on family position and importance and because specific job descriptions aren't used, problems are frequently encountered (Singapore Institute of Management 2001). They have to structure their businesses to avoid problems.

Training and Development

Europe has commenced the coaching of leadership in some schools in the united kingdom, one of which is Coventry University or college. Management ought to be aware that civilizations differ and there are numerous opportunities for students to work all over the world, not necessarily from the regions they have come from to wait their studies. This training prepares individuals for the global issues they are likely to face in the nearest future (Mellahi 2000). Western european organisations, invests in working out and development of their employees because an employee's excellent performance produces high returns for the company. In Japan, employees are occasionally trained on how to laugh to customers by placing a pen in their mouths. Whereas, as far as Indian management style can be involved, training and development to boost staff skills is hardly emphasized. Rather, the managers would like to be occupied with the non-public lives of employees (Indian Institute of Banglamore n. d). Presently n Nigeria, most local companies avoid investing in the training and development of their employees for fear of the employees leaving the business for multinational organisations. They fail to realise that the introduction of staff is a key factor to business success. The investment in personnel training by the western countries does not misinform all of those other world, somewhat it stimulates business brands.

Racial and Sexist Restrictions

HRM style in britain for example, is good as regards eligibility for job positions. When making curriculum vitae in the united kingdom, get older, gender and host to origin are generally not required as standards to be considered for a job location and also female top executives are generally found in organisations. However, in Nigeria, due to the paternalistic HRM style, get older, gender and host to origins are highly required in a curriculum vitae design. The info decides whether you are eligible enough for the job because although sometimes unrevealed, employers like to employ staff from a particular ethnic group. Also, most male employees, think it is odd receiving instructions from girl superiors and for that reason sometimes brings about conflicts on the job. This facet of the western culture is good and non-western countries should be inspired to follow.

Cultural Orientation

The culture of your establishment comprises of its values and shared principles as a group and it is essential for the complete team to keep yourself updated and know very well what these prices are because insufficient awareness can lead to insufficient originality and decline in performance. The partnership between managers and employees is a factor of ethnic orientation. An employee will perform better when there is a close understanding romantic relationship with a supervisor. In the western countries managers generally share a business and non-personal relationship with employees. They consider close personal human relationships as interfering in the privateness of an individual. However, the Indian culture promotes managers to be engaged in the non-public lives of subordinates. Subordinates presume managers look after them which promotes lasting human relationships although this may also be apt to be at the expense of the work (Indian Institute of Management n. d). Mangers ought to positively add value by using true to life situations alongside job techniques as Morrie performed in the movie, Tuesdays With Morrie where he educated his former school university student how to learn to love and be loved in return, give to his community and admit life just how it ought to be, to be at tranquility with himself. The positive impact Morrie had on his pupil who had turn into a successful visible journalist, made him to disregard his job to be with Morrie at the point of his fatality and in return, learnt how to have a much better life (Winfrey and Forte 2006). There must be a moderately close shared romantic relationship between an workplace and employee, without compromising the job, to be able to encourage performance.

Time Management

In Africa, keeping to time has been a concern since time history. Late entrance to events as is often termed 'African time' means that friends begin to reach for a meeting at roughly three hours at night event start time. Whereas the european countries, people maintain time. The opportunity of having branches of international companies in Africa boosts the African information on time management because local businesses have the possibility to add value to these international companies by employing them. This implies, early arrival to conferences and events. In a few Nigerian organisations that operate from 9am to 5pm, employees are still bought at work by 7pm for fear of leaving the office while their superiors remain working. All of this is quickly changing and therefore, the traditional western countries have a confident impact as regards time management and cannot be identified as a downside.

Motivation and Incentives

The western countries have released the need for employee bonuses and benefits to non-western countries. Ahead of this, employees earned only their salaries even if indeed they worked overtime. Currently, awards and profit unique to the job types receive to profitable employees to encourage them work harder. NTPC supported its staff whose wife suffered with a terminal malady by contributing money on her behalf treatment in america (Chaudhuri 2010). This will likely encourage the staff to put in his best to ensure that the business achieves its goals.


There are also ways that western management culture has misinformed non-western countries in conditions of its HR control styles without placing under consideration the management culture of such parts. This is bad for organisations because because it is effective in a european country will not make it equally effective for these people.

Foreign Coaching Methods

Non-western countries invite foreign guests to provide seminars and meetings in their countries to educated citizens. The confirmation that these special guests are visiting is seen as a privilege. However, when they get there, their lecture styles and design may not relate to the living and learning habits these people are used to. In Nigeria, there was a case of any westerner who emerged to deliver a lecture and educated in foreign techniques that the individuals were unfamiliar with (Uba 2010). His theories cannot be related to the African culture even though this lecture was not useful to some attendees, others may tend to apply his teachings and may still not yield positive business results.

People / Business Management Style

The romance between employees and the executives of an company with regards to how choices impact these employees, as part of the complete organisational team rather than as mere job holders, is referred to as 'individuals management' (Henderson 2008). Through the early years in America, employees did not have an opportunity to promote their views with management even if they thought contrary to management's decisions. In the documentary The Century of the All-Consuming Do it yourself, employees could not go contrary to a decision created by Edward Bernays and anyone who attempted to take action, was termed as 'being stupid' (Curtis 2002). The management style was more performance oriented than people focused. The business place in a certain region must be known before strategies can be developed to be able to function effectively. Inside the Imperative of African Management Style, an effective managing director who had been very productive abroad, was placed to Nigeria to apply his skills to a branch of his company, sadly, he was struggling to succeed because he did not understand the business enterprise environment and applied the same strategies just as he performed in his place (Uba 2010). Whereas, the Ubuntu management style, helps bring about communication between workers and their managers because an wide open shared framework and dialogue on issues arising, is prompted. In this way, they develop their own procedures of living and working mutually, through times of team work and turmoil (Karsten and Illa 2005). Some companies in Nigeria have started to emulate the American culture where employees don't have a say in matters that arise, thereby, ignoring the Ubuntu management style.

Manipulation of Employees for Management Benefit

The administrator, whose employees trust and look up to, unknown to the employees, may tend to influence them to do something on issues based on his own selfish interest. Curtis (2002), in the documentary The Century of the All-Consuming Do it yourself, confirmed that Edward Bernays manipulated the public, to his own advantage. He empowered them get access to money from finance institutions in order to acquire stocks from companies he symbolised. These citizens, by adhering, yielded more revenue for him. The United States of America also designed to manipulate citizens to acquire goods they did not require, and Mr. Bernays devised a way to persuade citizens to act unreasonably by joining products he was associated with, to their emotional cravings. Another example was making the smoking of cigarettes by the female gender socially appropriate; by convincing these to think that the cigarette smoking made them influential and free (Curtis 2002). On the contrary, the Chinese management style, affiliates fairness, compassion, thoroughness etc. with an outstanding leader. Manipulation is hardly involved with Chinese language management (Singapore Institute of Management n. d). In Nigeria, local business owners have begun to apply manipulation especially with the introduction of deal staffing, whereby they make use of workers to work excessively by constantly keeping them under stress and pressure but at a fairly cheap rate because of the insufficient available jobs.

Performance Analysis

Western countries setup the performance appraisal process to judge employee performance on the job. It is a good process because it encourages employees to carry out their tasks completely. Appraisal composition and style range across countries and organisations, depending on its exclusive goals and goals. In Nigeria, local businesses have imbibed the performance appraisal process and in some cases, the process is abused because, superiors could see it as an opportunity to intimidate their subordinates whereas, it is the duty of these superiors to ensure that their subordinates are following right path. Therefore, as enough time for the appraisal pulls near, employees lack self-confidence. It's the duty of professionals to draw out the best in their employees and not discourage them. In the movie, Akeelah and the Bee, Akeelah Anderson was encouraged by her teacher Dr. Joshua Larrybi to be assured and believe that not only in her fantasy however in herself as well, to make it through the Spelling Bee competition. In around his management style was strict, he uncovered her inner durability and unique technique of keeping time, used it to tutor her and she eventually managed to get to the most notable (Lionsgate and 2929 Production 2006).


In Nigeria, religious belief is very important to the growth of a business. Some organisations take it so far as having short day program of prayers before business starts or participating in thanksgiving services when high income is made. Some integrate spirituality and their jobs to revive performance obligation (Neal 1999). However, this has drastically reduced due to affect of the european countries where these serves are hardly ever found.



Provision of better strategies for business development.


It requirements that non-western countries communicate with the English words with out a reciprocal effort of learning an alternative words (Gouttefarde 1996).

Non-western countries ignore to use their traditional strategies.

Students that research in American countries are unlikely to add value in their countries.


This statement critically analyses and evaluates the affect of American management culture on the rest of the world. Non-western countries have started finding out about to the Western region. Europe has in turn started taking into consideration the cultures of other parts of the world, in their management styles.


Diversity in the workplace is a high determinant of organisational success therefore; management of organisations should strive to take into account the cultural variety in the working environment during significant image resolution making.

Every culture should look within its practices and beliefs and find out what works for the kids best before sourcing for substitute management styles from other locations to support theirs.

To achieve tactical goals and goals, employees as the essential assets of an organisation, should be considered while developing Human Resource Management Procedures.

A balance between male and female employees should be employed during career and task assignments.

The western education system should endeavour to inculcate the coaching of real life issues in classrooms, as is currently done in the HRM lecture for the MBA students in Coventry school, to equip these students with the skills to deal with global issues in the future (Bowden and Mulnix 2005)

The HR Authority Styles in the european countries are being emulated by the non-western countries because the girl creates recognition about its HRM styles through various means such as writing books (Chaudhuri 2010). Therefore, non-western countries should endeavour to build awareness about its management styles in order for the european countries to check out. Because of this lack of management understanding, thorough researching may confirm that a few of these command styles assumed to be created in the west, comes from the non-western countries.

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