The difficulties and problems attended to by organizational behavior

The organizational habit is the examining the environment in several perspective to find the policies to make the company convenient in its business. To frame different policies first the business needs to evaluate the factors that are impacting it, from inside as well as from the outside sources. The business can be considered as the assortment of specific or the assortment of teams or it can also be considered as a complete thing as firm. So to discover the problems faced by the business we need to determine the problems an individual face in the organization as well as the problems experienced by the groups in the business. At last we need to discover the problems that are experienced by the industry as the whole. Organization behavior can also be defined as how the organization solves its problems from its environment.

Challenges for the organizational tendencies and the management:

The management is defined as the process of planning the ideas, managing those suggestions to make it suitable, leading the making use of process with determination and encouragement and managing all the process.


There major task the business face is the change on the market, and change in the surroundings in which the corporation is residing on.

information technology:

Lots of companies have been migrated from the original way of handling the info to digital way of control the information with the high utilization of the software. This software is employed to control all this content effectively and successfully. The information technology provided new ways to make the communication within folks in the business and to the circulation of information across the firm. For the creativeness the result of the analyzed information from the machine is useful.

Ways to boost the performance:

Reengineering: it's the procedure for alteration of the existing move of control along the way to build it as a new way of control. It is employed because it need not want us to produce from the starting of the procedure. It is just the adjustment of the procedure it creates it far better and efficient. It saves almost all of the resources.

Restructuring: it's the procedure for changing the framework of the firm. Like adding a needed new office or changing the department or removing the department to cut the expense of that unwanted team.

Outsourcing: providing works to the persons outside the organization. Those who look after the other maintenance and supportive works for our objective.

2) Handling the human tool:

The human resources are believed to be the important asset that is associated with the firm. So they have to discover all the required things in need. The policies and the code of do should be in favor of the people and it will also offer with the objectives of the firm.

3) Organizational ethics and health:

The company should confront to the unsaid guidelines, conducting codes and other features to keep carefully the value of the individual, team and the organization high. The well being of the individuals and the business is dependant on each other. Hence the doings of folks in the organization should reflect this idea in their head. The value of organization also depends on the public responsibility the organization is showing. They must have the insurance policies towards protecting the surroundings. They must have got it put in place in their companies.

Individual action and theories:


Some of the individuals are from the distinctive location of the country where there is no indication of the culture of the cities. But almost all of the organizations have its location and working place in the towns. For the person who is new to the culture and the professional environment will feel odd to fit into that situation. So the working culture should be in order to simply accept all the types of people from various location and various civilizations. The co-workers and the managers need to be very friendly compared to that kind of person until they remove a variety of shyness and hesitation to improve to the current environment. But the majority of the people aren't getting those kinds of things.

Lack of training:

There occurs an enormous gap between your way the training is and real life industries are. For that the business should supply the appropriate training the individuals will maintain need of.

Getting in to the team:

Some of the groups in the organization unwelcome the new people in to the team. The individuals might feel difficult to are present with the team members. So the associates should be in an inviting manner. They have to provide all the aids to the individuals to modify themselves to the new situation. Those people will also be in need of technical help sometimes which have to be provided to that individuals by the team members minus the hesitation. Most of the new comers will have a lot of imperfections in their works. That needs to be eliminated and really should provide them with necessary details by the team members. The encouragement and the pleasure should also be provided by the associates as well as by the professionals.

Personal goals and organizational goals:

Most of the individuals in the organization used to work at their personal goals. Like for the money and their job growth. Many of them failed to work towards the goal given by the managers. A lot of people are experiencing more care to their career than the path of the organization in which they'll also go through.

Problems experienced by the group or team:

Inter and intra team turmoil:

There always occurs some problem within the team members either due to the personal problems or due to the official problems. None of them should be shown available process. Inter and intra group competition occurs some kind of problems within individuals due to jealous and competition. The people shouldn't develop this kind of personas in this and they have to understand each other because of their success and encourage them to do more.

Cultural distinctions:

Most of the people in the big organization will never be from same culture. Lots of normal living things even change from individual to individual. So they have to adjust with all the current mannerism of people. They should not relate people with the religious beliefs as a factor.

Organizational problems:

Communication problems:

The internal feature of the administrator and the persons vary normally. Imagine if the administrator is some sort of person who is straight forward. then the worker will uncomfortable and threatened. Sometimes if the supervisor is too friendly then your employees will need benefit of it and loose their amount in their work. Dealing with differing people from different countries is really a major task.

Time variant:

For some of the MNCs enough time variation occurring about the world countries is an issue. They cannot conclude the expected work on expected time. Due to the variation in enough time individuals in the western side will expect the individuals working in the eastern area of the world as soon as possible or vice versa. A lot of the outsourcing companies in the program industry are in the eastern aspect like the united states India, china. Well, sometime it functions as the positive factor too. The folks in the business could work total 24 hours of an day. It'll provide the ability for the program companies to divide the work and make it round the world and recombine at a single workplace to help make the full product. It's possible by using. Taking benefit of the time variation is determined by the insurance policies of the organization.

Customer service:

Customer service is one of the factors that will reduce the status of the business in the market. It's the company's responsibility to supply the best service to the business. The mangers have to take the responsibility to teach the employees with all the things that is needed to service the clients well. The client service should provide all the complex helps to the people to use our product fully.

Technical difficulties;

The world has altered a lot following its appearance in the 19th century. By the end of the 19th the internet has its domination in every the ways into the human life. And yes it took its way in to the marketing and industrialization. Nowadays the internet marketing has become a new and successful way of marketing in which we can get millions of customers. The firms as using the probable of the internet well. In the same way the internet provides the new way to talk to the clients as well as the suppliers and stakeholders. But some of the company is still finding it difficult to control the new period of internet.

High stress for the employees:

Lack of management qualities will lead to the inefficient planning and so they have to split the work among the list of people in incorrect manner resulting in the issues in the employees. The worker could have received more workload in that kind of situations. Lack of planning will lead to these sorts of situation. Some of the persons could have received wrong works from the manager. So the worker can be more stress and they cannot use their natural probable to do the allocated works. Therefore the people are more stressed and it will affect the total process of the merchandise life routine.

Some of the firms are not looking at the strain level an employee can take care of. They simply keep on nourishing person with stress. Those varieties of guidelines of the company should be left out. The company should follow the necessary stress management insurance policies to keep carefully the worker healthy and totally potential all the time. It will provide the firm high response it terms of the production.

Policies and code of conduct:

Some of the insurance policies of the firms will be against some of the religious beliefs. It can't be avoided. The businesses should try to make the regulations without conflicting with some other religious regulations of the people. Else they need to suffer from inner problems.

Political problems:

Most of politics in the world are corrupted. So the firms have to bribe to the federal government to make some mementos to company. In order to avoid this kind of mistakes the company should use the mandatory methods to follow all the laws and the conditions of the nations. They need to override the plans according to their need.

Cultural problem:

Some of the companies had huge reduction in the execution of same process in the different countries. The Walt Disney is one of the better examples because of this. They didn't evaluate the house and culture of the Europe when that they had implemented the theme area in the Paris. They haven't analyzed the culture and mindset of folks well there. They think that the successful execution of the theme park in america and in Japan will ideal for them in putting into action the same in Paris. Paris is the location that is easily accessible from all the part of the Europe. The Europeans don't possess the habit of taking the breakfast as per the analysis of the Walt Disney company reps. But what occurred was there were a wide array of persons waiting in the hotels located round the Walt Disney theme recreation area for the breakfast. Their lunchtime was assumed to be at 2 p. m in the afternoon. But opposing the idea of the Walt Disney representatives the individuals were waiting for the meal by 12 noon itself. The theme playground had a lot of investment from the Walt Disney Company with the very thought of characters of Western european people. But almost all of them didn't submit. the European used to visit the theme area for just one or two times. But the organization was anticipating them to stay there for weekly or more. A lot of the people to the theme area were the People in the usa who were living in the European nations. A lot of the expectation went incorrect in this theme recreation area execution. Even the workers in the theme playground kept the theme recreation area due to some factors. It brings about high damage to the firm. After some years they can manage all the problems in the France and come over the problems they have confronted.

Theories predicated on the organizational patterns:

Classical theory is the combo of the medical theory, bureaucratic theory and administrative theory. The classical theory was adored in the year of starting of the 19th century that is considered to be the period where the industrial revolution taken place. You start with the Taylors theory in which he gave more importance to the creation that the protection under the law of the people. Taylors approach was successful to some extent but it is not applicable to all the business at all the time. At the end, the Taylors theory was expanded somewhat in which the theory mainly targets the type of control and the power. This theory was defined by the Weber called as the bureaucratic theory. It emphasizes the similar and right distribution of the power within the organization. The guidelines and regulation are created in this theory which identifies the perfect range between the labor and the management. Therefore the flow of the items will be perfect order. This sort of procedure in which there is defined of rules appear can ease the items and there will be stability in the process of management. That's very much required for the present day management systems. The humans are considered to be the group of nodes in the systems of management. To connect them flawlessly this set of rules are needed to make the efficiency. After that in the entire year of 1930's there came up the administrative theory where the person created that theory tried out to use the same guidelines to all the organizations. That is the way in which they think to formulate this theory. Most of the classical theory aimed at motivating the visitors to increase the creation with the economical rewards. The traditional management theory seems to be very rigid. It is not acceptable to the present day professional world.

Neoclassical theory:

The problems associated with the classical theory could it be rigidity. A lot of the ideas of the classical theory aren't presenting importance to the worthiness of the individual. It doesn't check out the individual progress and advantages of the employees. To overcome this issue with the traditional theories then arouse the neoclassical theory.

In the late year of the 1920 the idea of wart theory was unveiled in which it expresses that any change that was made to the industry will have a good impact to the business. There will be noticeable increase in the output of the firm. The approach to the employees should be in they way of friendly rather than in the threatening way. So the employees will feel free to produce their own suggestions to increase the production.

Limited rationality theorem was suggested by the Simon in the entire year of 1945 stating that the employees could respond to the managerial take action and decisions unpredictably. All of the above said theories have tried to control the problem and the surroundings in which the employees and the company were.

Contingency theory:

According to the theory of the contingency the situation which is tough should not be avoided rather it ought to be handled by the managers. The classical and the neoclassical theories see the conflicts and the situation that needs to be avoided. But the contingency recognizes it in the several view to beat the condition by handling it and seeking to convert the negative situations and surroundings in to the positive one.

Chandler used major four organizations in america to observe how those organizations are changing and managing to the new environments and the situations. Those organizations take action mostly in the linear, rational, sequential way to adjust to the changing situations and the conditions. This is one of the easy and easy ways to adjust to the changes as per the result of his analysis. The change on the market is the natural and the frequent thing which used to occur from day to day. So overcome each one of these problems the management should seek a way to deal with those problems somewhat than steering clear of those problems. Staying away from those problems will cause them to the situation in which sometime they cannot avoid as well as manage the things.

Lawrence and the losch decided from their research that the business should provide all the necessary regulators to the managers in the all the division of the organization to take the necessary decisions every once in awhile. So that each individual manager can take their own decision at the right time and so they are not in the situation to hold back till the decisions in the higher specialist. This change provides the ways to analyze the department individually and the performance of each of the mangers in the respective department. Similarly the potential of the professionals could be used effectively and effectively without the treatment of the bigger officials and authorities.

Systems theory in the management was proposed by the scot and the ksat in the entire year of 1972. A lot of the firms aren't using their ideas until recent days. According to the system the business should be viewed as the system in which all the departments are interrelated to one another. Therefore the impact that has been made in one department will automatically make some change in the other office as well. The firms are considered to maintain the status of powerful equilibrium they continue changing to the changing environment. So it is better never to be stable in the form of having the firm with no change. The environment and the problem will make the firm to act corresponding to its ways. So it is better to make the change without having any problem. The company should be viewed as the wide open system.

Senge in the year of 1990 identify the machine as the way to realize the effect of our execution of process to the changes. Most of the relationships in the organization are non linearly determined by each other. Some of the changes in the main one variable may cause less effect in another adjustable. Vice versa retains the reality. To see the affect of the changes made by us, we desire a system to care for it.

Case analysis of organizational patterns: Apple Inc

Apple in one of the computer production organization that is making a lot of changes in its companies because of the effect of environment in its company products. The organizational behavior and the organizational culture in the apple have evolved to visible level. The progress of the business is great and the professionals found that the problem of apple Inc is out of their own control itself. So they got some methods to keep carefully the organization of their control. To avoid the individual bankruptcy the apple has made few changes to the organizational patterns and the organizational composition. To be able to stay competitive on the marketplace in its procedure and financial methods they can be making a huge reconstruction in its organizational composition.

Organizational culture:

The decisions in the apple were made by the individuals in the low level. The culture in the apple is the fact to begin to new task or a new idea the employee need not hang on for a long period they can move using their functions by taking decision from themselves. The apple feels that the employee do not need to have to power in all the tiny actions done by them. This is actually the policy created by the higher representatives of the apple. The employees in the apple are free to move their ideas. For this reason the quick response the business can come up with the new ideas. This enough time long longing time for the employees to have the permissions from the higher officials and the control time.

Organizational structure in apple:

The apple was the most respective and an organization that feels more sensible to the changes arise in the market. Most of the decision is performed by folks in the apple. The organizational composition of the apple is non existent. Your choice making and the reactive of the complete company is on the basis of the decision making and the responsiveness. The things which stand as the positive sign for the expansion of the apple has also took us to the downside of the hillsides. The apple had not been in a position to control the spending and the purchasing of the items that the decisions have been made by persons somewhere in the business. Most of the decision is not from the higher positioned people. Any people can take the decisions appropriately. So there arouse the financial problem for the apple in the recent days. But that your apple may find out and make the regulations to overcome that nightmares. It becomes difficult for the corporation to track the place from which the decision rose.

Personal features:

The personality of the person is defines as how a person behaves in the general public and as well within himself. A number of the persons are good to the general public but still having some cruel characters inside. The very best trait of the people is being quite, competitive and with high attitude. Some of the personalities of tee people are not decided by any factor apart from the environment. Most of the people in a person have changed by seeing the environment. So to really have the best and clean character the firm should develop the needed environment for him. That's important most of the times. Most of the personal people are to improve the problem or the surroundings that is convenient and advantageous for them. A number of the situation in the firm arises where you cannot take action corresponding to your real figure. If suppose you are a person in the firm and if you find any confidential data that you will be not likely to know, then you can inform that to the higher public or use that data on your own purpose in both the cases. You will become a loser and untrustworthy person. If suppose if you handle this problem to the administrator or any of your higher official then see your face might feel that you did it intentionally to get good name from the bigger official. In that kind of situations the non-public character of one is the thing that will determine how to respond. Informing the situation occurred is a convincing way and using the info for the own use or keeping that situation is about the nature of this person.


To the firm like the apple which is having an enormous part in your day to day life of a people. Their products are in the hands of the almost all of the people nowadays. So such an organization should very high organizational action and theories. A lot of the theories in the olden days and nights were imposing their ideas only in the manner to boost the productivity of the organization. Later the organizations find the value of folks and their part in the growth of the company. Later the motivation techniques and performance examination techniques everything has its workload along the way of locating the potential of the individuals. With this projects the firm was able to discover the true probable of the individuals and provide them necessary benefits to keep them fit for his or her positions and to keep them in the business. Human source of information is later learned to be the main part of the company. And strategies and importance have been directed at it in the modernized ideas. The most notable down way of your choice making powers pays to in a few of the organization and decision making from the low level placed people is also useful in some of the organization. There cannot be the general policies for all the organizations as the complete to define the organizations action.

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