The Loreals Marketing Tools Marketing Essay


L'Oreal is currently one of the world's greatest makeup products and Beauty Company. According to L'Oreal Group (2010), have marketplaces over 500 brands and even more than 2000 products in all sectors of the wonder business. They do the study on the field of beauty to help make the improvement of the product such as skincare, scalp care, constitute and style product, hair colouring and likewise incorporate the men products. Besides that, L'Oreal do worry their product's safety and healthy. L'Oreal subgroup their product into four organizations which is, Consumer Product, Luxury Product, Professional Product and Working Cosmetics. Each group of the product show different characteristics which satisfies the needs and wants of every different kind of customer. THE BUYER Product such as L'Oreal Paris which normally can see in the retail center. Target audience of this band of product is more like the normal consumer because it is affordable luxury items for a normal-level of consumer. Professional products are usually use by the hairstylists and colorists who can fully utilize their creativity. Luxury products are products which comprising international brand makeup and always use by those who find themselves on the stage or the general public. Another product, Active Beauty products Products is more focused on the basis of best of technology with safe practices which does not harm to our health and wellness which may be seen in pharmacies and specialist portion of drugstore. It believe in the only way of beautiful is nature's way. Doing research for the natural ingredients all over the world and bring out products which burst with success to enhance the natural splendor.

Brief Background

In 1907, a French chemist name Eugene Schueller, developed an innovative hair color method, which is recognized as "Aureole". In 1909, "Safe Locks Dye Company of France" was registered by Schueller which is L'Oreal's original company name. L'Oreal was first starting their business in hair color business and slowly but surely they may have branched out the other products such as cleaning, men care and beauty product. From 1984 to 2000, L'Oreal succeeds in growth of the Group's brand image. It has become a number 1 in the beauty industry. Today, L'Oreal group not only aim for single kind of beauty but multiple way from it in different cultural, origins, aspirations and anticipations which be considered a indication of the world's basic variety. L'Oreal markets over 500 brands and even more than 2000 products in all sectors of the beauty business. L'Oreal's headquarter is currently located at Paris, France. At now, there have around 38 factories about the world and has more than 50, 500 employees worldwide. Their quest is to help everyone throughout the world the aspiration that they believe everyone aspires to beauty. They did a whole lot of ongoing investment in demanding medical research and development. They facts they product is safeness and effective to the public.


The Product chosen is Play ball, which in the L'Oreal Professionel Products. The Play ball is a hair styling products. It is very flexible to the consumer because it has set of different product which suit for different kind of individuals. Not even care and attention the type of mane you have and how will you want your hair to be look at; L'Oreal's Play ball always has something that is well suited for you.

The pictures above show the exemplory case of L'Oreal Professionel product, Play ball. L'Oreal Play ball is designed shape just like a ball, which revealing to us to try out our style as exactly like how you will play a ball. By meet the customer use, Play ball products have includes the tubes, head of hair sprays, pots and aerosols. According to the L'Oreal (2009), The L'Oreal Professionel products always make an individual showing out the style of their own, the Play ball is one of the products as well. So by layering or mixing up the merchandise with each other will able to create a fresh design of factors, textures and results. Play ball give a choice of thrilling products which will make sure you know very well what style you have more suited to be. Styles such as cool looking, sexy, sleek, upright, spiky or cool, whatever you want, with the play ball you will able to make it.

Target audience

L'Oreal, as we know it is just a cosmetic makeup products and Beauty Company. They believe in there are no unappealing, but sluggish person. The prospective audience of the product, play ball will be those who are interested to create their hair showing from their own style. To the people who always want to stand out with their own style and need to care and attention their image at the public or when they meet other, play balls have the ability to make it.

Communication tools


Advertising always the most typical way for the majority of the business for promote their own product and service because it works more effectively and easy compare to the other communication tools. When L'Oreal come out with services, such as the skin care, locks color and other products which is not popular whatsoever, L'Oreal use the ad on it and on the internet by hiring some popular idol or model to market their product which makes it better and trusted to the buyer.

Public relations

Now days, especially your day with the move forward level of communication tools. On business strategies also always find a new way to attain the client. There always a high chance to build a good marriage when only it is one on one person. L'Oreal performed well in this way. L'Oreal always shows their product in salon and also body shop.

Sales promotion

This is also a communication tools for L'Oreal to make the sales increase. People always will contain the eager to buy something when it's under promotion. It is because it helps you to save a lot f cover them. Through the time 2009, L'Oreal Company celebrates their 100th calendar year anniversary and there are over 500 brands on the market segments nowadays and it gives out 20% campaign for the play ball's product. In Malaysia, when salons just come out the try to retailing the new product like the play ball, in addition they give the promotion to the customer as well.

Effectiveness of L'Oreal Marketing Communication Tools

L'Oreal do well on it advert in China and India. In India, the L'Oreal Product is rank directly into Top 100 respected brand. IT advertisement that show the scalp color product by Aishwarya Rai is effective than expects. Besides that, L'Oreal official website also do a lot of help for this because in the website, there are obviously explain in what kind of product they may have and been show the confirmation as well.

Besides that, in Malaysia, the salon and body shop are they best communication tools for the L'Oreal that to attain the client. Those retailers are sometime providing the deal promotions and at the same time it also brings the personal advertising also. Some salons use L'Oreal product as the free tester for the client use also. Because they try the product then it feel nice, then this can make them to promote with their friends as well. Those communication tools utilized by L'Oreal are really quite effective to the marketplace.


As L'Oreal is currently an effective company which will well on the communication market on all around the countries then your only recommendation for it is bolster their product to maintain it as Top one makeup and Beauty Company on earth. L'Oreal Company also needs to show innovate more products to raise the customer ready to try out new product as well.


In a final result, L'Oreal's communication tools are effective on the marketplace. It makes more folks know well on their products. Now it's the world largest & most successful company.

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