The Lyrics To A Messenger Of Love British Literature Essay

The lyrics of the song "If tomorrow never comes" remind me that we should live and love as though tomorrow will never come. We should let our loved ones understand how much we love them and cherish them before it's too overdue. Sometimes, it's just so difficult for all of us to stand in front of our loved ones to inform them just three simple words "I love you. " But such appearance of love can be shown amazingly and romantically via the words from poems or tracks. Oddly enough, Edmund Waller does an excellent job in writing the poem "Go, lovely rose" as a songs from a man to his fan. He orders a rose going and deliver his love subject matter to his sweetheart as quickly as possible as though he was worried that it was too later.

Usually, when a man wants to confess to his sweetheart, he'll use roses as loving presents for her. But in this poem, a rose is used as a love messenger. A repetition of the term "tell her that" shows that the rose is sent to deliver a message for the person. This young dude is trying to inform his sweetheart that their time is too brief for such petty things as hiding. The poem begins with "Go, lovely rose" (1). The writer uses short, strong words showing that it is a command, not a request for a rose. I really believe the command implies that the person is afraid that another man might take her away from him. When people are in love, they can be always troubled and worried of losing the person they love. Moreover, she is so rather in his sight. He "resembles her to [the rose]" (4), and discovers "How sugary and reasonable she seems to be" (5). He uses the rose as symbolic of her beauty. He compares her to the rose because roses are beautiful things that last limited to a certain time. By this comparability, he wishes her to start to see the evanescence of her outward beauty. He's trying to notify her indirectly that he would like her to comprehend his eagerness and he stimulates her to forget about the society, letting her feelings lead just how for her to come to him to take pleasure from their momentary love.

The main number of conversation used for this poem is simile assessing the girl with the rose. He uses the term "resemble" (4). The first feature of comparison the poet mentions is how "sweet and fair" the lady, like the rose, "appears to be. " The writer uses the word "seems" alternatively than "is, " which allures my attention. The word "seems" shows an doubt. Perhaps, he is merely sure about the beauty of her appearance, but he's not too sure about her interior beauty. Amongst all the nice words used to compliment her, the term "wastes" (2) may surprise the readers. This word belongs to less diction-level in comparison to other words such as "lovely, " "sweet and reasonable. " This intense term shows the author's bluntness and it inserts in to the poem a hint of decay. However, beginning of the second stanza "Tell her that's young" (6) appears to be a bit out of the main figure of speech of the poem, simile. The comparability requires a little twist in the lines "shuns to own her graces spied" (7) and "in desert where no men abide. " Rather than saying the woman is like the rose, the poet says that she should be like it. At the end of the second stanza, fatality is pointed out, adding a fairly threatening note: "Thou must have uncommended passed away. "

Edmund Waller has damped the eroticism of the problem with his understated words. The fate of the rose, if it were to bloom in a desert, would be to live and perish "uncommended"; her would-be buffs, well-bred and polite, "admire" her. The poem seems to be quiet until the start of the final stanza "Then pass away!" This order marks the intrusion of severe reality into the world of wondering fans and blushing young girls. Waller soon retreats to the cover of precieux diction, concluding with the hyperbolic explanation "so wondrous sugary and reasonable"; but he has made his point, the swift passage of beauty in every its forms.

The author uses assonance strategy frequently in the poem. Within the first stanza, there are words such as "me, " "thee, " and "be. " In the second stanza, he uses "spied, " "abide" and "died. " In the third stanza, they are really "retired, " "desired" and "admired. " And in the last one, he uses "rare, " share" and "fair. " This assonance strategy adds more rhythm to the poem and it makes it sound more like a music than just a poem.

The lines 1, 3, 6, 8, 11, 13, 16, 18 have similar volume of syllables and most have the same metrical pattern. This design is: May read | in thee. The meters of the longer lines in the poem such as lines 4, 5 are:

When I | resem | ble her | to thee,

How great | and good | she seems | to be.

I think the writer uses these meters to stress his admiration of her beauty. It creates his words seem to be to become more real and great to her ears so that she'll convince herself to come to him easier.

After reading the poem a few times, I sense that the poem only targets the similarity between the female and the rose, but it neglects the difference between them. A woman is a individuals with a spirit while a rose is just an object with out a soul. I believe this poem has a particular purpose: a poem of seduction and desire. Therefore the poet targets the woman's body instead of her heart and soul to make her keep in mind only that her is mortal. So that it will die one day, and therefore she only has a restricted amount of time in which to take pleasure from it while she's it.

In bottom line, this poem is a nice track of love from the young man to his lover. However, easily were the girl, I'd not accept his love until I can trust him. For the reason that I can sense from this poem that the person desires more of your body of the girl than her real love for him. And definitely this romantic relationship will not carry on long since it isn't really out of genuine love because in my opinion, a marriage should be built based on love, not lust.

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