The Importance of Employee Selection and Training

This newspaper is split into two different situations to discuss the issues of Industrial Organizational (I/O) Psychology, and earns some I/O internal ideas to profit companies to complete their goals such as protecting against potential reduction on employee testing and obtaining extra productivity. Case one mainly discusses the importance of analyzing company's condition and using effective worker selection to avoid loss high potential employees. On the other hand, another case emphasizes on the benefits that worker training would help to achieve company benefits.

Summary of Case One

In the news article "Fraud in the Office" by Hariati Azizan (2009), Azizan interviews with Malaysian Connection of Human Source of information Consultants honorary chief executive Thomas Chow, headhunter P. Raj Kumar and other people who have relevant positions of staff selection to explore the problem of the hospitality employee Peter (not his real name) faked on his newspaper certification to earn his current job position. Thankfully, after Peter confessed his dishonesty to the employer, Peter's employer didn't take any action to against him scheduled to his excellent job performance. At this point, headhunter P. Raj Kumar points out because of present-day technology, more and more people could easily make up a fake paper qualification; therefore, rather than paper certification a detail background check become an important treatment during screening process. In additional, Chow says that when he considers himself as an company, he would not only look out of one's paper certification but also this candidate's competency. Associated with a qualification from a favorite university only means the graduate finished the training of prerequisite complex knowledge. There is absolutely no guarantee he or she could have good performance on the positioning (Azizan, 2009).

Discussion of Case One with I/O Concepts

Employee selection is an important issue when companies want to include in new bloodstream into the companies, just how to choose the right candidates and how to eliminate unqualified applicants become important matters to discuss. Nowicki and Rosse (2002) from College or university of Colorado share the idea that a systematic and demanding screening is needed to provide good hiring because in Nowicki and Rosse's (2002) research they discover most professionals admit their hiring successes are from good fortune and intuition. Without a organized selection and the needs from the business's situation, those managers do not necessarily know how to identify which prospects would have good work performance to advantage the companies.

Companies should first review the current condition of the firms and what kind of worker they want to recruit then apply this evaluation into a organized worker selection (Hallinger& Bridges, 2007). A systematic employee selection must have the next steps: recruiting prospects, testing out who are not certified and then place preferred applicants to the right positions (Riggio, 2009). Firstly, the first goal of recruitment is to get a large amount of candidates who have variable experienced skills to perform the offering positions (Riggio, 2009). Second of all, managers need to recognize which individuals have skills to perform on the offering positions (Coverdill & Finlay, 1998). In this step, the companies should use some screening process methods such as tests, interview, background check and etc to conclude a score for every single applicant (Riggio, 2009). Finally, companies have to decide which candidates should be hired based on the results from screening process then place them into right positions (Riggio, 2009).

In the truth one, because of investigating one's job performance have to spend much time, money and a great many other resources, a whole lot of companies would rather focus one's newspaper qualifications rather than running effective testing exams to exam candidates' level of skill (Azizan, 2009). Because of this reason, fake requirements are highly demanded by employees in the labor market. Regarding to this reports article, Peter's manger wish to keep Peter on the position rather than firing him because Peter experienced performed perfectly on his position. In this example, work performance, therefore, is more significant than paper certification. If Peter's administrator used the model provided above from the beginning. In those days, the administrator would realize what kind of worker he needed. Then, maybe Peter would not have to cheat on his paper qualifications because he could achieve very high report on the performance based screening test like a work test test. Then, when the administrator selects prospects from the pool, Peter would have large chance to be picked because of high screening process score. Consequently, studying a company's situation then use a systematic selection is required to recruit the employees that your company is very looking for. Then, it'll finally benefit the business (Nowicki & Rosse, 2002).

Summary of Circumstance Two

In the news headlines article "Kempinski Emphasizes the Need for Talent Development and Offers Career Opportunities, " Reto Wittwer, Present & CEO of Kempinski Hotels, expresses because of economy despair, many organizations would downsize their worker population, lower salary and other lowering that might have an impact on job opportunities and service quality ("Kempinski, " 2009). However, rather than shrinking the business, Kempinski Hotel would offer more career opportunities and job training in this downturn. Wittwer highlights two major tracks to provide higher quality services and new talent workers to provide their customers ("Kempinski, " 2009). The hotel must "ensuring that existing personnel are trained to the best criteria through training, " while at the same time "increasing our work in the search for new talent. " (as cited in "Kempinski, " 2009). Additionally, Henrike Gosemann, Vice President Talent & Education, and Katherine de Fontaine, Vice president Training, emphasize this two-track procedure is going to bring Kempinski Hotel to an agreeable and informal environment, business lead by a standard young team of hardworking people (as cited in "Kempinski, " 2009).

Discussion of Case Two with I/O Concepts

Unlike Kempinski Hotel, many companies are not willing to put their time and money on staff training because they think employees should be able to learn their skill from participating their jobs. However, employee training is not only about learning how to get the job done. It also entails a great many other areas such as retraining current employees and planning employee's future development (Riggio, 2009). These different areas of employee training would help employees obviously understand what they would do after present stage and then move to generate the new skills and good attitude to benefit the companies. For example, if the sales director is retiring, the manager's company should start pondering who is in a position to take this position. Usually, the business has two selections. You are recruiting someone from outside of the company. This choice usually needs tons of money and time to find the right person. Another choice is promoting someone from manager's subordinate. If this subordinate is already well trained and has his or her potential to obtain this position. The company nearly costs nothing to utilize this option and also inspire this employee to perform even well.

A study by Dichmann, Fay, Koo and Lall (2003) explores that employee training can perform extra productivity, because well trained employees wouldn't normally only bring in the new skills but also generate positive attitude to change working environment and atmosphere to increase output (Riggio, 2009). Sherman and Zhu (2006) say postponed training and development may lead to talk about current profit in a nutshell run because of conserving form worker training and development, but in long run this advantage would become downside to delay companies' future income triggered by low job performance. Therefore, employee training is important and relevant to companies' productivity. Well developed and trained employees lead to talk about the production.

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