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The effects of marine pollution

Describe and discuss the significant reasons and effects of marine pollution. Suggest solutions for the situation and analyze how successful they might be.

This essay specializes in three major causes of sea pollution, which will be the discharge of domestic and professional wastewater, waste olive oil and plastics. The suggested solution to the problem will be avoidance and pollution treatment, and eventually, the past one demonstrates to become more effective. Firstly, this essay will present and clarify the significant reasons and effects of marine pollution. Then, different alternatives will be advised in the next part. The final part will evaluate the effectiveness of these solutions and show that reduction may be more successful.

The first main reason behind the marine pollution is the release of domestic and industrial wastewater. Since both the cities and industrial estates are congested with lots of people, there may be more sewage moving into rivers and then into oceans. Therefore, the quality of seawater gets worse and air content decreases speedily. Without oxygen, fishes living under the ocean can not make it through. Due to the nutrients in the sewage, seaweed may increase well firstly and finally die when working out of food. The wastewater will finally ruin ecological balance.

Waste essential oil is another significant cause of marine pollution. After flowing out of factories, or leaking from ships, or spilling in crashes, waste oil enters oceans. The quantity of waste essential oil is surprisingly great. An average case which took place in Taiwan in 2001 is an spill accident caused by a dispatch from Greece, that was broken and engine oil spilling into the sea led to serious pollution in its encircling sea area (Chiau, 2005). Then your waste olive oil floats on the water and drifts with winds for this is lighter than water. Several elements in the waste products oil is harmful to the living of creatures, especially to the living of seabirds. The petrol sticks to the wings of seabirds to allow them to not soar and expire on the ocean one after another. Waste materials engine oil may let seabirds come across danger of becoming different.

The third major reason behind marine pollution is plastics. Plastics show the majority of the floating pollutant. There's a research that confirmed in the seashore of Japan, 72. 9% of the full total variety of the wastes are plastics which weighed 53. 8% of the total wastes, and in the neighbouring Russia, the figures are 55. 1% and 23. 4% respectively (Islam, 2004). [C] The plastics can stop the propeller of ships and may cause enormous automobile accident. Plastics floating in the oceans can also cause insufficient oxygen and also have the similar effects that protecting against respiration of animals as the sewage will.

There are two main answers to the sea pollution problem. Prevention comes out first. It's advocated that federal should perfect new intendance system of protecting the grade of drinking water, and develop cooperation among countries (Islam, 2004). [D] It is also necessary to create laws to keep carefully the conduct of people and enterprises. The next main solution is pollution treatment, which is made up of setting up treatment vegetation and planting trees and shrubs. Since trees are able to make ground secure and restrain water from operating off, they can be planted in the congested towns and factories which cause marine pollution. In Kocasoy, Mutlu, and Alag¶z's analysis (2008), [E] these solutions can decrease the discharge of home and commercial wastewater and enhance the quality of seawater. It really is unpractical to totally forbid the release of wastewater, and having some limits to this is a possible treatment.

Weighing the professionals and cons, Elimination of marine pollution will be more effective to resolve the problem. In one hand, prevention is the most essential theme of environmental management. The monitoring of water quality can be put into practice beforehand to prevent harm to ocean environment. The restraint of ideology and conception on marine environment of people and enterprises will also clearly be helpful. In the other hand, always first polluting the sea environment and then taking counter-measures as treatment is irresponsible behavior. Although these actions can reduce pollution to some extent, the disastrous effects may have previously existed and can continually enter into being.

This essay considers main triggers and solutions of marine pollution. The prevention of sea pollution is proved to be more effective than pollution treatment because it can fundamentally solve this issue and maintain the original environment. For the government, it is a challenge to take proper measures to prevent people continuing the polluting behaviour. However, there is still a long way to go in the foreseeable future.

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