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The Limitation Of Emarketing Marketing Essay

Take Saks Fifth Avenue as an example, it invited people to get into their shop and take photographs about the thing that they find in the shop, they can not live without, the winner of this campaign can win $1, 000. This company use Instagram as a platform to distributed this meaning out of audience, it also use the participators to help that company to do deals because people who be a part of this campaign needs to get into their shop and find something that they cannot live without and photography that product and post it on their Instagram pages. First of all, you should be fans of this company so you post your image on Instagram and the business understands that you have participated. Second, this advertising campaign can improve the browsing of the shop or higher sales. Thirdly, when you post photographs on your Instagram at the in the mean time, you are sharing something to friends and family or people who follow you. Furthermore, sometimes when you post something on your Instagram, additionally, it may post something on your twitter and Facebook simultaneously. On the other hand, the business only must pay $1, 000 in order to get access to your social networks. If the business uses traditional online marketing strategy, it may need to pay two times or triple price to be able to get a couple of seconds of ad on TV, but the result is not that big. If you think deeply, the company has a marginally chance to earn again the cost in a couple of months because participators feel that they can not live without that product, which means they require to possess that product in their life, it could encourage their wants so they may spend money on that company therefore the firm can earn much more than the price.

Moreover, if companies organize a lucky attract Facebook, it could require people to give some private information to them in order to keep up that activity. Through that lucky draw, the business might need to give out a few products but the company can gain attention from general public and collect people private information to be used in the future.

Furthermore, Starbucks sorted out a plan on Instagram which encourage visitors to share their favorite refreshments of Starbucks through Instagram and tag Starbucks. Through this plan, Starbucks gained a lot not only income from beverages which people bought and image it on Instagram but also many advertisements spread among sociable network due to the fact that when you promote your picture on Instagram, you are showing image to friends you have on Facebook and twitter which makes you talk about one image on multiple channels. Furthermore, if one of friends and family likes your photo on Facebook, he will also enable you to spread your image to his Facebook along with his friends. Should this happen frequently, Starbucks will gain attention with their products all over the world. In addition, people who follow Starbuck on Instagram can get large information of products which given by Starbucks and Starbucks sells their product by view of alternative party which is more persuasive.

In addition, viral marketing includes tag tool. Nowadays many companies have create their own Facebook internet pages which permit them to obtain many followers. If they want to sell a new service or product, they will tag people who follow their Facebook web page to declare the new coming product.

Before pop up of e-marketing, people used to market their product by goodwill and spread by connecting others. Weighed against viral marketing, this plan is low efficient and calls for times. Traditional marketing cannot allow people upgrade information immediately, it transports note to customers in a slow-moving way weighed against viral marketing which pass on like a pathogen.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one kind of marketing strategy which is popular recently; it works out by using the power of join pressure. Company finds different establishments' companies as associates to promote its own products on the website, at the same time company helps its partners to promote and advertise their products. Except promote its own company's products on multiple websites, company also can gain revenue for successful retailing its companions' products. On the other hand, company also needs to pay lovers for purchase of its own products. In order to be successful in affiliate marketing, there are four elements. Firstly, the retailer is used for sales of products. Secondly, the network, which uses to improve visibility of company products, is vital because it is a program for company and its partners to talk about their products with one another and use their network to sell its own product. Thirdly, associates tend to be important in this marketing because the key term is the signing up for push. Fourthly, customers are essential because the end of marketing strategy is to market more products to more customers.

Advantages of this marketing strategy are lower cost of marketing, boost the volume of company's website, this online marketing strategy also providing extra income for company. Internet affiliate marketing is lower cost of marketing since it charges either cost per sales, cost per click or cost per lead. For cost per sales, company will be fee to pay its advertising campaign matching to sales volumes made by its partners; it will ensure that company only need to pay when company makes money. Additional, cost per click means so long as advertising campaign click by customers and review, company will need to pay for its exposure. Additionally, cost per lead is a means that company will pay when partners successfully to link customers to advertisements of company and fill their information. Either of way, the cost is lower than usual marketing strategy however, the outcome of internet affiliate marketing is preferable to traditional marketing because people can purchase companies/ its lovers' product in multiple places, also company may has its chance to utilize big company as its companions to improve up its sales.

I wish to use Amazon as an example to illustrate affiliate marketing strategy which it quite successful in Amazon. Amazon started as an e-tailor bookstore. However, after a period of energy, Amazon began to use internet affiliate marketing strategy. Nowadays people want to look, the first thing arises their head is Amazon. Due to fact of many affiliate marketers in Amazon, Amazon can sell variety kind of products to satisfy customers' needs. In the mean time, Amazon can earn plenty of profit from this affiliate to support its operation. Why people choose Amazon is the key reason why Amazon's internet affiliate marketing strategy becomes successful. Amazon is a well-known brand which is the first necessity. And Amazon is a well-known brand also helps to people to feel safe with simply clicking Amazons website link which lead to lesser-known company. Additionally, Amazon only needs maximum 30% as its payment which is ridiculously small. This step can allow people to earn much more.

Proximity Marketing (Mobile Marketing)

Proximity marketing is the localized wireless circulation of advertising content associated with a particular place. Transmissions can be received by individuals in that location who want to receive them and also have the necessary equipment to take action. The key reason why mobile marketing is among the most tendency of marketing is based on the fact of fast development of smart phone. Nowadays almost everyone in developed countries has a good mobile phone with them typically Hong Kong. People will no longer use Laptop or computer to connect to internet; they may use their smartphone that allows them to check on email, Facebook easier than before. This change, also rewrite marketing history, it opens more ways to company in order to promote their products to customers, allows visitors to acquire information no matter why they are so long as they have a smart telephone with them. Within mobile marketing, people use two main functions of smart phone as a way to promote their products, those functions are texting and Wi-Fi.

Texting can be used as a online marketing strategy is because there are 10 trillion messages sent globally each day in 2012, can u visualize how often people text message? According to this reality, people use texting as a way to promote their product. Does you give your cellular phone amount to any shop when you feel a member of shop? If yes, I guess you already have connection with getting marketing word which articles the latest media/ promotion of that shop. However, do you understand how quickly you response to text rather than e-mail? Matching to reports, 97% of people will reaction to text within minutes, that response rate is 7 to 15 times quicker than email. And that is part of the reason companies are likely to use word marketing instead of email marketing ever again. Take Netpunch company as an example, it is a company which sells mobile marketing to others. It put a video tutorial online on YouTube and tell people how good mobile marketing it is and if people is interested, please send it a text message (Netpunch) to the quantity it provide by the end on the video tutorial then the company will inform you more info through text message. How persuade this way to speak to your clients? Communicate through wording and reducing cost of employees because you don't need a person to ask the phone call, you just reply people's text and give more information about things they are interested. Also, by different words content you can category different needs of people. If you company has ten different types of products by typing different content in wording, you can in a position to identify them and reply information they would like to know. Text marketing happens predicated on customers want to get more info about your company, through this way, marketing becomes far better. Also, does you even forward your message received in one company to your friends? When you observed message, you find the discount distributed by that company is cheap, you may want to forward to your friends to allow them to enjoy that discount too. In this manner, note spreads no only between you and company but also between your friends, company can gain more income through distributing process. Compared with advertisement cost, word marketing which is a less expensive and more effective and efficient. Additionally, text message marketing also helps to create a two-way communication between company and client. Furthermore, it is straightforward to track result of that campaign like a company is offering discount to its customers by sending them some rules when customers come into A company and use their rules. A company can identify the consequence of campaign through rules use by customers.

Wi-Fi becomes increasingly more essential whenever we use smartphone more often.

Therefore, people think of ways to market their product through Wi-Fi system which includes in every smartphone. To be able to advertise people, company needs to put something in a general public and crowd place such as shopping mall, bus stop etc. Through adding something in shopping center, it can identify people by their own smartphone, once they step into mall, the system will send a message to ask whether they want to simply accept information from the shopping mall, if yes, the machine will automatically send them different special offers within the shopping center. This example also applies in bus stop when people are longing bus, they can get information from companies of retailing their product. Compared with bus stop, the best way to promote advert in mall could be more effective since when people go to mall, they could want to shop for something, that is why people will 100% wide open and accept to get information from the shopping mall. This plan helps companies generate increased sales.

Limitation of e-marketing:

Although there are lots of advantages of using e-marketing, you may still find some limitations. We wish to divide that into two big categories which are technology and non-technology.

In technology part, insufficient sufficient system's security, stability, expectations, and communication protocols, inadequate telecommunication bandwidth, maintenance costs scheduled to a constantly changing surroundings and low connection speed are crucial to success of e-marketing.

Lack of sufficient system's security, reliability, standards, and communication protocols will contributes to inability of e-marketing because the infrastructure of communication with customers is imperfect. Due to incomplete infrastructure, companies might not exactly have the ability to react to customers with time. This act will make company lose some of its customers.

Insufficient telecommunication bandwidth influences the way companies and customers talk to each other. To be able to converse within the internet, sufficient bandwidth is vital; it impacts success of internet marketing. How will you see and multiply your message within Facebook without bandwidth? Sufficient bandwidth allows people multiply subject matter between others become more effective and successful.

Due to software development tools remain developing and changing swiftly, maintenance costs may be high in order to maintain with new development of technology. This will make small enterprise step back about using e-marketing because this may be costly to small company in order to carry an IT team to promote their product online.

Companies have low connection quickness may lose its customers because some companies use Wi-Fi marketing require a high respond rate to customers, if they fail to do this, they may lose their chance to promote their products to customers. Also, low connection speed may impact the supply people get information from outsiders. Typically influence mobile marketing because mobile marketing becomes more and more important due to the people use mobile to search the Internet rather than a Laptop or computer. However, if the bond rate of mobile is so low, it takes 15minutes to get people on Facebook, people may well not willing to hold back for enough time, they may use their Laptop or computer rather than mobile, it not simply only influence mobile marketing but also viral marketing, the rate that message propagate between people getting much longer, the result of companies will be infected.

So considerably, we discuss restriction of e-marketing on technical way; we wish to continue discuss it on non-technological way which includes lack of personal strategy, data might not exactly be up to date, content security and personal privacy issues and physical evaluation issue.

Lack of personal approach is a major harm to e-marketing, customers might not exactly be able to build-up a romantic relationship between customers and companies. Not commitment to companies will be lead companies lose customers in an abrupt. Unlike traditional marketing, salesperson may able to know the name of customer and speak to them face-to-face, e-marketing such as text marketing is just texting between customer and companies, that involves less conversation.

Data might not be updated might occur in e-marketing. Small companies might be the largest group that use e-marketing as promoting their product however small companies may have inadequate employees to upgrade their companies' Facebook or websites with time. In consequence, companies' Facebook or websites are not updated. It may affect the earnings of companies because their new product might not exactly sell well and lose potential customers.

Content security and privacy issues also take place when entail in Internet because there is no warranty that your details will not leak to outsiders. When companies uses Wi-Fi marketing, they could accidently get many information about customers' personal information how to deal with those information is difficult. This content of text may lead companies to know more about their customers such as their needs and interest or personal information, on the other hand inappropriate package with those information may lead companies lose large amount of customers and perhaps lawsuit credited to leaking information.

Unlike traditional marketing, e-marketing will not allow customers to possess physical evaluation on product which is a downside to e-marketing especially when companies are available foods. Companies may sell their products online however without tests and experiencing by customers themselves, customers may well not want to buy it. If companies let you know that its new product A is very delightful, without tasting it are you going to believe it? It may become difficult without tasting; this is a weakness for e-marketing.


Outsourcing would be beneficial to solve data updated and maintenance costs restriction. When companies retain others to do their online marketing strategy, it can help companies to avoid information of website or Facebook is not update concern. Also, companies don't need to pay a huge amount of maintenance costs because company only need to pay to others to help them with maintenance issues.

Moreover, companies can distribute examples to customers to solve physical examine concern. E-marketing only promote products online without real face-to-face hook up and product experience, it causes less attractive. However, if companies send out some test to customers, they can get customers after using their products.

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