The role and importance of Operations Management

Operations Management is immediately related to the analysis of production. Procedures management of an organisation has a wide range of duties such as monitoring existing productions and assigns new productions tasks etc. The complete company is a development system which turns a couple of inputs like recycleables, labour, and equipment into one or more outputs such as pcs, automobiles, healthcare services etc. The outputs of any development system may be tangible or intangible and they're often called products. In the overall conditions, "Operations Management is a discipline and profession that practices the procedure of planning, building, and operating production systems and subsystems to attain the goals of the organisation. " Every organisation is having more than one goal prefer to earn profits and maintain the demand because of their products in the long-term. For each organisation, the operations management is a proper weapon which can only help them to attain their goals. The company should apply all the decisions used by the businesses management to be able to achieve its goals, objective and eyesight.

The role and need for Operations Management in an organisation is very vast and can not ignore. The main roles are organizing and design, procedure and control.

Planning and Design: It is the first degree of procedures of procedures management in any of the organisation. It is vital and vital responsibility of businesses management in the company since it will give the lot of money of the company in the near future. It mainly includes;

1) Product Design: It is the heart of most operational decisions used by the businesses management in the company and it begins before actual development starts to create. The look of product will impact what sort of development system should be designed and run. For instance, it is clear that depending on the materials used for the production of products will have an effect on the machines to be utilized. And yes it will impact how well employees should be appoint, how other creation equipments to be modified etc. An organisation can produce products at less expensive, it they consider production implications while building the merchandise.

2) Capacity Planning: After concluding product design, the next step is capacity planning. It handles how much capacity the production plant requires. In order to plan the capacity of the plant, first we must identify just how many products are needed in the market every day. According to this finding, the operations management will plan the capability of the plant.

3) Process Design: It's the process of planning production process. It is vital to the complete organisation to create low priced products. The process design requires the decisions to be produced regarding the layout of individual development activities.

4) Choice of Technology: Selecting solutions for the creation process is very important factor for the success of this particular product.

5) Center Location: It's the process of figuring out the suitable destination to construct the flower. It is very important factor for the successful of the products in the market. While selecting the place, operations management has to consider the supply and supply of raw materials and other facilities.

6) Center Design and Design: That is another very important factor like center location. While developing the herb, the movements of machineries, labour and recycleables should be considered.

7) Job Design: The choice of creation process directly impacts the number of skilled employees necessary to the development process. The look of job, organising the work, developing work specifications, and appointing employees for producing high quality products are the major issues faced by the functions management.

8) Product Quality guarantee: Quality checking is vital procedure for every organisation. All the outputs have died through quality checking and those are passing will come out as end user products. If any end user products are faltering the quality standards they should changed to re-work or some other use. If the product is going to market without performing quality checking, the trustworthiness of the business will loose.

Operation & Control: It's the next steps of strategies that are done by operations management. Here genuine productions begins and managing of the same is performed. It mainly includes;

1) Coordinating Development Resources: The procedures can be start very effectively since all the procedure planning and design is completed very early. Here the operation managers will determine about the hiring of employees and their training, layoffs and overtimes etc.

2) Materials and Inventories Management: The procedures management will spend a lot of their the perfect time to inventory and materials management, scheduling operations, and staff. Here the questions of what to buy, where to buy, how much to buy are approaching and the businesses management has to take decision on many of these issues.

3) Scheduling Employees, Equipment, and Work: The scheduling of employees, machines, development jobs and assignments are incredibly important functions with an company. While scheduling these exact things, the businesses management has to consider the costs, customer service, and quality.

Task 19. 1. b

An organisation's "strategy is the map, compass, and rudder for the organisation. It tells customers of the organisation where it wishes to visit and how to get there, and it provides a device for steering the organisation. "

Strategic Targets of Toyota Engine Corporation

Toyota Motor Corporation is the world's most significant automobile machine by sales. To be able to support this position, the company recruited around 320, 000 employees worldwide. Before few years the business is reported an archive annual reduction. Also the company recalled around 1. 8 million automobiles around the world. Recently the US government accumulated US $16. 375 million as penalty from the company. In these circumstances, Toyota Motor Company has to focus its strategy on qualitative and financial aims.

Qualitative Aims: Toyota Motor unit Corporation must concentrate mainly on quality matters than quantity. The company has to improve the quality of its vehicles. The desire of Toyota autos one of the people emerged down due to the recall cars having faulty accelerator pedals. Toyota has to focus on these problems in the accelerator pedals and changing the technology of the same can come back strongly. Bringing out impressive car models following the proper and productive quality verifying can entice consumers worldwide. Being world's biggest vehicle maker, it's very easy for the company to advertise its innovative products in the market. If the company is introducing the merchandise having standard quality and competitive, people will come onward to use the same.

Development Targets: Toyota is facing big problem due to the defects and other related issues. This is fixed out by concentrating on the development aim. The R&D section of Toyota has to be improved to handle the competition and other troubles. Research & Development division of Toyota was number one in the world, but due for some technical reasons it lost its reputation. So making an investment more on R&D division, Toyota can add new innovative automobiles as well as develop the prevailing products.

Financial Objectives: It is vital objective of every organisation in the world. At Toyota this matter is vital due to its recorded annual world wide web damage, recalling of cars, and penalty levied by the US government. In order to attract opportunities, company must rearrange its operation which can appeal to traders. Price of the automobile will never be a subject to the customers if it has high standard quality, impressive model, competitive design compared to other cars available for sale. Toyota can increase its income and revenue only by launching automobiles without flaws.

Quantitative Objectives: The amount of cars to be produced is with regards to the demand on the market. Reducing the inventories can help the company economically and guard against over productions. Bye using the technology of JIT (Just in Time) the company can take care of demand and supply of these products in the market.

Task 19. 1. c

Performance Objectives of Toyota Motor Corporation

The organisational aims of Toyota are to achieve competitive advantages over other cars in the world. Their organisational objective is not limited with Japan or, two or three countries, but multiply around the world. These objectives will help to evaluate the performance of the company and to remain highly competitive.

Quality: Quality can be explained as "providing defect free goods and services at right time to meet customer demand and making them meet. " Toyota Engine Corporation's organisational aims mainly focused on producing high quality products which may use worldwide. The executive department is focusing on this objective which can only help the business to provide ground breaking products with high quality.

Cost: It is one of quite operations targets of Toyota Electric motor Corporation being that they are facing plenty of competition predicated on price. It really is a universal truth that customers are often attracted to good deal and it can perform by producing products at lower costs. Toyota is wanting to catch the attention of customers by influencing the price tag on its products by shifting its plant life to convenient places internationally. This can help the company to create high quality automobiles at affordable prices.

Speed: Through the use of innovative solutions and simplified machines, Toyota could minimise enough time between positioning the order and providing the finished goods. Rearranging vegetable structure and process layout the velocity of production can improve very well.

Flexibility: It's the performance purpose of changing the products and services of organisation depending on the changes in the market/ business environment. This might cause to improve the way how the company was doing its operations. Toyota could achieve "versatility" of its products by producing the latest models of of cars with small in quantities. Therefore the company could give a range of products to its customers worldwide. Soon, the company increased the creation of autos which resulted in the recall of the defected products.

Dependability: This means the delivery of goods and services promptly which is guaranteed to the customers. Toyota, by using Just-in-time (JIT) development method and talented personnel could match their promises made to the actual customers by delivery automobiles on time. The product quality and efficiency of the cars will depend on the cooperation of all the managers and employees of the company.

Task 19. 2. a

Business Process: It really is "a group of related, well described jobs which produces a particular output by means of service or done goods for a specific customer or customers. " Because it deals with almost all of all the functions of Toyota Engine Corporation, it is vital to apply certain standard tools which can only help the process very easy to the management.

The following are the important resources, system, and tool used at Toyota Motor Corporation.

Resources: Toyota Motor unit Company is using several resources for its business process such as recycleables, recruiting, machineries, financial resources, plants and other physical resources. Raw materials are the main resources found in Toyota for the development process. Like every company, recruiting are important and they are the main factor of process. Without the utilization of hi-tech machineries and acoustics finance, the creation process of Toyota can not complete.

Toyota Development System (TPS): It is an "integrated socio-technical system" developed by Toyota. The word "Toyota Creation System" is born from Lean Processing system gives importance to the eliminating wastes from non-value add activities. The key great things about Toyota Production System are;

Reduced inventory

Reduced pattern time

Reduced delivery lead-time

Increased productivity

Reduce in the number of defects

Savings in work space

Improved on-time delivery

Just-in-Time (JIT): That is a "development scheduling and inventory management tool where the products are produced and then meet genuine demand and materials are received or produced limited to to meet the each stage of creation. "

Kaizen - Constant Improvement: It is vital tool of Toyota Production System. This tool is used to eliminate throw away and improve efficiency by using both individuals and stadardised machineries. All of the Toyota family members have to check out these work rules and to ensure the constant improvements.

Task 19. 2. b

Quality Audit and Review Systems

Toyota uses quality audit and review system which help the company to judge and improve the performance. This system is very helpful to the business in order to directing out the defects in the product and corrective measures. This system can be split into two such as "internal audit and review system", "external audit and review system. " Internal audit and review system is the company's own system which is controlled by the very best management. This internal audit and review system will help the company to recognize the defects in the merchandise before sending right out of the factory. External audit and review system is manipulated by external agencies who are appointed to check second level audit and review. These companies won't have any wrong motives on company and therefore the article will be clear and genuine. This technique will provide exact picture about the quality and defects of the merchandise.

Quality Audit and Review Systems in Toyota Engine Corporation

Internal Quality Audit and Review System of Toyota is well established system which works in a separate division. It deals with business process and risk management internally. But, recent recall of company's defected automobiles globally implies that still some improvement is required for the quality audit and review system. The external audit and review system is also appointed by the business who provided the record about the defected automobiles. By that point, such lots of defected vehicles are sold internationally.

Audit & Review Committee: This committee is formed by the board of directors of Toyota Engine Corporation such as talented band of auditors. This committee conducts audit and reviews and straight offering all the conclusions and reviews to the panel of directors.

Task 19. 2. c

Quality Culture

Quality can be explained as "providing defect free goods and services at right time to meet customer demand and making them please. " Such goods and services can meet or surpass the requirements and objectives of the clients. Quality requires employees' contribution by doing right things at the right time. It is ultimately depends on how skilled employees are, how well they can be trained to do their jobs, and how well they work. The final element of quality is the operation of production system itself. Quality culture means the development of systems and tools that may be utilized by all the employees to ensure high quality in a myriad of outputs. Quality is a commitment to the organisation and most importantly to the clients.

Quality Culture at Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota's school of thought about quality is an explicit element of their strategy. Even the best development techniques will experience problems. The trick of maintaining good quality conformance in spite of such failures is to truly have a monitoring and reviews system that recognizes quality problems and initiates corrective action as soon as possible. The recent happenings show that the company has to develop their quality culture. Quality culture is vital to Toyota and it is super easy for the business to develop the existing culture. The company has to encourage the innovative ideas from the part of employees which can contribute to create a typical quality control and thus culture. This will help and assure the continuous monitoring and development process to the company.

Task 19. 3. a

Systems and Work Activities of TMC

Toyota Creation System is the bottom of Toyota Motor Corporation's systems and work activities. That is works on a continuing flow of production based on the demand changes in quantities and variety that happen to be effectively handled by two very important ideas like Just-in-time and Autonamation.

Major Problems

Toda, from the global markets every multinational company are facing hazards which can not be averted. Normally these hazards are from the challengers, political parties, socio-economic factors, culture and beliefs etc. Being a multinational company Toyota Electric motor Corporation also facing such threats globally. They are simply;

Competition: This is an unavoidable threat to Toyota Engine Corporation. Globally distributed completions are in reality a chance for the company to grow in the market by rectifying its mistakes and improving its standards. The primary competition of Toyota are General Motors, Ford, Cheverle, etc. Increasing your competition globally compels the company to compromise with the price tag on its products that will lead to reduce the earnings of the business.

Decreasing Earnings: Because of the difficult competition and increased cost of production the success of the business decreased. To be able to face competition the business spends more income on research and development activities and hi-tech technologies which highly increased the development costs. Aside from these matters, the reduced demand for the products because of the recall of defected autos led the company to an archive annual loss.

Shutdown: Another big hazard to the business is the turn off of its crops. Due to bad sales the business has shutdown its crops in Britain and France just lately. Such halt of productions will lead to the huge reduction and may negatively impact the brand value in those countries.

Quality: It is one of the critical indicators which will lead every company into levels. Toyota is facing big issues with quality even though the company has abundant quality analysing experts. Recall of defected autos internationally and the penalty created by the government are due to the fault in the quality analysis of the finish end user products.


Toyota has important opportunities on earth markets. They are really;

Expansion of Plant life: THE BUSINESS'S products and services have much demand worldwide and thus it can extend its activities by starting more plants internationally. Now the company is set to open its production plants in Africa.

Introduce Innovative Products: Toyota comes with an opportunity of presenting innovative auto products which can use all around the globe. Today almost all of the automobile companies are producing different products to different countries. By launching unique products internationally will certainly reduce defects and help to market brand quickly.

Concentrate on Financial Services: Toyota already have presence in financial services through its department called Toyota Financial Services. By concentrating financial services, the business can reach to each and every corners of the world. Also this can help the company to market its car products to all the edges of the world by funding form its financial services department.

Task 19. 3. b

Recommendations for Toyota

Toyota can improve its creation which can only help to reduce defects, achieve organisational objectives and goals. Toyota was world's one of the largest automobile company by sales. Following the recent recall of defected cars globally, company lost its position and brand value. These brand value, reputation, ranking Toyota can simply take back. Listed below are the advice for the company to improve its production

Develop an excellent Culture: As earlier explained, quality is vital factor which can catch the attention of the customer even if the purchase price is high. The competition from the strategy of producing reasonably priced car can be easily overcome by high quality products. So if Toyota can concentrate on quality matter, the business can sustain its presence globally by holding a high position.

Diversification: The diversification of its production from passenger cars to multi energy automobiles will help the company to obtain more market show globally. By extending its auto and other products in several categories will help the business to multiply its risk and reduce defects.

Identify the talent of Employees: This will help the business to introduce ground breaking products and services to the global marketplaces. Toyota can utilize their employees talents and suggestions to get over its defects and other creation related issues.

Task 19. 3. c

Evaluation of Recommendations

All the advice given above are for the improvement of Toyota's products and services. The business is facing a huge danger from its quality issue because of the recall of just one 1. 8 million automobiles globally. In this example it is vital to develop an excellent culture in the company. A solid quality culture will lead the company to grow globally and there won't have any more defects in the merchandise or services. Quality culture is a long lasting factor which will not expire if looked after properly.

Diversification of its development in multi tool vehicles category and financial services will over come the loss of incurred by the business going back season. Now Toyota is positively focusing on the development of forklifts that will provide more mileage to its products worldwide. Focusing on the financial services can help the customers to buy more Toyota products that may lead the business to receive two benefits form that process. So it is very clear that by activating its financial services will improve the deal of its vehicle products.

Identifying and promoting talented employees in the business can help more employees to come forwards with ground breaking ideas and productions. After the company is awarding or encouraging an employee for his/ her progressive idea, then it's very easy to promote and encourage all other employees who are able to help the company to control changes. The employees are the individuals who are getting chance to mingle with customers straight. So they are simply well aware about the flavor, demand, and dependence on those customers very evidently. By making such employees cooperation, Toyota can improve its products and services. The innovative manpower will enable Toyota to reinvent its models constantly to match with the goals and requirements of consumers globally.

Task 19. 3. d

Implementation and Evaluation

The feasible advice given above are to be implemented properly to be able to achieve the results to the business. It is a critical and resilient process and it require the participation of all employees and well wishers of the company. It really is requires several changes in the organisation which will increase amount of resistance from employees. So it is vital to teach the employees about the necessary changes required in the business. Plant structure, process layout, if require the positioning of the place should be changed accordingly. Quite processes of execution are;

Approval of Stakeholders: It is very important to discuss the above mentioned tips and necessary activities with stakeholders. They have to advise about the extension of its creation into multi utility vehicles, and really should discuss how to build an excellent culture in the organisation. The discussion is very important given that they were the people who stood with the business during its recall of automobiles, the penalty from the government, and recorded reduction.

Prepare the products lists: Diversification of company's products and services must prepare very carefully. This technique requires plenty of market research and research. Depending on the market styles, company must design its products and services with patent right and get all the necessary sanctions before starting every other process.

Make Alert to the Changes: It is vital to make all stakeholders and employees aware of the changes planning in the business. This will help Toyota to avoid level of resistance and objections on the list of people who includes along the way of development. Also the stakeholders may bring their ideas about the extension and diversification of Toyota's creation.

Allocate Fund: It is very important step in the execution of recommendations in Toyota. Every extension and diversification require huge financial support to the company. Here diversification, expansion, and quality assurance require huge financial support. The business can depend on its stakeholders and bankers in order to set up necessary funds.

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