The Role And Task Culture

Employees make a decision what best they can do and gladly accept the challenge. Every individual is accountable for something has to take responsibity of the work designated to him. Nowadays in most organizations there is certainly role culture. It is the specialization of worker to a job where they are the best. By getting the role culture within an organization, it should increase the productivity. This is a functional structure which is also a divisional composition.

The task culture:

The process culture is to place the right people collectively and then provide them with a task. This type of culture is teamwork. The people with more knowledge and experience will lead this type of culture in an group and bring the clubs together to work towards the same goal.

Decisions are created quickly because people have the ability to discuss with the other person freely. Staff seems motivated because they're permitted to make decisions within their team.

This is a matrix composition.

The difference between role culture and process culture is the fact that one is specific and the other some may be teamwork. In a job culture power comes from the non-public position whereas in the duty culture the power is derived from the team.


There are three main organizational structures:


The first advantages is the specialty area where each device operates as a kind of impartial with specific role. Employees develop specialised knowledge. They become experts within their functional area. The company will benefit from their knowledge and experience as time passes.

Then we've like gain the Efficiency and Efficiency.

It is in which a staff member completes a duties with a higher level of quickness and efficiency, which increases output. The employees may be highly motivated to boost their careers, which might also make sure they are more effective.

The drawback is too little teamwork where staff may have a problem working well with other systems. And if indeed they have to work with a team it's rather a problem where special workers can not be agree with others.

Difficult Management Control can even be an issue where management can maintain control when the organization expands. If management doesn't control it, the different department can feel that they have autonomy.


A Matrix framework organisation contains teams of people created from various parts of the business enterprise. These clubs will be created for the purposes of a specific task. At every new project there a fresh team.

The advantages of a matrix are that employees are chosen relating the needs of the job. Project director are straight responsible

While the disadvantages can maintain conflict between groups mate. And if team have great deal of independence it could be difficult to keep an eye on them

Task B

According to John Ivancevich and Michael Mattson, the major factors that impact individual dissimilarities are demographic factors, capabilities and skills, conception, behaviour and personality.

Demographic Factors:

The demographic factors are socio financial record, education, nationality, competition, age, making love, etc. companies favor individuals that belong from good socio economic-background, well educate. Young and vibrant professionals which may have good educational and effective communication skills are always in great demand. The demographic factor helps professionals to select future prospects for job.

Abilities and Skills:

The physical capacity of an individual can be the power. Skill is the ability to act in ways to execute well. The average person behaviour and performance is highly inspired by ability and skills. The managers plays vital role in coordinating the abilities and skills of the employees with this job necessity.


It is the procedure that interprets exterior environment stimuli. However they will vary reasons that can effect the understanding of people.

The analysis of perception takes on important role for the managers. It's important for mangers to set-up the positive work place so that employees notice them generally in most favourable way. Employee would perform better in a good environment.


Attitude is the ultimate way to flourish in life. It's the tendency to respond positively to object, individuals or situation. Employees will perform better if they have a good attitude. They should have the attitude to work with their heart and soul for the business. Job should be considered a prayer for people.


It is the analysis of the characteristics and distinctive attributes of a person. Heredity, family, contemporary society, culture and situation are factors that affect personality. It's the manner to reply in an environment. Personality offers chance to understand the people. It can help them by motivating them for the fulfillment of the organizational goal. Every company demands a specific type of behavior from their employees.

All these factors are important. Let's take an example whenever a company offers a job of helper. The director should look the physical capacity of the person before using him.

There are numerous others example we can make. Specific behavior is vital for a business because if the director chooses right individuals, his workforce increase.


There are three types of command; the autocratic, democratic and the "laissez faire".

Melanie appears to use the autocratic authority style. This leadership is characterized by an individual control over all decisions and little contribution from group users. Autocratic leaders naturally make choices based on their own ideas and scarcely accept others ideas. They control the groups. She makes your choice. Melanie is a leader where she doesn't want to hear "NO" or "WHY" when she tells what workers want to do. I think an autocratic frame of mind is good for the organization because when Melanie must decide it is direct. But insurance firms this frame of mind, the labor force is dropping down. She does not have direct connection with his employees; she only offers instruction through officers. The communication is only one side. There is not really a relation between workers and Melanie. Workers have lost involvement in theirs jobs that is why the labour turnover is high. Furthmore worker fear Melanie. This example was made by the instauration of an powerfull willpower of work. As we know, employee should have some versatility of work. Melanie has just follow high production, she didn't be mindful about the condition of her staff. She should have know that automatically if the workers are not happy the efficiency would lower. But Melanie didn't see that this way she had prefer to take new staff than keeping the old one. Which includes result to a higher labour turnover.

Having an autocratic command is also good because it helps the business to take decision quickly. This kind of leadership is mostly within most Small medium companies.


There is problems in Melanie's section. To improve this, as an HR we can use "Maslow's hierarchy of need model".

Abraham Maslow developed where humans have "five needs which will satisfy their needs.

Humans need get started with needs, which can be vital to make it through, and the other by one he try to fulfill higher needs.

The needs are the following:

Physiological needs

Safety needs

Relationship needs,

Self-esteem needs

Self-actualization needs.

In order to enhance the organizational performance, it is vital that the company recognizes the average person need and openings for satisfaction for individuals.

At Progressive Prods Ltd. , the worker works with dread because if they do something incorrect they could be terminated and also Melanie has set up a high power willpower. It can be result into a poor productivity. The standard needs for a worker is to truly have a decent pay so they can live and make his family living.

The safety needs to be fulfilled insurance firms a security of work tomorrow. As we realize there is a high level of labour turnover. The relationship need is vital because employees should have a direct connection with their employer. They constantly need to know that their manager is relying on them. They must fell valued. But Melanie does not even talk to her employee. She should start conversation with them so the determination level can increase. Melanie is proud of her efficiency but she doesn't prize her employees and the need of acceptance could enable those to have be valued into the corporation. Melanie should understand and appreciate her labor's work rather than keeping apart from them.

To improve inspiration:

Esteem needs: Management can encourage employees on accomplishing and getting their targets. Or just increasing their salary.

Social needs: management can encourage teamwork

Self-actualization needs: the management can propose professions in which the employees' skills and competencies are fully utilized.

However, Maslow's hierarchy has some limitations in this case. For instance, the eight workers might not exactly have any security needs with regards to their work. Herzberg's theory of desire could be applied to the present case. For instance, a motivator would be to receive feedback on their performance. And Melanie must talk to her labor force about their performance.

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