The marriage between social and health problems


The term Community Problems is a misnomer and is an admission to the fact that the actual character and constitution of the problem has not been deliberated at depth. When older people see that the rules and behavioural patterns they have kept so dear are getting challenged they term it as creation of problems.

Criticising the communal order that is appearing is the simplest way to admit defeat. The fearless and smart way is to simply accept the challenges and find ways and means of retaining the worthiness system - may be with certain alterations - that has been followed for generations. In this way the young technology can adjust to the cultural changes yet remain healthy and flourish in life.


The current health issues are extremely closely related to the current social create and coming into existence of a fresh set of cultural norms and ideals. While almost all of the interpersonal norms and beliefs are traceable to and intimately related to the economic factors yet there is a trend of getting overly enthusiastic by foreign ethnicities and their different cultural bearings. The pressure on the present day youth for being financially successful is very high and this provides peculiar aspect to these 'young people' way of life which is enormously dissimilar to the sort of pressures believed by the prior generations.

While similarly parents expect their children to be successful - which is a good way of declaring that they earn pots and pots of money - on the other the children are expected to follow the same group of social rules which has been accompanied by the 'elders' for decades. Thus the public problems have many triggers but one significant reason is the shortcoming of the more mature generations to accept and change to the changes in the culture which is unavoidable.

The problem that surfaced is the fact previous technology weighed the public framework of today by the norms and principles that were educated to them a number of decades back. The bottom reality has modified speedily and the senior generations are still getting guided by the rules of the game of yesteryears. The earth is changing faster than it ever before does before and the changes aren't only very extensive and speedy but are also very deep penetrating. Thus the changes are in place causing sociable 'evils' as seen by the prior outlook however in reality the trends of the world is certainly going on for years and years and what is being called as communal problems is a manifestation of the inability to change and change to the new life order.


As stated in the intro above, it is apparent that there surely is need to face the societal changes that are coming up every day. To be able to examine the problem comprehensive, three era of contemporary society were interviewed to get to underneath of the situation. The first were the generation of grandparents - who learned their means of life some fifty to sixty years back again.

The next set in place contains parents i. e. father and mother band of today's youngsters and they discovered what they consider to be accurate sociable norms some twenty-five to thirty time back. The ultimate subset consisted of growing boys and girls of today and contains college and university students. They are the individuals who are bearing the brunt of the sociable problems which in turn is having a serious influence on their health.

The first collection of people comprising grandparents carried set and establish ideas about what the societal norms and values are said to be. They found no reason for changing those norms and values. The behavioral norms were very purely defined and focused around simple living and high thinking with very little emphasis and importance - if any at all - being paid to the financial progress and physical condition.

They had resided their life in a very distinct way and firmly believed that that which was best for them is also god for their grandchildren today. Most importantly, their firm notion that 'one size works with all' concept as far as social behavior is concerned was much too firm for accommodating any updating necessitated by the present day life style. This caused the severe view of present social interactions and the resultant problems. They knew that they had lived their life and were in no disposition to support or even tolerate the changing pattern of social ideals and norms. The best thing is that - in truth it ought to be called the most detrimental thing - is that his set of men and women failed to start to see the few very good areas of the changing patterns of social tendencies. They invariably were quick to indicate the downsides without for a moment acknowledging the nice and beneficial areas of the appearing new sociable order.

The second collection of people who were interviewed symbolized the parents. This group experienced its own problems. They fully valued the beneficial aspects of the change but were hesitant to say the same since it clashed with what they were taught as the ideal way of sociable tendencies. They too noticed the issues of today's social setups and behavioral habits but at the same time knew that there surely is no stopping of the changes approaching about.

Further they observed the new order performed bring new problems but at the same time it urged the democratic organizations so very necessary for the wellbeing of the future generations. They wished to break from the traditional interpersonal order and get into the move of development of the new order. However, they had reached an time where they were unable to be daring and were wary of agreeing to the changes.

This gave rise to a very unbalanced condition since while in their heart and soul of hearts they realized that what was seen as communal problems were more of aberrations of the viewing the outcomes than causing problems for the new generations.

Yes, they sought their children to tote high-pay job offers but at the same time needed their children to stick to the 'five prayers a day' schedule despite the requirements with their job conditions. This kind of situation is common not only in the Middle East but such situation also is out there in almost all of the growing economies like Brazil, India, China, Pakistan etc.

This group, like the prior group of grandparents, also quickly saw the public problems - but with a difference. This group together tried to discover a solution which would cater to the cultural change and at exactly the same time keep an equilibrium with days gone by so the health (both mental as well as physical) dangers were contained. That is a very healthy signal of the changes in interpersonal order being little by little accepted and even though it is a slow process but it is a sure process. The present social norms took centuries to develop; it is very likely that the new social order will take some time to stay down.

The last group contains the folks of the below twenty-five age group. The first goal for this group was an improved and convenient way of life. They valued democracy in every strolls of life. They carried no negative thoughts for this old systems and provided full credit to the public order which includes seen their predecessors to reach the current point out.

Yet when any of the social behavioral habits got in the way of their obtaining the target they so appreciated they didn't hesitate to create aside the prevailing social norms. These were ready to shed the midnight light fixture if that supposed getting higher marks which would translate into their getting better jobs. Yes this is a potential health risk but it also promised attainment with their dream goals. These groupings wanted to make it big and then for achieving this these were ready to take on with a 'no-holds-barred' situation.

Good health is basic pre- requisite of good life. Without having good heath one will lose the very capacity for any human pursuit - from the grossest to the subtlest. He will not have the ability to benefit from the fruits of his toil. Health will not mean lack of diseases but it indicates the possession and cultivation of the toned, morally strong and emotionally alert individual who can meet up with the physical demands of life pursuits with full vigour and passion.

The present day society seeks conveniences, conveniences and independence from drudgeries and wishes to avoid working on monotonous, back-breaking and tedious chores from dawn to dusk - except out of compulsion. They choose freedom from all hindrances and choose democratic way of life. Democracy for the kids is not simply a simply form of administration but this is a foundational societal value and hence they favor a democratic society. In that preferred democratic culture values of flexibility, equality, value for the average person, collective decision making and the to dissent should be inbuilt in to the social preparations and orders. The teenagers with a democratic bent of head respected the rights and freedoms of other people.

They treated people at the level of equality and were tolerant of the views and ideas which were not the same as their own. When they were spent with authority they would use it with care which too for the common good thing about people. Instead of imposing their views on others they would choose a consensus solution to make any collective decision. As the first group (grandparents) stood out by their intolerant attitude, this group of young residents were endowed with enhanced, liberal and humanistic principles.

Though the associates of the first group found the young people as creators of all trouble and labelled them as 'rebels' the younger generation were recognizing their new found status of that of an rebel with alarming comfort and ease.

They realized that if they trapped to the ways of the older persons then the likelihood of their realising their dreams of making it big would never materialise. There may be ample historical data which go to establish that change - whether it be social, economic, technical or even environment - are here to stay. Each one makes himself competent to adjust to the change or the procedure of change will eliminate them for good.

Now, SOCIETY is an organisation for cooperative working to ensure individuals development, through development and circulation of sharable sociable goods. Society is made up of various constituents like individuals, different classes and categories, social, economic corporations and so many more. In UAE and other Middle East countries the individual goals and the collective goals are often in conflict with one another.

Yet the key purpose of any developing and healthy modern culture is to ensure individuals development which is not limited to social, political, economic issues but also the development of the customers on a complete basis which would include health, formality and above all the value system of life.

As stated previously, one of the major aim of any world is to ensure development and circulation of sharable communal goods like streets, transportation, water, electricity, health care and a bunch of other facilities. Opportunities and means of gainful employment, jobs, job and other rightful and reliable method of seeking personal monetary betterment are also to be cared for within sharable communal goods.

Thus, the sociable changes occurring atlanta divorce attorneys country and atlanta divorce attorneys society purpose at providing better opportunities and method of gainful job and suitable careers to the users of the culture. There is absolutely no harm if the teenagers of today seek better criteria of living and are prepared to dissociate themselves from the cultural norms which prevent their growth in life.


To sum up the whole picture it is necessary to understand that the so called Public problems will be the result of the failure to understand the intelligence behind each and every change that is taking place in the world around.

Older individuals who have resided their lives may conveniently call such changes as leading to problems causing side effects but such changes are for 'GREATER GOOD' and hence should be accepted if not welcomed. The budding Engineer or Manager or Professor encounters an uphill task and shying away from sharing increases in size available today is certainly not wise. Though the severe problems may end up being a health risk in the short run but over time people will figure out how to manage it and emerge the victor.

Thus finding faults with the social problems is the fragile person's way of managing the changes taking place in the milieu. A strong and healthy specific will need the bull by its horns and will certainly flourish in controlling the communal changes to his advantage.

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