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The Short Story Of Mother To Son English Literature Essay

There are so many great testimonies, short plays and poems to critique in this text reserve. The poem I chose to critique was "Mother to Boy" by Langston Hughes. He was born Wayne Langston Hughes on February 1st 1902, in Joplin Missouri. James was an associate of abolitionist family. Hughes attended central high school in Cleveland Ohio, but he began writing poetry when he was just in the eighth level. During this time period, he was even decided on as course poet by his fellow classmates. Langston's' father did not think that his son will make a living on writing poems alone, so he enrolled him within an executive program at Columbia College or university. Immediately after, Langston withdrew from the program to be able to pursue his writing career. Soon after, Langston printed his first poem which was his most well-known, "The Negro Speaks of Rivers. " Langston's work acquired so much recognition it appeared in the NAACP and other publications.

He was a prolific article writer and throughout his life, he had written sixteen catalogs of poems, two books, three collections of short stories, four volumes of editorial and documentary fiction and the list goes on. With all these prior understanding of Hughes, I was able to understand his writing style a bit more evidently and understanding his theme within the poem. The theme for Hughes poem is, "Despite the fact that life has been hard for the mom and she cannot see that which was in advance, she still stimulates her son to keep on in life because she managed to get through. " I really like just how that Langston, so plainly depicted this theme within the poem and while you read it you can get a clear sense of exactly what is certainly going on and you may even seem as though it were your mom speaking to you. The poem is self narrated and you can feel the love and sentiment from the character. It has a solid interpretation behind it because the mom cares for her child and desires him to continue on in life and never give up. In life, moms always wish the best because of their children and never want those to fall by the way area or be led astray. Every mom wants for the kid to reach your goals in exactly what they do. It makes a mom center broken or seems as if they failed, when the youngster fails.

A critic by the name of R. Baxter Miller says "In this particular poem the woman also symbolizes the continuation of the competition. Having given life to another generation, the mother represents a amount of female strength, affirmation and generational continuity. " Another critic by the name of James Baldwin says, Hughes is at his best in lyrics like "Mother to Son. " The poem's lyrics elements include a first person presenter, a manifestation of strong personal feeling and a opinion in religious transcendence of your time and early circumstances. Both critics are accurate and within the poem you can view exactly what they can be discussing. The shade of the poem is full of love but also has intense caution. The mother wishes the best on her behalf son and Hughes obviously depicts that within his poem.

The poem starts off by the mom informing the child that life for her has been hard. She suggests "Well boy, I'll let you know; Life for me personally ain't been no crystal stair. It's got its tacks in it and splinters and planks torn up" (Meyer 1168) The mother, just like every mommy who has already established a hard time in life, instructs her child what she's gone through; her studies and tribulations. She goes on to describe her life by stating the boards were torn up there was no carpet in places, which symbolizes her emptiness, how challenging it was and chaotic. Think of a house if you were thinking of buying one and you simply came across a residence with the boards up in mid-air, mold on the walls, rooftop is leaking, insects infested the place and there was no carpet where carpet should be. Chances are you would turn your head the other way to check out something better, for you'll know this is not the way a house should be. You could never make your loved ones stay static in this house for you know that they deserve better. Similar to the mom she discusses the hard parts of her life, but she actually is aiming to do better even regardless of whatever it is that she is going right through. She goes on to state that she's been climbing and attaining landings to make it. Meaning she's been going ahead aiming to do better and make something out of her situation and she is not giving up.

Sometimes in life we must realize that our situation is not the worst thing on earth. Whether or not we were going through the loss of employment, the death of a kid, the loss of the house, being homeless, starvation or fighting a lethal disease. We ought to recognize that we can make it through regardless of. The mom warns her kid to stay targeted and persevere. She states, "not turn back. Don't you set down on the steps because you see it's kinder hard. " (Meyer 1168) You can listen to in her shade that she will not want him to ever quit or turn back while he's experiencing his a down economy.

Every mom stimulates their child to undergo whatever the problem may be and also to never look back and say we can't take action. Sometimes as a kid, we may think the challenge is just too large for us to cope with or that people can't complete it. Sometimes we get vulnerable and weary when our situation appears like there is no light shining at the end of the tunnel. Though it looks as if we can't continue, we have to bear in mind the warnings our mother's have thought to us. We must remember when they reveal to be better than them in everything that people do. Mother's try hard to get as far as they can in life, educationally and actually. Every mom explains to the youngster to increase and do more. So if your mommy received a bachelor's degree and made only 30, 000 each year, she'd want you to obtain a master's or a PH. D and make 60, 000 a year.

We have to remember when our mother's tell us to be much better than they were. An example would be if your mommy use to mistreat you as a child excessively beat you or put you down whenever you needed her, she'd want for you to treat your children with love and compassion. Your mom would also want one to be there for your child and uplift them in times of need. Anything that your mom does that you did not trust, you should do better when you have your children. After all of the warnings and encouragement, the mother ends of the poem by saying "I'se still climbin, and life for me ain;t been no crystal stair. "(Meyer 1168) A critic by the name of Alishia talks on her belief of the particular crystal stair symbolizes. She states, "I really believe the "crystal stair" reference means that crystal is transparent, you can see the other part plainly through crystal. If her life was no crystal stair, she didn't really know what the outcome was going to be, she just understood that she were required to keep moving and keep working for the best life she could make for herself. "

I trust Alishia because if something is crystal you can see through it and because the mother says life was not a crystal stair she can't look out of her life or see what's to come. When you can't see what's before you, it creates it hard to map out what you will do and prepare yourself appropriately. If life was a crystal stair for mother, then should would be better well prepared for everything and also have time to map out a solution to all her problems but life is never like this we never know what's to come. All we realize is that whenever it can come our way we must not fall again, or get worried and present up. We should keep on heading and persevere to the finish so we can feel good that we completed something and made it out on top. Not merely will we get personal satisfaction, but our mother's will be satisfied. This is what the main theme is for the poem "Mother to kid. " It's about us which makes it before end and never giving up because we can not see what's ahead. The poem was very meaningful and motivational and Hughes did a wonderful job exhibiting this within his poem. This poem stimulates and uplifts the audience to keep on continue in life and this is a life lesson that people all should take heed to.

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(Feb 1, 1902 - May 22, 1967)

Born in Joplin, Missouri, James Langston Hughes was an associate of an abolitionist family. He was the great-great-grandson of Charles Henry Langston, sibling of John Mercer Langston, who was simply the first African american American to be elected to open public office, in 1855. Hughes attended Central SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in Cleveland,

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