The Short Experiences Of Haruki Murakami British Literature Essay

Within The Elephant Vanishes, an anthology of brief reports by Haruki Murakami, as well as the Outsider, a novel by Albert Camus, culture is analyzed and the reader is asked to see culture as pursuing set guidelines and routines. Through the protagonists, the audience understands that culture observes these behaviours without question and in doing this are robotic. A great way this notion is strengthened through references to food. Food is shown to sign up for people ceremoniously and who you reveal your meal with reveals insights about the culture in which you live.

Through the action of the text messages and first person narratives the protagonist is made as different to the culture. In the short story, Rest, the protagonist observed, 'I visited the living room, switched on the floor lamp beside the sofa, and sat there sipping a full goblet of brandy' (page 84). Although she loves alcohol, she has to drink by stealth. She actually is limited in her flexibility to enjoy alcohol because her husband does not approve of it. Her husband's occupation as a tooth doctor precludes her from eating chocolates until an unintentional reminder of old chocolate flakes wedged between your webpages of the reserve 'I found a few crumbling flakes of delicious chocolate stuck between the internet pages' (site 90). She was then motivated to free herself from the shackles of her husband's dental care fraternity norms. She shamelessly indulged herself on this pleasure impulsively, 'I sensed a tremendous desire to really have the real thing' (webpage 90).

In Sleeping, timing for lunch is specifically at eleven forty, " I viewed my watch. Eleven Forty. Eleven Forty!" (Web page 91, Elephant Vanishes, Sleep). The typical type of food was, "minced scallionsbuckwheat noodlesdried out seaweedtofu" (site 91). The reference to the precise time and the sort of lunch indicate regimen. "Cup of espressotwo pieces of bread, pass on them with butter and mustard, and possessed a cheese sandwich" (Page 89), something which the protagonist needs to flee from. It is only when she breaks with the traditional rules that she seems as though she actually is living. The partner seated on the sofa reading the magazine shows the ethnic routine of folks in their everyday routine, 'While I cleared the stand, my husband sat on the sofa reading the paper' (webpage 92). 'I made my hubby his usual espresso' (page 89). The protagonist knows cultural expectations which her partner doggedly stick to living through the same schedule every day. 'Anna Karenina lay there beside him, but he didn't seem to notice. He had no interest in whether I read books' (Page 92). The partner did not focus on his wife's interests or in the fact that it was his own reserve, which she was reading. It is the routine and monotony that he's occupied with the protagonist lives through every day doing whatever offers her pleasure. This rarity of freedom inevitably leads her to seeking food for pleasure while the hubby, so ingrained in daily habit, shows up robotic.

Although food symbolically symbolizes routine inside the Outsider, it also establishes Meursault as an outsider of the culture. Both of Mersault's friends, Masson and Raymond's immoral behavior gets the culture classify them as outsiders. Because of the unconventional behaviours, when these people meet to take pleasure from food jointly, it demonstrates that they encompass similar characteristics of personalities which can be considered unconventional from cultural goals. The protagonist refreshments wine to accompany food with Raymond and Masson (web page 53). Within this context, drinking alcohol is an acceptable practice and culture, both for men and women where it was witnessed by Mersault that Marie, his girlfriend "she'd had a bit too much to drink" (page 53). However, the fact that whenever Marie, commented, "Does one know very well what time it is? It really is half past eleven" (webpage 53 The Outsider), an undeniable fact recognized by Masson when he responded, "the time and energy to have lunch break is when you are famished" (webpage 53 The Outsider), implies that for Masson, food is an individual's choice not governed by targets of a fixed schedule.

At his home, Mersault appears to like " smoking, and eating chocolates" during mealtimes (web page 26) The Outsider, while he watched people below his level from his veranda. In the text, Meursualt made contemplative observations of people that were outfitted differently within the neighborhood community that gone passed the street, 'He was wearing a straw hat and a bow tie up and transporting a walking-stick I am aware why local people said he was distinguished' (page 25-26). This unveils the distinct behavior of Meursault alongside the standard behaviours of the culture.

Similarly, Meursault was also recognized by the people that went passed the road, 'The local young ladies, with their scalp down, were walking arms in arms I recognized several of the girls plus they waved to me. ' (web page 27). Later in the evening Mersault "went down to buy some breads and some pasta, do my cooking food and I ate taking a stand" (site 28, The Outsider), a position which is not dictated by conformist practice. Mersault's behaviour and insights reveal how individuals within the city stand out by their mere appearance that are easily recognisable that identifies those to be 'different' or 'distinguishable'.

In addition, Meursault will fix his eating routine by a specific time. This further confirms that he is an unplanned and disorganized person unlike the 'robot girl' (webpage 45-46) The Outsider. The robot woman "while she was waiting for her hors d'oeuvre she exposed her bagtook the precise sum and also a tipmeticulous activity occupied her throughout the meals" (site 46) The Outsider. The automatic robot girl contradicts Meursault's figure, in that he'd alternatively follow his distinctiveness with regards to the majority of his decisions about when, how, where and what things to eat. The robot women on the other side, confirmed the characteristics of order and route when she bought her meals, 'She called Celeste over and ordered her whole meal simultaneously, speaking specifically but swiftly. ' (site 46) which afterwards she 'dived into her bag again and had taken out a blue pencil and a magazine which gave the air programs for the week. One by one, she very carefully ticked nearly every program' (page 46). Out of this rigmarole, the automatic robot woman's actions seem to follow a couple of routine.

In the storyplot, THE NEXT Bakery Strike, the protagonists were newly married and didn't pre-empt stocking food in their home, 'Our refrigerator has not a one item that may be technically classified as food' (web page 37). "a container of People from france dressing, six cans of ale, two shrivelled onions, a stay of butter, and a field refrigerator deodorizer" (webpage 37). That is a symbol of how empty their lives are. Although they work, go to bed at establish times, conforming to the routines of work, they are really metaphorically, unsatisfied. The couple's conformist behavior seems to establish them to their 'craving for food'. In order to find a cure to break their cravings for food, the couple compared convention by robbing Mc Donald's, 'Attack another bakery. Right away. Now. It is the only way. ' (page 43). Through the robbery, the supervisor of the store proved typical characteristics of conventionality by the requirements of conformation from the upper authority saying, 'I can't do that. I'll be held responsible if I up close without agreement' (Page 46). Out of this, it shows that the larger most the culture including the manager and employees are similar to the robot woman in that their lives are dictated by order and regime and only an extremely small proportion of people operate in a non-conformist setting.

Finally, in The Wind-up Parrot and Tuesday's Women, the protagonist cooks spaghetti for breakfast time. He chooses to live outside the regime of the culture and this is shown by his choice of cooking food and eating spaghetti in the morning, '"Spaghetti?"' It's only ten-thirty in the morning. What are you doing preparing food spaghetti at ten-thirty in the morning?" (page 5, The Wind-Up Bird and Tuesday's Women) asked the girl who telephoned home for ten minutes of his time.

In both The Elephant Vanishes by Haruki Murakami along with the Outsider by Albert Camus, food are targeted as a symbol that represents workout or a person's desire to have liberty. The role of the personas is shown in the type of food they chose to eat, where so when the repartee of food takes place. When any of these involvements of food varies, one can discern these character types may be quirky, eccentric or stand-alone in their marriage to the larger culture.

(Word Count number: 1428)

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