The Increasingly Important Public Speaking Skills English Terms Essay

Public speaking skills have become increasingly more very important to professionals nowadays, specially when persuasion is involved, since to be able to persuade contributes to convincing other folks to undertake actions of the speaker¿½s interest.

This holds true even for careers in which public speaking has been historically neglected, such as Information Technology. Therefore, IT specialists must adapt and enhance their communication skills in order to have an improved performance at the job also to achieve higher results.

There are many techniques and methods you can use to boost one¿½s presenting and public speaking abilities. This study is a research on the importance of presenting and public speaking for IT professionals and the primary techniques that may be employed by them to boost their persuasive skills.


Information has become an business¿½s most significant property nowadays. The world¿½s market is currently predicated on knowledge and information, instead of being based on capital and energy, as it turned out for decades prior to the technological developments of the overdue 20th century.

There is a dramatic increase in the importance of Information Technology (IT) for businesses, which has induced most companies on earth to either have their own IT division or rely on outsourced IT services to keep up their businesses. This is an effect of the globalization and other market pushes, which have triggered technology to become a key differentiator of success and success for companies.

In days gone by, Information Technology was often regarded as a career without dependence on strong social skills, requiring concentrate on logic and creative thinking instead. Nowadays, the IT professional has a lot more direct connection with other important business stakeholders than before, such as end-users, customers or even managers, because it departments are becoming intrinsic to the core business of companies.

Having evolved regarding to this pattern, the IT professional¿½s role has modified sensibly. Nowadays, the IT labor force finds itself in the need of creating a new mindset, expertise and tool occur order to achieve success. These new abilities include communicating, building relationships, collaborating, marketing, negotiating, among many similar others (Ouellette and Associates Consulting Inc. , 2008). A lot of those abilities are straight related to PRESENTING AND PUBLIC SPEAKING, and so it becomes an essential motivation for this professionals to have a better comprehension of Public Speaking skills and techniques.

Most IT degree curricula do not include any Communication subject matter with them. Since Information Technology is an Exact Research, those curricula are centered on analytical and logical subjects instead. This is a potential problem for future professionals, since they are graduating and entering the workforce without essential PRESENTING AND PUBLIC SPEAKING skills which would lead them to thrive much more effectively on the new corporate and business scenario. In my own personal experience, I got glad to discover that, contrary to the global trend, Bond University or college includes ¿½Speaking Persuasively in the Corporate World¿½ is a essential subject matter for the Professional of Information Technology, that i have undertaken and has shown to be very productive for me.


Persuasion is one of the aspects of Public Speaking which is most strongly related to the organization world. In essence, Persuasion is wanting to convince a person or an organization of people to undertake a given plan of action or to change their attitude, even if the persuasive point in the beginning stands against their values or beliefs. The goal of persuasion is changing one¿½s frame of mind or behaviour. To increase the likelihood that a persuasive concept will achieve success, the composition of persuasion must be totally understood. It is important to be reminded that persuasion is an ethically acceptable alternative to coercion and apathy.

Effective persuasion works through the use of messages to influence an audience. The communications that make up persuasive discourse are means to ends or goals of the persuader. During a speech, the loudspeaker is in the positioning of power with regards to the audience. Inside the persuasive speech, it is the presenter¿½s responsibility to seize this position and perform suitably, to be able to achieve his goal of persuasion. The speaker should change the shade on his persuasive conversation based on the obviousness of the power to the persuaded entity.

The elements that lead a listener to be persuaded with a speaker are pathos, logos and ethos. Pathos refers to the emotional selling point of the debate to the audience. Logos is related to the reasoning reasoning that is offered. Ethos relates to the credibility set up by the presenter and just how it¿½s recognized by the audience. A speaker should try to address each of those elements in order to attain effective persuasion.

In the corporate world, persuasion can be found in a variety of situations. Companies use persuasion in the form of advertising to convince consumers to buy their products or services. Persuasion is a natural part of business. So, in order to prosper, a businessman needs to be able to persuade his clients, his suppliers, his sponsors, his associates, his colleagues, in order to set up better conditions for him and then for his business.

Other persuasive situations are also quite common in the corporate environment. The first step in any career is doing employment interview. Employment interview can be faced as a persuasive talk, in which the presenter¿½s goal is persuading the employer to hire him. Furthermore, it becomes important to keep up presenting and public speaking skills to be able to achieve deals, in order to acquire better positions and better incomes.

Negotiations with customers and suppliers are also reasonably common in the organization world, and in these cases, the aim of the speech may be persuading those entities to comply with, accept or offer better business conditions.

Many employment opportunities, such as business, politics, and regulation, are essentially about persuading others. Marketing, for example, is intrinsically about persuading customers to choose a certain company¿½s offer of products and/or services.

Persuasion in IT

Persuasion has become a vital role-player in IT nowadays, scheduled to many reasons. The organizational structure of an IT company or an IT department has evolved in such a way that teamwork and communication are actually key factors to a highly effective work environment. Before grasping further into the ramifications of presenting and public speaking and persuasion in IT, it is important to comprehend the hierarchical composition of IT professionals.

An exemplory case of an IT company organizational framework is pictured below:

Fig. 1 - Example of an IT company Organizational Framework (Bauer & Erdogan, 2009)

Every single IT-related job advantages from Public Speaking in a single way or in another. There are several corporate situations for each and every position in which presenting effective speech can lead to a rewarding end result.

It is important to notice that the higher in the hierarchy, the most important it becomes to have PRESENTING AND PUBLIC SPEAKING skills, even though all positions benefit from it.

Leadership assignments in IT, such as Product Professionals, Project Professionals, Team Market leaders, among many others, rely on PRESENTING AND PUBLIC SPEAKING skills to have the ability to inspire their co-workers, to attain common goals.

One of the jobs in which presenting and public speaking is most significant is the Job Director, since this occupation has the responsibility to be in continuous communication with high-level professionals, customers and developers. Thus, the Job Manager might need to persuade those three different entities in order to accomplish his goal, which is concluding projects in the best option way. For example, the Project Director may need to persuade the coders under him to encourage them and keep morale up, to be able to get tasks done within the expected deadlines. It could also be the Task Supervisor¿½s role to persuade his high-level managers to increase his project¿½s budget or even to hire more people for the project. And finally, in the instances where the project supervisor has direct connection with the customer, he may need to persuade the client to improve the scope of the project or even to get a deadline expansion.

One possible assumption is the fact that for lower positions in the IT hierarchy, such as Specialist, Tester or Programmer, presenting and public speaking skills aren't especially relevant. This isn't specifically true, since even those bottom-end pros may need to work out and persuade their superiors or fellow workers in order to attain goals such as convincing supervisors that they are performing a good job or persuading team market leaders to be determined to do jobs which whey have more affinity and disposition with.

Recently, some jobs have merged with IT, building common grounds. One of these of the is E-Marketing, which is the web marketing of products and services through the Internet, which includes been growing savagely in the past couple of years. So, it is becoming extremely important to have the ability to market products or services effectively through the Internet. Since Marketing is straight related to persuasion, the IT pros involved in domains such as E-Marketing can achieve more effective final results insurance agencies a prior knowledge of how persuasion works.

Influence of Personality Types on Speech

One of the very most widely accepted institutions of thought in Mindset regarding the analysis of personality types is the ¿½Big 5 Factor¿½. According to the ¿½Big 5 Factor¿½, there are many personality attributes, but each one of them is derived from one or more of 5 main categories, which are:

Openness, which is the appreciation for new experience; Conscientiousness, which is the trend to show self-discipline, to be goal oriented and to react responsibly; Extraversion, which is the trend to seek the company of others and feel positive energy and feelings from it; Agreeableness, which is the inclination to be cooperative and compassionate towards others; and Neuroticism, which is the inclination to see negative emotions easily.

The personality trait categories that are definitely more directly related to PRESENTING AND PUBLIC SPEAKING are Conscientiousness and Openness, since they lead to more flexibility during a speech, and a much better understanding of the difference between each person in the audience, which can improve a speech¿½s delivery greatly, since one quality of a good loudspeaker is understanding the audience and adapting the conversation to their values and interests (Lucas, 2009).

A study made in 1985 concluded that 75% of the info systems builders are introverts (Schwalbe, 2007). In spite of this research, IT professionals usually display a high level of openness (Lounsbury, Studham, Metallic, Gibson, & Drost, . 2010).

This contributes to the historical image of developers who are hard to communicate with, since, for example, regarding the majority of the team members being introverts, there will be difficulty in effectively dealing with other important business stakeholders who are extroverts.

Naturally, there are workarounds to these circumstances. Even though it¿½s impossible to change one¿½s personality type, by adding effort on bettering communication skills, IT professionals can diminish issues of the kind and therefore achieve more success in their workplaces. Although a lot of people may have natural PRESENTING AND PUBLIC SPEAKING skills, those who do not can make to review it and apply its key points on the professional lives. Due to the high level of openness shown because of it professionals, they have the potential to become excellent public audio system.


Glossophobia, or talk anxiety, is worries of public speaking. It is a topic of high importance regarding public speaking in the corporate world, due to the high degrees of responsibility that may be involved in business talk situations. The symptoms of Glossophobia can immediately affect the outcome of the talk, and they may lead to devastating results if not managed properly.

Anxiety can be considered a barrier for audio speakers, but it reaches some level beneficial, since it could be channeled into good, positive feelings, in order to make a speech more excited and participating. The number below shows the relationship between the loudspeaker¿½s degree of arousal and the quality of his performance.

Fig 2 ¿½ The Yerkes Dodson curve, displaying the correlation between your level of arousal and the quality of performance (Cronbach & Snow, 2010).

There are tips and ways to reduce Glossophobia, which may be classified into short-term solutions and long term solutions. Ideally, it might be more suitable for a specialist to work on long term alternatives, but credited to possible time constraints, short-term solutions become appealing.

Usually, short-term Glossophobia alternatives are related to the physical facet of the human body. There are many physical steps and exercises that release adrenalin, a hormone that has direct stimulant effects that can help an improved performance. One of these of a short term solution is the iconic bashing of the barstool.

Long term Glossophobia solutions are suitable for professionals, since they also help develop certain identity traits that happen to be desirable running a business profiles, such as leadership and confidence. One example of a long term solution is taking part on activities or hobbies and interests beyond one¿½s safe place that rely intensely on communicating with others, usually in positions of vitality, such as doing volunteer work or working as a travel guide.

A professional can also decrease the impact of Glossophobia by changing his mindset so as to always seek self-improvement in communication skills. There are various speech opportunities that are offered in day-to-day life, and by facing each of those opportunities as a learning experience, rather than as a pitfall in exposing weaknesses, many valuable lessons can be discovered. Self-motivation and ambition also play an important role regarding this matter.

Effective planning also plays an important role in overcoming Glossophobia. When you are ready for eventual misfortunes that might happen, the loudspeaker¿½s sense of security is lifted, which causes a rise in assurance.


One of the very most vital steps to produce a good display is preparation. For each minute of speaking time requires one or two hours of prep time-perhaps even more (Lucas, 2009).

When it involves persuasive speech, it becomes even more important to prepare effectively, since the speaker will only get a little fraction of time to change thoughts and attitudes towards his issue.

There are two different possible types of planning. One of these is the general organizing of the overall presentation¿½s articles. The other is the tailoring of specific performances in line with the expected audience¿½s characteristics and anticipations. It's the speaker role to foresee this aspect and tailor each of his shows to optimize the effect of his speech with them.

Knowledge about the material is vital to the presenter. The more knowledge the presenter has about his conversation¿½s topic, the more relaxed and assured he¿½ll feel that may then lead to an improved talk delivery. The sources of information from where he can acquire knowledge are personal activities, books, the web, asking and interviewing other folks, among numerous others.

Establishing credibility is an important step towards making the audience more vunerable to be convinced. Thus, the presenter should have a plan to establish his reliability beforehand.

In persuasive speech, the material is even more important because it¿½s used as data to persuade skeptical listeners. The presenter must retain in brain that the options that less difficult his materials are firmly relevant, which means that to improve the reliability and trustworthiness of his arguments, the sources and evidences must be shown and cited accordingly. It¿½s highly relevant to note that research is more likely to be persuasive if it¿½s not used to the audience (2009, p. 359).

The reasoning framework is a essential aspect to a highly effective persuasive demonstration. To improve the structure, the speaker has to ensure that his data is linked to the key details of his reasoning body, so as to sculpt a specific logical framework to be presented to the audience.

Audiovisual aids are a means of creating interest, making the presenter feel less self-conscious and attracting attention from him (Lucas, 2009). Hence, it is particularly effective once and for all corporate persuasive presentations to get effective visual aids. One problem is that the over consumption of PowerPoint has turned into a trap in commercial situations. So, presentations which are too much over the top in attracting attention are believed limited and unprofessional. Balanced perspective is to keep carefully the materials simple, clear, clean and right to the idea.

It¿½s also part of the preparation to have a backup plan in case there is technical challenges such as ability shortages, non-functioning Internet, malfunctioning projection equipment, amongst others. The solution becomes getting the visual aids for a presentation stored in many different ways: USB-drives, CDs, flip-charts, handouts, and folders. In this manner, even if things go wrong, the loudspeaker will have a way to vacation resort to his aesthetic aids.

Having a good knowledge of the setting and altering to it also suits into the planning stage of a presentation. A good practice is browsing the presentation place and figuring out the logistics beforehand. Whenever it is possible, it will even be achieved days in advance.

In addition to understanding the setting, it's important to understand the prospective audience and to be able to relate the demonstration¿½s subject to them appropriately. The presenter must understand that folks are egotistical and can only be considering what they are being advised if they're shown why they should be enthusiastic about it. The presenter must retain in mind the audience¿½s motivations, needs, interests and desires. A good way to figure out the audience is arriving early to the setting. Usually, breakfasts or caffeine breaks happen before such presentations, therefore the speaker can get to know some of the people who will maintain his audience and then learn more about their profiles and their objectives, so they can tailor his demonstration accordingly.

Most common pitfalls can be avoided with proper prep. It's the responsibility of the speaker to get ready for the mostly asked questions, in order not to be shocked. Even occasionally where the audience asks questions that the loudspeaker is not prepared to answer, there are many techniques which can help buy time and deliver convincing answers. One of these possible techniques is restating the question using different words to the person who asked it, buying time to come up with a consistent answer along the way. One other approach is having extra points to bring up during this time period, as well as having results slides showing, to are a distraction.

Audience Involvement

According to a recently available study, business presenters consider ¿½developing audience engagement¿½ to be one of the most crucial persuasive strategies nowadays, alongside ¿½writing facts¿½ and ¿½offering alternatives¿½ (Gordon, 2005). In spite of this fact, few presenters make use of audience engagement techniques. Exactly the same survey has shown that less than half of the presenters use audience involvement activities to persuade their audiences (Gordon, 2005).

The goal of audience participation is establishing a connection between the loudspeaker and the audience. This can be a essential step towards effective persuasion, since it helps getting the audience more actively associated with the presented subject matter.

There a wide range of different ways in which the speaker can perform audience involvement. Each way is more suitable for a specific occasion, however the point would be that the speaker should try to include at least one of these to make his display more interactive. A few of these ways include providing relevant entertainment, producing emotional appeal, motivating dialogue between audience associates, presenting an honor to a fellow speaker or even to an audience member, issuing difficult to the audience or appealing to audience member¿½s egos.

One way to hook up deeply with the audience is by creating a kinesthetic connection with them. This is done by the speaker by care regarding his personal appearance, motion, posture, facial expression, gestures and vision contact. After establishing this type of interconnection, the audience will act in response more positively to his activities and you will be more prone to accept the presenter¿½s information. The loudspeaker can also use his own body as a visual aid. That is know as dramatics, and usually creates strong responses in demonstration speeches.

The consumption of audiovisual assists is motivated and useful not only to divert the emphasis from the loudspeaker, but also to bolster the key ideas and, regarding persuasive speeches, provide tangible research. They can even be used to set the spirits and captivate the audience. The primary sources of audiovisual aids you can use in public areas speaking are items, models, photos, drawings, graphs, graphs, transparencies, videos, multimedia presentations, background music and sound files.


In spite of the historical neglecting of communication and presenting and public speaking skills in the IT world by universities, IT professionals can still reap the benefits of acquiring those skills at some stage on the lives. In particular, by acquiring persuasive speaking skills, those specialists could be more prepared to face not only useful situations in their corporate and business life, but also in their personal lives.

A brief intro to the prep and delivery of a persuasive speech has been demonstrated in this newspaper. The tools, skills and techniques which were discussed can be useful for professionals looking forward to improve their persuasive speaking skills to great benefit.

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