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The Interpretation of Om

The Meaning of Om

Everyone desire to be blissful and happy which also is situated at the very core of our own internal being. Chanting and meditation of Om is the best way to reach and abide for the reason that ever-blissful nature underlying our surface personality. Om is unconditional bliss, a bliss that is everlasting, undecaying, pure and metal. Om is our blissful Do it yourself.

The phrase Om is believed to originate from the Veda, the most ancient books of the world. Even in the Veda, the term Om is utilized almost atlanta divorce attorneys verse. Om is used as a symbol, which means everything in this entire universe and Om is believed to preserve in everything. The world means not only the physical world, but also include the spiritual universe. Om is also used as a name of the Lord and this means, the truth of god, the father. Knowing the meaning, "Om" becomes the name of god, the father for you. Now you can call him, invoke him, pray to him. That is why many of the prayers, chants or mantras begin with "Om".

No you can ever know very well what exactly OM is and what all it includes. That it encompasses everything known and unknown is confirmed. OM is many things, many concepts, and all the elements in the world. In fact, OM is the world. OM is the foundation sound of the universe. However when you say sound, you limit its function compared to that of only audio. OM is more than just audio. OM is the starting point of the universe. OM is the mystical first, original source that audio, space and time surfaced. OM is the start, the end and the complete functioning of the world.

Before OM lease the universe, there is no audio, no light appearing out of that void. Whatever it was self-contained. It was soundless, incomprehensible, inconceivable and indescribable. Even today, following the manifestation of the world from that dense point of energy (that was pitch black, which has been defined in Genesis as 'Black Open fire') and soundlessness, that self-contained sphere remains nameless and untraceable so when incomprehensible as ever

The vibrations associated with sounding the word Om signify not only compressions and exceptional fractions that are generate in the air, all the vibrations that collectively constitute the cosmic energy these vibrations includes protons and electro-magnetic waves in the either that need no materials medium for their travel, the pulsations of matter and gyrations of electrons around atomic nuclei. Om encompasses all patterns and rhythm, including the records of music, the chirping of words, the super- sound where bats perceives stuff the beating heart, the sensory waves of our own anxious system, the party of neurons within the brain, the tidal waves in the sea, the orbiting of planets across the sun and of the moon across the earth [1].

Om is unbounded space with all its noticeable and dark matter, it's the microcosm of the microcosm, and it implies all existence using its cause-effect relationships, consciousness, activity and belief. It is the air that we breathe, it is the vital power Prana, which is the thinking brain. [1]

Om is the vitality that manifests itself in action i. e. Kinetic Energy or as electric, magnetic, chemical, nuclear or light energy. Indeed, all subject is energy in a concentrated form, disclosed in autonomic reactions and explosions and in stellar emissions. Om includes also subtler types of energy such as infinite potential energy in man. All forces of action and effect as well as makes of good and evil are embodied in Om. This sign is of the eternal Sphota is fact of characteristics that brings about knowledge and wisdom through the press of existence, sound, space, air, energy, drinking water, earth, mind, senses, karma, austerity and revelation. [1]

The universe is multifarious. We often look only at one part i. e. physical part of tis world. The world's oldest vocabulary is Sanskrit and the language is full of compounds. On this compound the God is given as a name of Om. All of the languages on this globe produce some audio. Especially when I don't know a vocabulary, I notice only sounds. In every language, certain sounds do it again themselves which is the initial characteristic of this language. When we open our mouth to make a sound, the audio that is produced is 'a' and when we close our oral cavity and make a sound, then the sound is 'm'. All the other tones are in-between 'a' and 'm' noises.

Therefore, one audio that can stand for all the other sound, in a sense round-off all the tones, you round your lip area and make a sound. It will be 'o'. Now I can incorporate these three noises which represent all the looks; 'a' plus 'o' plus 'm' and make a one word, will become "Om", the name of god, the father. Once you said "Om", you have said everything.

The first notice, A, is the root sound, the key, pronounced without coming in contact with any part of the tongue or palate; M represents the last sound in the series, being produced by the closed mouth, and the U rolls from the very root to the end of the sounding plank of the oral cavity. Thus, Om represents the whole phenomena of sound-producing. As a result, it must be the natural icon, the matrix of all various noises. It denotes the complete range and possibility of all words that may be made.

Being an dental tradition, Vedas make clear Om as consisting of three parts. They are phonetic parts of that 'Om' audio and each of these parts are loaded with certain meaning. That's called superimposition, adhysa. You superimpose a so this means upon those may seem. In Om, there is 'a' there is certainly 'u', and there is 'm'. 'A' is a vowel, 'u' is a vowel and 'm' is the consonant. Thus, this 'a' plus 'u' plus 'm' mutually becomes 'Om". 'A' plus 'u' becomes 'o', a diphthong. If you see how the 'a' and 'u' is pronounced, as a combination at the sthna, the place where the sound comes from, then you will see that 'a' plus 'u' cannot be but 'o'. And with 'm' ending, it becomes "Om".

The notice 'a' stands for the whole physical world of your experience. The experiencer, the knowledge and the experienced, all three of these are covered by the sound 'a'. When you are awake, you know about your physical body and this physical world - known and anonymous. You are also alert to the knowledge of the physical world. At the same time, you are also aware of the experiencer - that is you. Each one of these three you are aware of, are 'a'.

The notice 'u' is the thought world, which is distinctly experienced as other than the physical world. A thought world which is distinctly experienced, as your aspiration, as your imagination and as abstract or refined, Sk№ma or understated is represented by 'u'. The thought world, the thing of the idea world and its own experience will be the meaning of the audio 'u'.

Then there is 'm'. It stands for the experience you have in profound sleep, the unmanifest condition. What was there before and following the creation is the meaning of the sound 'm'.

Thus, the sleeper and the sleeping experience, the dreamer and the fantasy experience and the waker and the waking experience each one of these three constitute what we call everything that is here. Each one of these three together symbolize 'Om'. Om is complete. We found what existed before, what is accessible now and what will exist later is all Om. Even all known and unknown that has experience, the knowledge and the experiencer, is also Om, vidim aviditam sarvam Omkraѕ. This is the Lord, Bhagawan or ishvea.

[1] Parkash M. , (2011) Om Our cosmic interconnection. Shipra Publications. New Delhi

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