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The Secret Life Of Bees | Analysis

The Top secret Life of Bees occurs around 1964, a period of strong racism as the African-Americans deal with for civil privileges. The story starts in Sylvan, SC where Lily lives with her dad. However, after Lily makes a decision she has possessed enough of T-Ray, her father, she operates away to a town by the name of Tiburon, also in South Carolina.

The account is written in a serious mood as it includes many serious occasions such as verbal and physical mistreatment from a dad, the death of someone you care about, a run-away young lady, racism, assault, love, and obtaining that one's mother walked out on her. The storyplot is also inspirational because it proves that trust and friendships can help one survive any obstacle that is their way.


The Hidden knowledge Life of Bees has eight main personas: Lily, T-Ray, Deborah, May, June, August, Rosaleen, and Zach.

Lily Melissa Owens is the narrator of the storyplot. She is a white, fourteen 12 months old woman with a later deceased mom and an abusive daddy who loves to write. After reading from her dad that her mom kept them, she determines to hightail it in denial. She needs Rosaleen, her dark housekeeper, with her and arrives in Tiburon where they stay with the Boatwright sisters.

Terrence Ray Owens is Lily's father. He used to be a brave man in love with Deborah, but people can change and T-Ray is a perfect example of that. He was once great, but now is a mean, abusive, unloving man and an even worse father. He doesn't even let Lily call him "dad" or "daddy, " instead she must call his T-Ray. Maybe he just enables out his anger from the death of Deborah toward Lily. In any event with his frequent verbal mistreatment to Lily, he drives her to hightail it.

Rosaleen Daise is the Owens' African-American housekeeper with a love for Lily. She is very rebellious and won't be abused which winds up getting her caught. Lily breaks her out of prison to allow them to try to escape. They stay at the Boatwrights' house where Rosaleen befriends May and meets right in. She promotes Lily in order to August the reality (they ran away) alternatively than her made-up history. Rosaleen is basically the closest thing to a mother Lily has.

Deborah Fontanel Owens is Lily's mother. She passed away when Lily was only four. Lily experienced the problem however her storage area than it is distorted. Deborah provided beginning to Lily 7 calendar months into her relationship with T-Ray. She was so proud initially but started out to feel depressed over life. She had a nervous breakdown, but at that time no one recognized. She needed to get away so she shifted in with the Boatwrights for some time. Down the road, she returned for Lily which resulted in a heated argument with T-Ray and resulted in a major accident with a firearm. Deborah Owens was lifeless at the spot. Lily really doesn't bear in mind her mom and has perplexed feelings about her, but it is okay because she has Rosaleen, May, June, and August to do something as her maternal information.

August Boatwright are the owners of the Black colored Madonna Honey C0ompany. She is an African-American sweetheart raised in the great condition of Virginia. August was the Fontanel's housekeeper for a while, but is currently just doing work for her honey business. August has a true love for bees, love, and the best gift of most: life. She offers her advice whenever possible and enjoys supporting others. August, just like Rosaleen, steps in as Lily's motherly physique.

May Boatwright, sister of June and August, got a twin, April. May always duplicated most of April's symptoms as children. When April had an upset stomach, so do May. When April got a dark-colored eye, so have May. However, April suffered from harsh depression resulting in suicide at age fifteen. Thankfully, May did not do it again that horrid event as a kid too. May noticed great sadness in others problems and great anger in others frustrations. She built a wailing wall membrane to help her but it could not repair the problem, only assist in the ridding than it. She eventually killed herself as well as April.

June Boatwright was August and May's sister and it is a former tutor. She, along with her two sisters, belongs to an organization called the Daughters of Mary. June performs the cello in cathedral and plays it also to comfort people in their sorrows. Initially, June didn't like Lily, but eventually arrived to love her. June also enjoys Neil, and Neil is in love with her back. Neil continuously proposes to June, but is rejected time upon time. Left at the alter by her first fiance, she is anxious about marrying Neil. After May's death, however, June involves her senses and happily marries Neil.

Zach Taylor is an helper to August in farming the bees. Zach is very sensible and has a talent in throwing surrounding the old pigskin. His fantasy, however, is to become very successful lawyer or attorney. Impossible as a dark youngster, some would say. Zach, though, feels than it as an authentic goal and wants to prove those people incorrect. Zach quickly befriends Lily and both street to redemption in love soon enough. 1 day, Zach is accused of your crime he didn't commit and it is taken off to prison. He becomes irritated and irritated with the current civil protection under the law so he commits the rest of his life to changing the world. His first rung on the ladder? Searching for an all-white school.

Willifred Vendor is a secondary identity in this reserve. She actually is an author well-known for her novels about the deciduous trees in South Carolina. One day out of the year is focused on her.


Lily Owens leads a miserable life with T-Ray, her abusive dad, in Sylvan, South Carolina. Her mom, Deborah, died within an mishap with a firearm during a disagreement with T-Ray. Lily is advised by her daddy it was Deborah's mistake, but Lily considers it is her own problem.

Lily is verbally and in physical form abused day in and day trip. She is taken to jail one day with Rosaleen, her housekeeper. After being bailed out by T-Ray, she goes back to break Rosaleen out of jail whom T-Ray remaining there. Lily and Rosaleen then try to escape to Tiburon, SC where they stick with the Boatwright sisters on the honey farm. The two work on the Boatwright's plantation and becomes great friends with them. Each goes through their ups and downs, experience a friend's death, a friend's marriage, uncover truths about family, discover their true selves, and much more.

The climax of the storyline is a couple of events. First, it is Zach being taken off to prison for a criminal offense he didn't commit. It challenged Lily and his relationship. Second, May commits suicide and the two other Boatwright sisters mourn over their reduction. Third, Lily confesses the reality about her personal information, her past, and why and exactly how they emerged to Tiburon.

The falling action of the storyline is when T-Ray comes for Lily and Lily begs him that she can stay. She actually is eventually permitted to stick with the Boatwrights for the good of both Lily and T-Ray after August persuaded him. Lily asks T-Ray who shot Deborah and T-Ray really right answers her and tells Lily it was her who shot Deborah. The actual fact Lily asked this question revealed she was ready for just about any answer, including that a person.

The quality of the storyplot is Lily is set free to begin a brand new life. Discovering the truth about Deborah walking away and Lily getting rid of her allows Lily to now forgive herself. She actually is free of T-Ray and will now experience moving into a true family that adores her. She may have lost her real Queen Bee, her mother, and has been senselessly swarming, however now she's found new Queens, the sisters, Rosaleen, and Mary.


I think one of the major designs in THE TRICK Life of Bees is "secret lives" which is portrayed in the subject. On page 148, August areas, "Most people haven't any idea about all the complicated life occurring in the hive. Bees have a key life we have no idea anything about. " I really believe this is a metaphor as the hive presents modern culture and the bees represent human beings. As the booklet continues on, we read more about the people in the story and recognize that voluminous characters are not who they appear to be. This is what August means when she discusses the bees secret lives: the lives of folks are a lot more intricate than they appear to be to others.

Lily pretends to be someone she actually is not to understand more about her mother. Eventually she confesses and shows her true identification. That is a valuable example of folks showing to be someone they are not. Another illustration of this metaphor is Deborah. Lily envisions her mother as a perfect female but she soon discovers that she herself was wrong.


The internal turmoil of the storyplot is Lily wrestling with her insufficient a mother. She wants her expectant mother with her so badly, but she can't be because she actually is inactive. Lily has many problems which most young girls would just go with their mom to help solve, but Lily does not have that advantage, alas.

The external discord of the story is racism. Rosaleen experienced racism in the beginning of the book when she was taken off to prison. Zach also confronted racial discrimination when he was caught for a criminal offense he did not commit. Racism is a huge turmoil in this history.

Important Passages

On site 121, Zach exclaims to Lily, "You gotta imagine what's never been. " I came across this estimate very inspirational and incredibly original. It's telling you you need to think outside of the world you understand. You must think about things you haven't experienced before and use your creativeness. I don't know very well what I want to do as i expand up yet. My strongest talent is math, and I love math, but I also love sports and would like to have a job in sports. I always dreamed of being truly a sports activities journalist because of my love for writing and broadcasting, but I am still exploring my options. I really do not think there's a job in athletics that intensely includes math other than maybe a statistician. However, as Zach put it, "You gotta visualize what's never been. " He has encouraged me because even if there isn't any job in sports activities that also contains mathematics, I'll imagine what's never been and maybe I'm going to be the first start kind of job!

August says on webpage 97, "Our mom said she was like Mary, with her center on the outside of her chest. " I had formed trouble describing May in the heroes portion of this book report. She was original and there were scarce words to spell it out her. However, this offer from August is the perfect label on her behalf. She experienced her heart externally of her upper body, just like Mary, the Mother of God performed.


Kudzu: a fast-growing Chinese and Japanese climbing vine

Cranny: a small, narrow beginning in a wall structure, rock and roll, etc.

Amber: a pale yellowish, sometimes reddish or brownish, fossil resin of vegetable source, translucent, brittle, and capable of gaining a poor electrical demand by friction and to be an excellent insulator

Sauntered: to walk with a leisurely gait; to stroll properly

Cowlick: a tuft of scalp that grows up in some other direction from that of the hair

Parsonage: the house of an associate of the clergy as provided by the parish or church

Sweltering: expressively hot

Ornery: mean-spirited

Welt: a bump on the skin caused by a whip, nothing or blow

Gouge: to around cut out

Universal Connection

This story relates to the world today because in both time eras, child mistreatment was a concern. The planet really hasn't evolved much. The mass media today 's the reason we think it offers become worse. The marketing targets it, grabs every story, and proclaims it to all or any of the united states. Back then, there is child misuse it's just it wasn't as distributed and on the news headlines as much. The planet continues to be the same world it was 50 years back, except now everyone understands everything that continues on on a regular basis.

A personal connection to the publication is Lily's and my love of writing. Both of us write all the time, weather it can help us feel better, or is just for entertainment. Writing can be an activity we share and love. This is how I linked to the booklet.

Reflective Questioning

I would ask Sue Monk Kidd, "If you were informed to rewrite the complete book, do you change anything?" I'd ask this because a lot of times while i write something, I often want to change it. A bit of writing can continually be made better. I would like to learn if a specialist feels the same manner and how self-assured they are really in their work.

I would rate this reserve a four out of ten. I did so not like this book and found it quite monotonous. It takes place in 1964, and I do not like catalogs that particular date that far back. I like books set in a far more modern age. This matter and genre does not extensively excite me. To add to this, there wasn't really anything I possibly could relate to. I didn't think it was very well written and I did so not appreciate the style of writing. I could not get into the book by any means. I really do think, however, the overall metaphor was very clever, we may think we know someone, but chances are they are a lot more intricate than they look.

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