The Stranger Evaluation Paper English Literature Essay

In Albert Camus's "The Stranger", the absurdity of life from Camus's sight are put on screen through the primary identity Meursault. The sense that this is of life is in the individual experiences which things must not be questioned is the foundation of who Meursault truly is really as a person. These personality qualities show that Meursault is a perfect example of an existentialist. From Meursault's purely physical way of describing the occurrences he makes contact with, to his insufficient feeling and overall drawback from everything in his life tips towards the characteristics of an perfect existentialist. Even his take on life and fatality, with the view being that life truly isn't well worth living, is a primary portrayal of existentialism. Throughout the novel Meursault is portrayed as the absurd hero; the character that not only doesn't wish he previously another destiny, but accepts his sentence and does nothing about it. This relatively illogical and sometimes frustrating way of thinking is what drives the entire novel. Therefore, in "The Stranger", Albert Camus portrays the main figure Meursault as the perfect existentialist, demonstrating that life is not only absurd but meaningless as well.

In the novel, Meursault's situations are defined in a distinctive fashion in the sense that there surely is no emotional attachment to some of it; only the physical aspects of every situation are registered or thought by Meursault, which shows the depth of his existentialistic personality. Through the entire book Meursault's physical description of things provide the audience with not only the plot of the storyplot but a deeper check out the absurdness of life that Camus thinks in. For instance, upon mourning the death of his mom, whom he refers to as Maman, Meursault consumes the sights of her funeral viewing, such as his the caretaker's clothing being dressed in "black with pin-striped trousers", somewhat that addressing the actual fact that his mother is indeed useless (Camus 13). He also describes the stand possessing his mother's casket up for the viewing as "walnut-stained planks"(6). Just how Meursault appears to disregard his mother's death and emphasis mainly upon the greater trivial and unimportant aspects unveils a significant factor in the life of your existentialist; that human being emotions can't be discussed and are therefore not expressed by any means. Meursault had taken what seemed to be a distressing event in his life, being the passage of a family member, and diminished it into an emotionless ordeal that induced him to miss valuable work days. He even goes as far as to spell it out the moments when his mom had been buried, by saying that "blood-red earth" spilled over her casket and the "white flesh of the root base" mixed in with the dirt (18). Another time, as Meursault is being questioned regarding the murder of the Arab man, he notes the examining magistrate's "deep-set blue eyes", even though the severity of the problem was a lot more than Meursault recognized, and also exhibiting that Meursault truly didn't service that he had been tried in court docket as a murderer (64). He also explains the tie his legal professional was wearing one day as "odd-looking" and "with wide dark and white stripes" (64). This demonstrates he truly doesn't care about his predicament in any way and that it is yet another meaningless event in his life.

By only explaining the physical areas of life, Meursault reveals another trait of the existentialist; that he doesn't care about anyone or anything, regardless of who or what it is. Meursault simply undergoes his day doing whatever happens and doesn't do anything about any of it to change what is occurring in his life. This is the viewpoint that Meursault has throughout the book; that things just happen just how they happen and they are uncontrollable by anyone, especially himself. This take on life is evident especially when he is working with the fatality of his mother. When his manager reveals a little annoyance towards Meursault that he's requesting days and nights off for the funeral of his mom, Meursault replies "It's not my mistake" (1). This emotionless action and overall detachment from his mother's fatality shows the audience that Meursault is a true existentialist; that his insufficient feelings extents to even the most very sensitive places for most, that being family. Also, when Meursault gets there back at his work from his brief leave, his boss questions him about his mom Maman. When asked how old Maman was, Meursault replied "about sixty", proclaiming he responded in the manner he did as to assure that he wasn't incorrect in stating her age group (25). The fact that he doesn't keep in mind his own mother's years is yet another example of how Meursault can be an existentialist in the sense that he does not have any feelings towards anyone, even his family. The smallest amount of good care or sense toward a family member would simply be keeping in mind a birthday or an age group, which Meursault naturally doesn't have, so therefore keeping in mind how old his mother was wasn't important to him whatsoever. Even after his mom goes by he never once amazing things why his mom had to perish at that time in his life, or even something as significant as why she died. He merely accepts the situation at hand and never questions it, which uncovers his existentialism even more. His emotional detachment through the book frustrates many people that Meursault comes in contact with. They cannot come to terms with Meursault's existentialism all together, and therefore struggle with him concerning this throughout the book. A main exemplory case of this is Marie, Meursault's girl or love interest throughout the book. Marie falls fond of Meursault after get together him soon after the death of Meursault's mom. As a result of this she proposes marriage to Meursault, to which he replies yes, but not for the reason why Marie was hoping for. Meursault agrees to marry Marie since it was what she wanted, and not because of a love or perhaps a desire for her. This is apparent when he says the love in question by Marie "didn't signify anything", and that he "probably didn't love her" (41). This shows how little value Meursault truly retains on life; that even the tiniest things such as love are not possible to him.

The true existentialist feels that life is worthless and essentially little or nothing in the overall system of things. This personality characteristic is also within Meursault in the book as he handles many aspects of life and loss of life. Towards the end of the book, when Meursault is coming to terms that he'll spend a great deal of his life in jail and eventually perish, the radical and remarkable view of loss of life that Meursault has is revealed to the audience. His view is the fact his destiny doesn't matter and that death is inescapable and can happen ultimately in his life. He comes to terms with the fact that he'll indeed die and is also comfortable knowing this, which is a rather unsettling thing for most people. Meursault reaches decrease and comfortable knowing that he will die sooner or later in life. That is evident along with his numerous refusals to be frequented by the chaplain of the jail. After his third refusal, his reasoning was he didn't "have anything to say to him" (108). The refusal to visit a chaplain not only shows on Meursault's religious views, but on his take on life itself and how he didn't believe that life was eternal. By him refusing to start to see the chaplain he was voicing the thoughts and opinions that he didn't have confidence in God, which stems back to the existentialistic view that the meaning of life is in the human being experiences rather than in gods or God. Meursault also experienced the existentialistic viewpoint of death, which was that it would come soon enough which life really wasn't worthy of much. This is evident when, after considering his appeal, he says that "everyone knows life isn't worthy of living" (114). This feeling of both worthlessness and nothingness stems immediately back again to the existential take on life; that there really was no point in it. Meursault emerged to the realization that whether a person passed away at a young age or an old time it didn't subject; that life would still continue on and eventually that person would be completely ignored by everyone, even the people they called good friends or family.

Throughout Albert Camus's book "The Stranger", the thought of existentialism is portrayed through the primary character Meursault. His lack of ability to feel thoughts and portray these to others is shown as a major example through the book.

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