The Third Eye

There is absolutely no difference in basic principle between sharpening notion with an exterior instrument, such as a microscope, and sharpening it with an interior instrument, such as one of thesedrugs. If they're an affront to the dignity of your brain, the microscope is an affront to the dignity of the eye and the telephone to the dignity of the hearing. Firmly speaking, these drugs do not impart intelligence at all, any more than the microscope exclusively gives knowledge. They offer the raw materials of wisdom, and are useful to the extent that the average person can assimilate what they show into the complete structure of his patterns and the complete system of his knowledge. Alan W within the Joyus Cosmology

The third eye, also known as the inner attention is a mystical and inexplicable concept referring partially to the ajna chakara in some Eastern and Traditional western spiritual traditions. It is also known as the gate that brings about inner realms and areas of higher conciousness. In newer forms of spirituality the third eye may symbolize circumstances of enlightenment and is also often associated with visions and clairvoyance. People who have said to be able to utilize their third eye are commenly known as seers

In Buddhism and Hinduism the third eye represents enlightenment, being in nirvana. In Indian ethnicities this is refered to as the gyananakashu, the eye of knowledge. The 3rd eyes is the anja chakra also called the brow chakra. This is designated with a dot, eye or draw on the forhead od deities or enlightened beings such as Shiva or Buddha. This symbol is called the third eye or eyeball of intelligence, or the urna in Buddhism. In Hindu belefs it is stated that the starting of Shivas third eye causes the the eventual devastation of the physical world.

Writers and research workers such as HP Blavatsky and Rick Strassman, have said that the 3rd eye is party dormant, and sits between the 2 hemispheres of the brain. The pineal gland secretes dimethyltryptamine also called DMT, which induces dreams, meditation, hallucinations and near fatality experiences. A variety of lower vertebrates such as amphibians and reptiles can actully sense light through the third parietal eyes, which is from the pineal gland. This gland can be used to regulate their daily rhythms, sensing the polarization of light and also for navigation.

It is said that whenever the pineal gland is has awakened, you are able to see beyond space time into time space. It raises the frequency which one works and goes one into a higher consciousness. All kinds of out-of-body travel coincide with the 3rd eye.

When the pineal gland has been fired up, one can realize your desire to communicate with the spiritual world. The crown chakra is said to move around in a vortex down to the pineal gland. When the vortex details the pineal gland, what is received is genuine energy. This energy is recognized as Prana. A lot more the astral person is trained one can completely seperetate from the physical body. Both positive and negative forces become a member of and creates a light in the top thus the pineal gland is triggered. You should start to feel a drawback from all senses as well as a drawback from ones physical do it yourself, people imagine their physical body escaping through a door in the brain, they take this light into any world they decide to go. also flashes of recollection and knowledge of the astral aircraft will begin learn to unfold. Universal knowledge will be aquired the more robust the third eye becomes. After time worldly needs and the ego begin to dissapear. That is called the theta point out which is if you are still conscious yet resting while sense at tranquility with ourselves and the entire world. As the brain enters deeper claims of awareness, we begin to become less worried about the physical world.

Humans have been growing from physical matter ever sience the dawn of man and are still evolving further and additional. We gone from heart to matter, and today have reported to be moving back into heart. After time the third vision will eventually bring to humans religious capabilities and astral capacities.

It is possible that this will need place within the next few years when the fifth sunshine age leads to 2012? Will the coming Get older of Aquarius provides be truth and brotherhood to the world? December 21st, 2012 AD is when the Earths equatorial aircraft aligns exactly with the galactic middle. The Ages are a purely planetary phenomenon based on the planets wobble. As a result, around every 2160 years, the constellation visible on the early day of the spring equinox changes

Reality is only an illusion, albeit a persistent one. Albert Einstein


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