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As individuals we use people, interact with them and may disagree or trust them on issues. Turmoil management means putting in place ways that reduces bad aspects of conflict and bringing up the good areas of it at criteria the same or higher than where the conflict occurred. Additionally, issue management seeks to improve learning and group results, that is capabilities or performance in a small business environment (Ra him, 2002). People might disagree in decision making because they could have ideas of their own. Issue may make a difference to organizations and businesses, when supervised well, it does increase group results (e. g. Alpert, Osvaldo, & Regulation, 2000; Booker & Jame son, 2001; Ra-him & Bono ma, 1979; Kuhn & Poole, 2000; Cathedral & Marks, 2001). Part 1 of the paper explains turmoil, it's types and my connection with it at Mining Building and Contractors Ltd ( MBC, Obuasi), Ghana and a conclusion by the end. Part 2 of the paper explains building trust, human relationships and communications, the value of these skills to an organization and a personal representation on these skills and a conclusion.

Conflict may be defined as a basic variance between individuals anticipated to dissimilarities of opinions, ideas, beliefs, prices, needs or aims.

Types of Conflict

Intrapersonal It really is a issue that develops within an individual when he argues with himself about something. It could be simple as attempting to use office item for personal use when he has learned he should't be doing that.

Interpersonal It really is a discord between two split individuals, this form of turmoil is what folks typically have at heart when they think of turmoil.

Functional Ambiguity and role features in organizations could create problems.

Intergroup This conflict normally happens in the circumstances of various cultural or racial organizations. Each group could feel threatened and could believe that their respected culture is not duly well known.

Conflict Management

Conflict management is about helping improve the strengths of conflicts. It does not necessarily mean doing away with conflicts.

Personal experience

I worked well at MBC Ltd, Obuasi with a colleague at the Accounts Office. My colleague's uncle was the Marketing Supervisor but wasn't in good terms with Mr. Ocloo, the Accountant, who was simply our boss. I got eventually to know our supervisor was somebody who was really interested in his work and disliked lazy and insolent people. I built a strong romantic relationship with my employer and always listened to and well known his views. My boss seen my colleague almost all of the time lacking at the office, this continuing for a few weeks. My colleague had been visiting his uncle during periods which there have been no work at the office. One day I came back from an errand to determine my colleague experienced acquired a confrontation with our manager because of his continuous absence during working hours. He also possessed reported the truth to his uncle who possessed come and exchanged words with this boss and experienced worsened the situation. I quickly called my colleague and spoke to him about the way our boss possessed observed him for an extended period before voicing out his irritation. I suggested to him outside apologizing to our manager. I also suggested him to go back to his uncle's office to calm him down. I then ensured he explained what to his uncle and declare it was his fault to make calmness. I later talked to my boss for hours describing that, my colleague was responsible but he really left when we got finished with our work. I needed to make certain the case will not escalate to higher levels and sought it resolved that day. It wasn't easy because we'd to stay behind after office hours when everyone got left to solve the issue. Both my colleague and his uncle came back with my colleague apologizing and acknowledging the fault that caused the turmoil. I helped solve the perfect solution is because it would have really progressed into a real mix-up which would have brought other people and disciplines in to the matter.


Every day we work with people, who might wrong us or rub us in ways. Personally, i think turmoil is unavoidable but can be supervised. At the place of work individuals should be thoughtful and always make an effort to work out with fellow employees to resolve issues. Individuals must be very sensitive to the thoughts of other staff and understand that individuals may respond to anger, dread and frustration. Personnel should provide feasible answers to problems amidst themselves. Mangers should identify and analyse the reason behind conflict to understand the root cause of conflict. Any solution for resolving the problem should be aimed at eliminating the primary cause. Managers have to have good communication skills to be able to empathize with all the current concerned functions and put across their alternatives convincingly. Issues should be fixed in a healthy way without favouring any individual; all parties involved should be cared for with admiration and spoken to politely. Controlling issue effectively is valuable in the progress of an organization.



Nowadays, companies are looking for ways to help maintain trust, build good relationships and acquire communication skills in helping them achieve expansion in their workplace. Trust is discussed as the health of preparedness for an connection with something or someone without protection (Duane C. Tway, Jr. , 1994). Trust, interactions and communication at the place of work is very necessary to the success of a business and wellbeing of individuals at work. Trust sometimes appears by others as equivalent to trustworthiness, explaining rely upon the main topic of individual features that stimulate positive anticipations on other individuals behalf(e. g. , Butler & Cantrell, 1984; McKnight et al. , 1998). Organisational relationships can be grouped into functions, departments and teams; union, personnel and the management. These relationships are inspired by how people separately treat each other in the workplace, http://www. dol. govt. nz/er/bestpractice/prc/infosheets/GPG-WP-RELATIONSHIP. pdf (Accessed on 03/12/12). Culture of trust is beneficial in disorganized and uncertain places, (Bjerke, 1999).

Effective communication, trust and good romantic relationship with workers can be an organization is essential in attaining results, reducing stress and providing a captivating atmosphere where personnel feel absolve to require help, share thoughts and also actively contribute in progress of business. These skills help encourage associates encourage one another and work effectively and effectively. Fostering these skills in the workplace increases decision making and implementation in an organisation. Trust offers way to creating a relationship more effective between your trustor and trustee (Blau, 1964). To generate successful romantic relationships in workplaces requires trust. Trust results in useful communication, healthy relationships and employee desire in an group. Having these elements at the office motivates employees to work harder. The lifestyle of the skills at work makes organizational goals easy to attain. Any company that excels in these skills can get things done gradually and successfully.

Personal Reflection

When I started out work at MBC Ltd, (Obuasi), the very first thing I did was to learn and quickly adjust to the organisational behaviour and culture. The next thing was to earn the trust of fellow staff and build good communication levels and associations with them. I had been humble, obedient and was always wanting to work. I became more involved with issues of personnel in the business. This made me my boss favourite and made him sometimes go directly to the extent of discussing his personal issues with me. I had formed already earned his trust and acquired built a vibrant relationship with him. As a fresh worker of the business, it was not done overnight but through hard work I could achieve it. If I saw workers not in good terms at work, I am going to quickly try to address it. I will have a dialog with the folks involved and when it was still no longer working, I will get one of these higher authority. I usually made sure that no party felt betrayed or offended but it was always a win-win case. I also kept private information from others private. When we experienced completed with work and the area seemed boring I will suggest a group getting together with where we thrived on issues to be tackled at the office. We did this at least two times and really helped us a great deal and always brought the best in us. I advised this to fellow workers but didn't work at start because some professionals did not agree with the idea. Little by little interest for this grew and the company now holds a particular meeting once every month where selected workers from various departments promote views and discuss problems facing them to managers. This really upgraded communication and enhanced good relationships and rely upon the organization.


Communication, trust and relationships can be improved in every workplaces, no matter how big is the company. The basis of an individual's interaction at work is through these skills. These skills are incredibly important and really should be amalgamated into team development in every company. Individuals should be inspired to stop participating in activities that will certainly reduce trust existing between employees. Workshops and conferences should be structured to prepare and educate workers on expanding good communication skills and fostering healthy relationships among themselves. It really is never easy to win over or satisfy everyone at the workplace because we are human but we must also know that it requires a whole lot of effort to fix a broken romance or trust that been around between employees than to prevent it from happening. If any company wants to go from being simply a working group to a high performing one these skills must be taking seriously. None folks is perfect but we can be much more effective and successful if we work on building good relationships, having quick and simple communication systems and being honest. This will encourage and influence others to help build a successful business environment.

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