The Value Of Relationship English Literature Essay

Marriage has gone through a gradual transition from a custom to a legal talk about since 1800s. In 1800s, women were completely subordinated to their husbands. Their gender role was limited in their house, and they had to gratify husband's needs. Their days and nights were very tiring. Their life was very hard; they basically possessed no rights at this time ever sold. Jane Austen was a good novelist in that era. Austen lived in a time when relationship was the only path out for a few women, or they might be forced to become a governess and lose their independence. Jane Austen was a major British novelist, whose brilliantly witty, elegantly set up satirical fiction grades the changeover in English books from 18th century neo-classicism to 20th century romanticism. Her novels, which were like complains about women's right, changed the idea and value of relationship forever. In 18th hundred years, the value of relationship was limited to husband wants. Women were the house of men, and relationship was their only way of having a recognized position in contemporary society, but now, value of relationship is determination between marriage companions in equivalent condition, and we must protect it.

In 1800s, women didn't have 3rd party life and Jane Austen discovered the bad condition of women and evolved the eye-sight of society. During this time in history, wedded women cannot own property in their own right, and were, indeed, themselves the house with their husbands. Many of the women's job included nurturing children, put together food, make clothing, and look after things around the house. Their main responsibility was to fulfill their husband's needs. In those days, Jane Austen was one of the most famous writers who shown the horrible condition of women's marriage in her books. As Hannah Eberle brought up in her article" How Jane Austen Uses Marriage to Get What She Needs" that "Austen voices her concerns about 18th hundred years gender jobs throughout her novels" (Eberle) Her books focus on the lives of young women in middle class Regency Britain. She viewed women's life, and revealed the slavery life of ladies in her novels. For instance, when Barbara W. Swords confirms in her article "Woman's Devote Jane Austen's Great britain" that "In Jane Austen's books, as well, we may find that relationship is the only real choice to guarantee a woman's place, her enjoyment, and her successful future, "(W. Sword) it becomes clear that Jane Austen found women's slavery life, and known the desires and doubts of women who had to rely on matrimony and family contacts to provide them with a home and means to live. Furthermore, Jane Austen was specifically thinking about the changing behaviour towards relationship among these young people. As a result, she created different character types and various kind of romances and marriages in her books to introduce the true value of relationship to young people; Austen's style of marriage was reflected in her testimonies and characters; as Barbara W. Swords confirms that "The happy marriages with which Jane Austen's novels conclude correspond, indeed, to these new types of proper matrimony: Catherine and Henry; Marianne and Colonel Brandon, Elinor and Edward; Elizabeth and Darcy; Fanny and Edmund; Emma and Mr. Knightley; and Anne and Captain Wentworth. In each relationship, love, esteem, compatibility and mutuality, capability and respect - and equality - are necessities to be found out during courtship and strengthened throughout life. " (W. Sword) For me, the literature and novels of Jane Austen built a basis that modern wording and modern value of matrimony were made. People examined Austen's novels, and became familiar with the new values of a successful marriage. This is a very important event because at that time the worthiness of marriage was only men's desire, but Austen's books changed the situation and became the key groundwork of a move toward a much better life in 21th century.

Now that were in 21th hundred years, the gender role of women and the value of matrimony have been changed. Wedded women can own property in their own right, and are not themselves the property of the husbands. Women may have 3rd party life, and they have the right to choose their own hubby. They have equivalent privileges with men. Additionally, they are not limited in their house works and taking care of children at home. They are able to work beyond the house, and matrimony in not their only way of having an established position in world any more. Because of this, the value of matrimony has been improved. If we check out Ted Olson's interview with CNN reporter, we might know how much the worthiness of matrimony has been evolved since 18th hundred years, and what the value of relationship means in The United States of America. Ted Olson, Who is the ex - US solicitor basic, confirms that "Matrimony is a conventional value. Equality is a conservative value. equality and freedomand people that love one another that desire to form a stable bon an integral part of our economy, part of our community. That should be a traditional value. " (Olson) As a result, equality and independence are two key factors of the worthiness of relationship today. Men and women have equal rights. There is no responsibility and stress by any means, and husband and wife have kind marriage. Along with this new idea, there may be one more issue. If we take a closer go through the value of relationship today, we might find that because of bad economy, the value of matrimony has been transformed by financial problems and overall economy has had serious impact on the worthiness of relationship. As, Frey Bruno S. explains in his book "Happinessa trend in economics" that "In matrimony, people engage in a long-term romance with a solid commitment to a mutually rewarding exchange. The spouse expects some benefits from the partner's portrayed love, appreciation and reputation, as well as from security and materials rewards. That is summarized in the safeguard perspective of relationship. "(Bruno S. 1) In other term, along with equality and freedom, the worthiness of relationship is damaged by financial and economical success inside our life. Good job and good finances are essentials of any good matrimony. In 21th hundred years, equality, independence and financial success are three major elements which specify the value of marriage.

After this long work, we have to protect our achievements. There's a dangerous notion called "Arranged relationship" which may destroys all our work today. Arranged marriages are marriages in which family members take a significant role in bringing a couple mutually. Relatives, particularly parents, often take the initiative to find, evaluate, and approve potential spouses for his or her children. In some instances, the few may marry while still relative strangers under the expectation that they will develop a loving relationship as time passes. These relationships are in contrast to so-called "love relationships, " in which a couple is attracted together by common fascination and makes the decision to marry on their own. While often associated with civilizations in the centre East, Africa, and India, these plans are not anonymous in Western countries, specifically among immigrant populations. I researched and discovered that spiritual and ethnic believes are two major known reasons for an "Arranged relationship" For instance, if we have a look at Jocelyn Voo's article "Arranged relationship gets high-tech twist, " he confirms that "When it was time for Sabiha Ansari to get committed, her parents flew her to India. She satisfied her husband-to-be for less than 20 minutes, with family, then was asked whether she liked him. " (Voo) There are lots of countries like India that do not believe in modern value of matrimony accepted in democratic countries, and an "Arranged relationship, " which is a traditional believe, is more very important to them than modern value of relationship. In this survey, Sabiha Ansari's father and mother disregarded their daughter's thoughts and opinions and implemented their own custom. As we can see that Saviha points out that was really hard for her, and she kind of wished to involve some time alone with him to talk to him, or even on the telephone. There can be an important point. India is not the only country which will not have confidence in modern value of relationship. There are many more painful events occurred in Islamic countries which ignores the worthiness of relationship because of religious beliefs believe. For instance, Samuel Burke talks about in his article "11-year-old Girl Hitched to 40-year-old Man. " that "Before their marriage ceremony begins in rural Afghanistan, a 40-year-old man rests to be photographed with his 11-year-old bride. The girl tells the shooter that she actually is sad to be employed because she acquired hoped to become a tutor. "(Burke) forcing a 11 years old girls to marry with a 40 years old man when she wanted to turn into a teacher, is an extremely painful condition. I was created in Iran, which is an Islamic country, and I could feel her pain because the age of girl's relationship in Iran was nigh years old. Jane Austen helped us to comprehend the women's condition in 18th century, but "Arranged matrimony" is another form of women's slavery which is against the modern value of marriage at all. We must take care not to allow these counties and traditions to pain young girls to marry with old people and destroy the true value of matrimony which has been made after a long effort.

In summary, in 18th century, the worthiness of marriage was limited to husband desires. Women were as the property of men, they did not have any right to complain. Marriage was their only way of having an established position in culture, the person was absolute ability, but Jane Austen mirrored that women's bad situation in her books, and changed the rules. After that, people began to study Austen's books, and the worthiness of matrimony was evolved. Today, women and men have equal privileges, and the worthiness of marriage is dependant on equality and independence of men and women, and we have to protect this accomplishment from those countries which will not have confidence in these concepts. In my opinion the worthiness of marriage is commitment between marriage lovers in similar condition, and the similar commitment is the only path that may protect our family members in future life.


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