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The Waste High temperature Energy SUCH AS FOR EXAMPLE Motorcycle Executive Essay

The concept of using the waste temperature energy such as bike exhaust, high temperature exchanger, home exchangers, electrical power equipment, industrial process among others to generate electrical energy is the primary idea of this project. The vitality produced will be used to force the power supply charger.

Battery chargers refer to a device that used to place energy into a second cell or rechargeable power by forcing a power current through it. The charging process depends on the scale and type of the power supply being fee.

Existing power charger is mainly relied on electricity to provide the vitality. As electricity utilization one of the key concern nowadays. This is because it contributes to high household expenses. In this job, we will design a fresh power charger that mainly powered by thermal energy and it'll backup by normal electricity source. A thermoelectric generator (TEG) module is utilized to harvest warmth from the surrounding and convert into electricity. At that time when the electricity resource from TEG is insufficient, a microcontroller-based monitoring and transitioning circuit will turn on track electricity source. An analysis and assessment of the energy consumption between your proposed power charger and existing one will be completed. Thermoelectric powered battery charger contains thermoelectric generator (TEG), electricity management, DC to DC increase up converter, charger circuit and turning circuit.

Thermoelectric modules can convert heating energy to electrical energy straight (Jose Antonio B. V. et al. , 2009). The Basic principle of an TEG is the Seebeck result. Imposing different temp on both ends of any thermoelectric generator, the devices can end result a certain electrical energy which is proportional to the temperatures difference of both ends of these devices. The produce will be used to demand the electric battery charger and has the capability to decrease the power consumption. It is also in order to aid and move towards a renewable technology request.


The demand for electricity round the world is increasing every year, every month and every day. The human needs the electrical energy to reside their lives. Nowadays, lots of electrical machines were design to make use of electricity in the most efficient way. However, the existing way to obtain energy will be depleted one day. Based on the World Source Institute, fossil gas such as oil, gas and coal make up a total 80 percent of the full total energy consumption in the world (Damasa, 2006). The reproductions of fossil fuels are extremely difficult as they might need millions of year to be produced by the anaerobic decomposition of remains of organisms that settle to the ocean bottom level (Habjanec, 2009).

To overcome this issue, it is important to discover a new source of energy to replace the prevailing energy. This new energy is known as renewable energy (RE). Alternative energy means the power that originates from the natural source. The study for renewable energy is cultivated rapidly. Green energy such as solar, wind and hydro has limited resources and depend on weather and topography.

Heat is one of the green energy. Over fifty percent of the used worldwide is wasted in the form if excess heating (Quick, 2009). Warmth waste energy produced and released without attempted to capture it and reuse it since high temperature is some sort of energy. Nowadays, global warming become a huge issues brought on by the heat released to the surroundings. In order to converse the surroundings, the power will enable to supply little bit of power to gadgets.


This project gets the following aims:

To design a prototype of a competent, reliable thermoelectric power supply charger to charge the power supply.

To analyze the productivity, profits, etc. compared to the existing battery pack charger.

To analyze the time taken, complexity initiatives to design gadgets for thermoelectric power supply charger.



Proteus 7 professional will be utilized to create and operating the simulation circuit on the hardware for thermoelectric powered battery pack charger. This software is choosing predicated on their characteristic so easy to make use of, and easy to run hardware simulation and software.


MPLAB will be utilized to write a programming assemblage language for the microcontroller in the turning circuit. This turning circuit used as a backup system for the battery pack charger when the voltage created from TEG is insufficient by supplying the standard supply.


This project gets the following significance:

The ability to reduce power ingestion by harvesting thermal energy from the surrounding

The energy created from thermoelectric will used as a main source of power charger and backup by normal electricity source.

In order to aid and move towards a inexperienced technology application


CHAPTER 1 (Launch)

This Chapter will show the release of the task, which is simple information and range of the project is discussed. Additionally it is including the aims of the job, software and hardware proposed and thesis business.


This Chapter mentioned the literature review and aspect about information and scope of the task. It includes general theory and information about thermoelectric driven battery charger.


This section will discuss briefly about the technique of this job. It includes several phase which can be job planning, design, simulation and project fabrication. A proper planning is required to be done to complete this task.


This chapter includes all the effect obtained in this research. All of the simulation effect for the hardware will be performed in graph form. The effect for thermoelectric driven battery charger will be performed in stand.

CHAPTER 5 (Debate)

In this chapter the debate of designed thermoelectric powered battery charger will be carried out. This provides a general talk of the result result.

CHAPTER 6 (Conclusion AND Finish)

This chapter contains a brief conclusion of this project. A future advice will be carried out.




During 1821, Thomas Johann Seebeck discovers a circuit from two dissimilar metals with junction at an alternative temp would deflect a compass magnet (Lazaridis, G. , 2009). It had been quickly realize that the heat range different could produce electrical power probable which can drive an electric current in a shut loop circuit. The voltage is found to be proportional to the heat range different between the two junctions. That is then called as Seebeck Impact after his name.

In 1834, one 10 years after Seebeck result was found, Jean Charles Anthanesa Peltier a French physicist check out the thermocouple result and discovered that the electro-mechanical current would produced heating as well as cooling down at the two different material. This trend was called Peltier Effect. In the middle of nineteenth century, Irish-born William (Lord Kelvin) completes the thermoelectric theory by striving together what Seebeck and Peltier possessed seen (Peter D. Heinz, 2012).


Thermoelectric generators use the Seebeck result to produce electrical power from a heat range different caused by temperature energy flow [3]. Thermoelectric generator can convert temperature energy into electricity straight (Ahmad Nazri A. R. et al. , 2011). Thermoelectric power technology have advantages in term of free maintenance, noiseless in procedure and including no moving or complicated part.

The Thermoelectric generator works by warming one face and cooling down the other face of thermoelectric component and in the thermoelectric circuit is linked lots (Jose Antonio B. V. , 2009). The thermoelectric generator is formed based on two elements which are N-type and P-type semiconductors. The N-type and P-type semiconductors are linked in series electrically and in parallel thermoelectrically among two ceramics levels (Jose Antonio B. V. , 2009)

The bigger heat range different, the higher the voltage can be produced (Ahmad Nazri A. R. et al. , 2011). The electron flows from hot to chilly side through the N-type, and the electrons hole moves from hot to cold aspect through the P-type will allows the mixture of electrical produced in series and increased the voltage and power output. Number 1. 1 shows the diagram for thermoelectric generator. As the heat moves from hot to cool area, the voltage will produced.

http://static. newworldencyclopedia. org/thumb/8/8b/Thermoelectric_Generator_Diagram. svg/277px-Thermoelectric_Generator_Diagram. svg. pnghttp://images. iop. org/items/phw/news/15/5/7/valley. jpg

Figure 1: Basic thermoelectric generator diagram.

The voltage produce from heat movement is proportional with the temperature different between the hot and cool plate. This sensation can be shown by the next equation:

V = ±‹T 1

Where V is the producing voltage, ± is the Seebeck coefficient and ‹T is the temperatures different.


In the prior year, the study about TEG and it software has growth quickly. In 2011, on Power Engineering and Search engine optimization Meeting, Ahmad Nazri A. R. et al. , has develop "Heat Energy Harvesting for Lightweight Power Supply" (PosHEAT). In this research, his investigate the best materials to create thermoelectric generator by using Bismuth Terlluride (Bi2Te3). Heat source because of this research was taken from motorcycle engine. The voltage produce from the TEG stored in the rechargeable batteries and will used to charge the cellular phone. The portable and compact thermoelectric generator was designs to make it is easy to used and bring. From the experiment conduct, the maximum voltage produced when the temperature different 75dT/oC is 4. 4V. It is sufficient to charge a mobile phone, PSP, MP3, MP4 and other digital products anywhere and anytime.

Jose Antonio B. V. , 2009, was research about "Thermoelectric Generator Using Water Gas Heating unit Energy for Power Charging". In this research he designs a prototype of a maximum electric power point tracker (MPPT) for the thermoelectric (TE) module in order to improve the energy transformation in the battery charging. A SEPIC (single-ended major inductance converter) DC-DC converter is applied and controller by a microcontroller and to achieve the maximum electric power of point tracking is employed the perturbation and observation (P&O) algorithm. The performance of the power charging by using P&O MPPT is set alongside the battery charging directly to the TE module. The source of heat transformation in this research originates from water gas heater. From the test execute the MPPT better the vitality delivery to the battery charger compared to the direct interconnection.

The principle of using thermoelectric heating converter is utilized to create a power supply charger for a lab-top computer. In 1995, Marmudur R. , Roger S. , on "Thermoelectric Electricity Generation for Electric battery Charger", create a battery pack charger to charge a lab-top computer that contains thermoelectric converter system, that powered by butane gas and DC-DC supercharge up converter. With this research, the voltage produced from heat is 5watts and may be used to bill the lab-top computer. In another word, the heat transformation from butane gas can grow the inner batteries for lab-top computer.

Besides that, a battery charger by using compost also has been research. On 2010, Caitlin Ahearn, investigate about warmth alteration by using compost pile. The power produced will be used to charge a battery. In the experiment, by using the copper slab protected with extruded polystyrene at positioned at the center of compost pile, would copy 86%±2% heating from hot aspect to the frosty side. On the 60oC ±1 oC temperatures different can produced 463mW±6mW, which is this amount sufficient to impose a power supply.

To improve the energy copy, more researches were conducted. In 2012, Xu Yingyin et al. , was investigate about the DC to DC increase up converter by using two controls mode, maximum power monitoring (MPPT) and ability matching (PM). The performance of MPPT and PM were looked into by using mathematical model and copy function. The results because of this research shown in Figure 2 below.

Figure 2. 1: Source electric power curve and control mode

From the Physique 2. 1, it show when Pin_max




This chapter is very important to provide information of the techniques that being used in completing this project.


Literature Review

Project Proposal

Technical Job 1

Project Workshop 1

Design and Build System

Design Hardware

Success? NO

Design Software YES

Success? NO

Implementation and Testing YES

Success? NO



Conclusion & Thesis Writing


Literature review

Literature review is an essential part of the research process. The general purposed of the books review is to gain knowledge and understanding of the current condition about the selected research topics. This section was conducted to research the past researches that have been done in suspension system system include unaggressive and active. For the reason that the study in this field was already done before. All of the works in this task is based on the previous research.

Design Hardware

The new power charger that mainly power by thermal energy and it will backup by normal electricity source will be design.

Design Software

During enough time when the electricity supply from TEG is insufficient, a microcontroller-based monitoring and switching circuit will transition on track electricity source. The software will be design to change the machine.

Implementation and testing

Once the machine has been fabricated, the execution and tests will be conducted and the time to the thermoelectric demand the electric battery will be studied. Correction might be achieved if needed.


From the testing process, analysis of their time taken up to complete the power to demand will be obtained and you will be comparing with the prevailing power charger.

Conclusion and thesis writing

A thesis will be written for submission, which include all process mentioned above along with finish obtained from this work and some recommendations for future project

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