The Junior And Islam Theology

A man emerged to the Holy Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam and said: My camel begins crying whenever i get into my bed for sleep, i do not know the real reason for it and i am very much anxious. Holy Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam asked him if he offers his Namaz e Isha. The person solved: "No!I really do not". Our Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam told the man that your camel cries because he recognizes the flames under your foundation when you go involved with it without offering your Namaz. The person offered his Namaz e Isha which nighttime, his camel didn't cry any further. [Muslim] This event shows the value of Namaz e Isha and there are many happenings which reveal about the importance of each Namaz. But today, people have forgotten their religious beliefs. They feel pity of acting upon it. They have restless times and joyless life because they don't follow their religion. Especially our youngsters will the very wrong path, who gets the responsibility of the country on their shoulder blades. It is an extremely horrendous condition to be sight.

The attitude of folks towards Islam shows the facts about that how much preference is given to Islam by them. The old people monitor Islam with righteousness but the maximum of our young people do nothing like to see their only faith. They have got very unusual views in regards to a man who's observing Islam. They don't prefer to be friends with them. They want to be fashionable and look cool by implementing all the western lifestyle. They make those individuals their friends who look and think like themselves. It has been observed that majority of the children do not follow Islam and they also do not like Islam as well as Shariyut. Officially, they accepted that they would choose Islamic schooling. But the talk is not about if there must be Islamic schooling or not! We have been supposed to action on Islam but our company is failed to achieve this task. As the youngsters do not like to pray their namaz five times each day even. And our ALLAH instructs us that the success is in the Namaz and the youth sees the success everywhere else but not in Namaz.

They disregard Islam due to its simplicity and choose traditional western culture to look presentable to the planet but not to their Lord. Islam demonstrates to us of righteousness which is accepted by the folks but no-one wants to act after these teachings. Allah one of the most High says: "Today I've perfected for you your faith, and have completed my blessings after you, and I am pleased in (having chosen) Al-Islam for you as your (complete) religion". [Holy Quran, 5:03] It has also been observed that many of individuals like whatever our Holy Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam said and did. They like the sunnah nonetheless they never want to adopt it. Even though a few of their friends choose Islam, they do not want to speak to them like before as well. They will not allow their closest people like children or parents to act upon Islam because it involves simplest lifestyle. But Quran, the tongue of ALLAH, has described: "Say, If you love ALLAH, follow me; then will ALLAH love you and absolve you your

sins, And ALLAH is Most Forgiving and Merciful". [Holy Quran, 3:32] Nonetheless it is intolerable by visitors to monitor Islam with heart. Even they cannot tolerate others doing so far. Aside from it, Islam is in fact rightful to to be accepted by center and in its correct sense but our new technology is not presenting it even one percent of its protection under the law. Everyone including our parents, instructors, mates are surviving in a very materialistic world. They aren't obeying ALLAH by obeying their religion. Everybody is restless without Islam. The majority of our children says that they don't know the reason why but they aren't having serenity in their souls, brains and lives, nor learn how to overcome it. As opposed to it, someone who is young and paying all his spiritual duties, he is called a muslim and have serenity in his life. Undoubtedly, ALLAH gets the best reward on their behalf in the world and in the long run of their lives as ALLAH says:

"Those that consider and work righteousness, pleasure is made for them and a blissful place of (last) go back. "[Holy Quran 13:29]

The actual concern with our junior to be misguided is its contemporary society. World has made almost all of today's parents numb that they do not consider the tiny sins of their children bad. They don't coach their children how to follow ALLAH. This example is, somehow because of the behavior of the world, that only a person who wears top quality clothes, eats good, lives good gets a good response by individuals. It's been seen that those parents who want to perfect their children have found it out of the control now. Because mostly children spend their time out of these homes in that society that leads them to a very wrong course. Their habits are getting permanent plus they have no idea that there is a great punishment on the doomsday for this. It is occurring because of the very Non-Islamic culture where we are now adapted completely that we don't realize our bad deeds. The young children have lost the sense they are dealing with their parents so rudely like their servants. Where Islam instructs us to treat our parents with care and kindness. The Holy Quran says: "Your Lord has decreed that you worship none of them but Him, and that you be kind to parents. Whether one or both of these attain later years in thy life, say never to them a word of contempt, nor repel them, but address them in terms of honor". [Quran 17:23] We are debt under their favors that people cannot purchase a single one of them if we wish so. Abdullah Ibn 'Umar saw a Yemeni man performing Tawaf while transporting his mother on his back. This man said to Abdullah Ibn 'Umar, "I am just like a tame camel on her behalf! I have transported her more than she carried me. Do you think I have paid her again, O Ibn 'Umar?" Abdullah Ibn 'Umar replied, "No, not even one labour pain when she was having a baby for you!"[Bukhari inA Al-Adab Al-Mufrad and authenticated by Al-Albaani] Plus they have no idea how to respect their teachers. Professors are getting rid of their genuine value just because of this flop society's unattractive nature. Whereas educators are declared as our religious father in Islam. But nowadays, they are simply disgraced at their rear and sometimes on the face. That is a horrible spectacle because the same interpersonal result has victimised the teachers also. Teachers should be of incredible beliefs in God the Exalted, and should perform the rituals for showing the Islamic norms and destroying the seditious. They should also acquire noble features so that God will cast understanding in their thoughts. Ibn Masud said,

"Knowledge is not the great quantity of narration. It really is an lighting that God casts in imagination. "[http://www. imamreza. net/eng/imamreza. php?id=3304]

It has been suggested by individuals who the main effect is received by the youngsters as they are getting persistent by imitating their elders who are in reality the current youngsters. They make their parents sensing shame in front of the folks by behaving in a very rude and ill-mannered way. That is a very minor concern eventually because kids are receiving afflicted by the young ones and their bad habits so that they can be discovering such characteristics in their children, which were called the indications of doomsday by our Holy Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam. They'll be tossing their old aged parents out of the properties as it has been done by many people nowadays.

The major reason behind this all interpersonal behaviour, talked about above, is the testing of media. Let us focus on kids! Most of the parents have lost control over their children. They can not stop their kids to watch television because they are becoming quite definitely stubborn. Media is showing a very wrong surroundings behind the reality. Kids are actually exposed to see every rubbish, shown by the media. They are getting known to everything. Then after this, they imitate the current youth which pressure those to get rude with everyone. Press is working so cruelly that it's becoming impossible to make the new era and youth coming near to Islam. They may have lost the eye in their faith. And in addition parents aren't observing Islam so they cannot reform their children. The mass media can do everything for the progress of the nation but unfortunately, it is not interested in doing so!

When discussing advertising, we've two current matters which may be used to examine the media move in the culture and destructivity of the youngsters. First is the utilization of Facebook. When asked to the people, it was detected that almost all of them stated it bad for the youngsters. It really is harming our young ones and now even kids. As discussed above, parents haven't any control over their kids of preventing them not to use it. Eventually they can be pleased with their kids, old six to thirteen years, using it. There is a lot of garbage and filled with naked pictures squash. They take up the western culture through it immediately while our Islam says that an adult is supposed to observe Pardah firmly but there exists no one to observe it. In case a person observes it, he/she becomes a sufferer of mocking in contemporary society. There is a bundle of posts and blogs on facebook against Islam. And kids, witnessing them, are getting a very bad impression on them about Islam.

The second of this issue is the use of www. youtube. com with proxy service. As everybody knows that youtube has been suspended in the disgrace of your Holy Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam made by some non-muslims, in our country. But quite a few youngsters are employing this with the proxy service for the fun only. They can be actually humiliating the grace of the Holy Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam and then amuse themselves, nothing else. It is due to the unawareness of individuals and this unawareness is because of this society which actually tells about to use this amazing site illegally. The majority of our educational organizations are conveying this type of information because they have lost the sense that country was achieved in the name of Islam, to act after our only DEEN. How will ALLAH forgive us of doing sins like this!

Being lady, were assumed to have some religious commitments for the betterment of the population, if we realize, only then. We have to develop a sense of responsibility ourselves to struggle hard to make our children aware of the fact that their only lifestyle is Islam. We should go from house to properties, preaching and dispersing Islam by observing and showing it ourselves. We ought to sacrifise most of our busy amount of time in the name of Islam. Islam, its coaching and its regulations should be respected heartedly by everyone. We have to pay our namaz five times per day regularly and invite our muslim brothers also to offer it. We have to stop the young ones of doing very small sins even and inspire them to realise their responsibilities towards Islam. We should teach everyone to behave similarly with their muslim siblings inspite of observing discrimination due to money and designation. We should follow the sunnahs of Holy Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam And when we have been failed in doing this, our aim to live this life fails and we will not be able to face ALLAH on the doomsday.

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