Themes Of Id In Come And Gone British Literature Essay

August Wilson's, Joe Turner's Come and Gone, is a realistic play about the African American's experience in the early 1900's after the abolishment of slavery. The play occurs in the North at a boarding home for going African Americans during that time. There is a wide variety of heroes in this play of most different age groups and races. The people did not acknowledge everything, however they all seemed to have at least a very important factor in common. Each of the characters one way or another were in search of something inside of themselves, whether they knew it or not. The best prominent characters that truly found what these were looking for were Bynum Walker, Jeremy Furlow, and Herald Loomis. Become familiar with how the characters helped the other person find their own personal "songs" and identities that everybody has, nonetheless they must be brought out from within.

Bynum Walker is obviously the most interesting personality in the play, but is also the most incomprehensible. He's a elder black man in his sixties that was free of slavery in the South and made a decision to live in the North. Bynum is the character in the play that really brings everything together with his wise, spiritual advice that he appears to give out with no discretion. Bynum emphasizes a "melody" that he promises that every person has, but must be found from within. By "song, " Bynum identifies everybody's own unique id and goal in life. When Bynum speaks about each person's "song, " it signifies our true individuality and everybody's continuous search to find themselves. Bynum is known around a nearby as the person who fixes things, which is ironic because he is not just a good convenient man, but gives people faith and help them find who they really are. He tells a story about a "shiny man" that he once achieved, that helped show him the "Secret of Life, " and exactly how to truly bring other's "song" out of them. The "shiny man" advised him that if he ever observed another "shiny man, " it meant that his "song" was accepted and he could perish knowing he have his job and left his symbol on life. Bynum was a expanded man who was comfortable with his individuality, but was always seeking to help somebody else find theirs. He already realized what his melody was, but was only holding out to see if it was accepted.

Jeremy Furlow was the ordinary, young dark man of his times. He was in his mid-twenties and displayed the first technology of freed slaves. Jeremy was the normal man of this time just dealing with no true way or meaning, looking forward to opportunities to come his way. He was the happy-go-lucky kind of person that always appeared to have a laugh on his face. Jeremy played his guitar very well that he helped bring with him from the South. Despite being free, surviving in the North, and his great personality, he suffered with racial discrimination exactly like any other dark-colored man during his time. The sort of treatment that he had endured made him not look after white people quite definitely and even said that he was worried just walking outside. As Jeremy sets it, "They got me worried to venture out, Mr. Bynum. They might pick up me again. " (act 1 world 1). This just shows how bad it was in that time for a dark-colored man. Jeremy represents the struggle that the ordinary dark-colored man endured throughout that era. He was only a young man searching for who he actually was and what made him happy. Jeremy talks with Bynum about how exactly all a man needs is a solid female to love them and be with them. They also spoke about how exactly desperate women are nothing but trouble for a man and how he requires a strong, independent girl. Jeremy found what he was looking for when Molly Cunningham came to the boarding house to find somewhere to remain. She was a girl Jeremy's get older that was unwilling to let anybody inform her how to proceed any longer because she got just been freed from the South. Each of them begin to access know the other person and she is exactly what Jeremy has needed and been looking for. Jeremy made a decision he sought her to visit with him because there was a purpose for her to come around. She was Jeremy's "song" and she truly helped him find his identity and his true purpose in life.

Herald Loomis was a weird thirty-two 12 months old dark man. He was a Deacon of the chapel, but was enslaved by Joe Turner for seven years. He was just grabbed off the street and taken from his family for seven years, leaving his partner and newly blessed little girl behind. Loomis acquired the ultimate seek out his "melody" in this play. The day he premiered he began searching for his partner and daughter whatever it had taken. Herald was a calm man, nevertheless, you could notify he was annoyed by his tone of voice and the misfortunate happenings that he went through in life. It had been easy to see that Herald was searching for his family, but he also makes another finding in the process. You would suppose that Herald finding his wife would be his "song" and complete him, but he actually found his "song" when he finally found his wife and she informed him that she had moved on. This is not what Herald expected, or wished to listen to, but it was destined to occur and is the function that really brought his "song" out. When his better half told him that she moved on, it freed Herald, so he had no worries. He found his "song" when he heard that and became a completely self-sufficient, resurrected man that was free from any problems but his own. He previously really found what he had been searching for, himself. When Herald and the girl that he had taken curiosity about left the home, Bynum told him that he was glowing like new money because Herald acquired finally found his "song" and personal information. This might also imply that Bynum's "song" have been accepted and that he really made his tag on life because he observed another "shiny man. "

In closing, I really believe this play symbolizes the easy theme of personal information and truly finding who you really are. This play shows the constant search for one's id that everybody undergoes in life. The communication is merely that everyone has a purpose and identity nowadays, but you must dig profound inside of yourself to find it. The people in this play represent all of the different types of people on the planet and how everyone has their own unique "song. " Joe Turner's Come and Gone is not a play simply that you can learn about African American's experience after the battle, but for people of any race or generation to understand that there is a special purpose for them; you just have to go out there and search.

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