Theory of Change for Women's Community Support Group

Describe the program logic

Explain reasoning of change ( theory of change) that underpins it

Who are we looking to support and why-the target group

This program is targeted at supporting several young women, aged between twelve and sixteen to defeat personal challenges. As it stands, these women have exhibited indications of social disengagement. This disengagement impacted not only on these women's psychological wellbeing, it includes invariably impacted on the sociable wellbeing, including their college performance. A number of the reasons for such disengagement include but is not limited to bullying, family down sides, such as loss of parent, drug abuse and more. The goal of this involvement is ensure that these women are provided with tools and drive in order to re-engage with the community and maintain school attendance.

Changes that the initiative looks for to support

The effort being proposed this is what Rogers (2008) telephone calls complex intervention. Complex in the sense that it is both recursive and emergence. It really is recursive because the cause/result romantic relationship may be mutual multidirectional and multilateral, Rogers (2008) citing Patton (1997). Changing action can be on such problem. You can find no assurances that members will not regress. The project involves differing people with different life histories and behaviour.

The intervention is introduction in the sense that the precise outcomes and means to achieve them emerge during execution, as described by Rogers (2008). That is because of the idea that the intervention is a wicked problem. Wicked in that what's being handled maybe a symptom of other problems, there is no right and incorrect or true and phony and failure may well not be tolerated, Rittel and Weber (1973).

Process or Sequence of change

The process started with the recruitment of 10 women in years seven to ten, aged between 10 and 12. These women were judged to be suitable for the treatment because they exhibited indications of disengagement from the city. This program was to run every week basis for three hours per program. Two universities were selected to host the program, with classes run by an arts professional. The class is set out to give a safe environment, that allows for better connections amongst participants. The women have access to mentors as well.

Tools provided include artwork materials such as pushes, canvases, table easels, aprons and engine oil paints. The primary activity required participants to replicate easily recognizable impressionistic masterpieces. Which allowed for newbies to create own artworks that mirrored own expertise. Which resulted in the ladies absorbing creative skills and visual experience, leading to women to make connection with their surroundings. Therefore taught the women being attentive, observation and painting skills. Such skills would lead to self self awareness and confidence.

Apart from artwork activities, participants get access to two to three men and women with whom they can easily interact. The men and women are composed of your policewoman, youth worker and a mental health-worker. Connection with these individuals leads to participants getting trust with power and better mental health care and an improved understanding of rules.

The classes likewise incorporate a meditation time, that focuses on mindfulness and increased relaxed and emotional rules. This is likely to lead to self-care and capacity to manage fear, stress and stress. The expectation is that would improve self-confidence. It really is hoped that this program lead to improve of behavior and hence re-engagement with the community


According to Rogers (2008) assumptions are up to date by values and knowledge. In this particular project, the assumption is that all the women in this program have an interest in art. While the reality may be that some women do nothing like art in any way. This can be because of the belief that local people in the region like expressing themselves through art work. Additionally it is assumed that they will get some good support from the community outside the centre. Another major assumption is the fact attendee will continue to practice meditations after the end of the program.


At this level, there is no support provided for the city encircling these women. They are still surviving in that same environment that is triggering the disengagement. This might greatly effect on the outcomes of the initiative. Avenues for relationship with other women following the program is also not reassured.


Rittel, H. W. J. and Webber, M. M. (1973). 'Dilemmas in a General Theory of Planning',

Policy Sciences. 4 (2): 155-169.

Rogers, P. (2008) Using Programme Theory to Evaluate Complicated and Organic Aspects of Involvement. Evaluation. Sage Magazines, Vol 14.

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