Types of power supply and their applications

Types of POWER and their applications

Power resource is a device used to supply the electric energy to operate the devices operating on electric power. It offers many special ways to provide electric energy to a specific system "it is mother of the machine" ( Dark brown, 2001, p. 1 ).

The basic features of power supply is to convert Alternate Current voltage to regulated Direct Current voltage required by gadgets. A typical power supply has four different modules all of them has a specific function.

(Source: http://www. kpsec. freeuk. com/powersup. htm)

Transformer is the first component and its function is to convert high voltage Alternate Current to low voltage Immediate Current. The second module is Rectifier and its own main function is to convert low voltage Alternative Current to Direct Current. The 3rd component is Smoothing, the Direct Current produced by the Rectifier is differing, so Smoothing reduces this variant to small rippling. Previous module is Regulator, it places the Direct Current voltage to set value by detatching the ripples. This is a basic design of power supply. The design can be huge and complicated predicated on certain requirements.

This article will show the four major types of power supply that are Linear Regulators and Transitioning Mode Power Supply, Programmable Power Supply, Uninterruptible POWER.

The first type of power is Linear Regulated Ability Supplies. They will be the basic type of power. they produce the controlled end result voltage by dropping the insight voltage. To do this, it depends on adjustable conductivity of an electronic device. Hence, the lot of power squandered in the form of heat. "it is though, an extremely electrically quiet power" (Brown, 2001, p. 11). they are often used in floor based equipment and distributed power systems.

Linear regulated power function by converting varying Alternative Current insight to regulated Immediate Current output. The typical circuit found in this kind has two range. One allows more voltage at lower current and the other allows more current at lower voltage.

Linear regulated power resources come in two basic varieties called series regulators and shunt regulators. Series controlled power products are most typical form of linear regulated power supply. The energy dissipated in series controlled device is the merchandise of power supply outcome current and the voltage drop. Shunt regulated power supplies will be the simpler form of Linear Regulated power supply, nevertheless they are less successful.

Simplicity is the primary benefit of linear regulated power supplies. They are widely used in industry for a long time. They are being used in systems that require extremely low noise. They are more desirable and affordable for low electricity applications. They are being used in ground established applications and distributed power systems. Since the linear regulated power supply has very low power end result voltage ripple, it is used in low noises / low ripple applications such as communication and radio device where noise is very critical. It really is more efficient in the application which outcome voltage is almost equal to type voltage.

The second kind of power is Switching Function (SMPS). It runs in ON-OFF method. It uses switching circuits and energy storage area elements such as capacitors and inductors to have the regulated productivity voltage. "These circuits are essentially lossless with 100% energy transfer" (Johnny, 2006, p. 1).

The main good thing about Switching Mode Power Supply is the bigger efficiency because of low power dissipation. It is simpler and light-weight as a result of removal of heavy low rate of recurrence transformers and creates low warmth. It is employed in home products which often have common inputs. Cell phones have transformed their power technology from linear governed to Switching Mode Technology. It really is widely used in aircraft electric power such as aircraft ground support.

The third type of power supply is Programmable POWER. It provides the energy by way of a computer interface. It generally depends upon both Linear controlled and Switched Mode technologies to produce accurate output electric power. A Programmable power supply typically contains microcontroller, current, voltage programming circuits such as analog to digital convertors, serial peripheral user interface, keypad and a LCD screen.

The desired voltage parameter is given as the input to microcontroller through key pad. Intern, microcontroller convert analog voltage from a voltage source to digital through analog to digital convertor. This digital voltage is regulated through serial peripheral software to get the desired voltage which is inputted to microcontroller through keypad.

The main advantage of programmable power supply is that appropriate required voltage can be produced which is extremely hard from either linear governed or switching method power supply. It is actually mainly used in automatic equipment testing. Also, they are used in ultrasonic vibration measurement tools.

The last type of power supply is Uninterruptible power supply. It is widely known as UPS or vitality back up. It really is trusted as backup power to protect the devices from crashing credited to sudden ability loss.

There are three major types of Uninterruptible power, offline -standby, online and line-interactive.

The first category is Offline /standby Uninterruptible power supply. It offers surge protection and battery pack back-up up to 20 minutes. Once the input power falls below the threshold level, then Uninterruptible power supply transforms on its electric power circuit providing electricity backup to these devices up using time (In this type 20 minutes).

Line-Interactive Uninterruptible power is the second category. It generally uses only one main power convertor to create the power. "With its low cost and strength, the line-interactive UPS has been used successfully in millions of IT installations worldwide" (Hoff and Samstad, 2004). The normal safeguard time varies from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

The previous category is Online, the operation of Online Uninterruptible power supply is nearly the same as Standby or Line-Interactive type. The normal security time varies between 5 minutes to thirty minutes. But, it offers electrical firewall between inbound utility electric power and sensitive digital equipment. The primary purpose of Uninterruptible power is to supply the protection to devices from crashing scheduled to sudden power loss. Some of the Uninterruptible power supplies are also capable of correcting the normal utility power problems such as, total lack of suggestions voltage, momentary increase or decrease input voltage, spikes, noise. They are mainly used for surge coverage and back electricity for personal computers, data centers and telecommunication equipment. They are used to provide the electric isolation for the equipment which are delicate to electric power fluctuations.

In conclusion, there are various sources of vitality being utilized to supply the capacity to the systems effectively and proficiently. For example, solar energy and wind ability are being changed into electric energy to provide the capacity to large industrial applications. Power resources are the center of any system which requires electricity. They not only provide electric power but also provide the safeguard to the machine against outside disturbances. Therefore, design and development considerations of a power are more important. As technology is growing, more advanced ability items are being created to provide best safeguard and efficient capacity to the devices.

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