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Understanding of the case study WalMart

The affirmation of the circumstance record is to provide the audience with clear understanding of the case study Wal-Mart, the Main Street Product owner of Doom. Actually, in this case, we want to know obviously how Wal-Mart's size and impact on local communities and also the environment. Besides that, we also look further that issue related the organization cultural responsibility. Actually, this record we will concentrated of the case study Wal-Mart, Main Street Vendor of Doom on the following topics: (a) problem and concern identification, (b) analysis and analysis of facts, and (c) tips and summary at the of the research study.

Furthermore, this case study survey will discuss a few of the troubles that faces and must defeat by the Wal-Mart to stay competitive both nationally and internationally. According to Carroll and Buchholtz (2009), the main concern that Wal-Mart faces today is correcting its bad reputation. Other than that, local people are develop the groups so that they can stop the top Wal-Mart Supercenters from ever getting a foothold in their community throughout the country.

One example situation that occurred in Boulder, Colorado when Wal-Mart tried to build a large Supercenter by proposing a "green" store. Carroll and Buchholtz (2009) explained that because of protesters have no financial stake, the organizers take an action to protest Wal-Mart's entrance into Boulder, Colorado. However, this example was differ from the downtown stores where Wal-Mart maybe induce out of business from them.

1. 2 Information of the case

Wal-Mart: the Main Street Product owner of Doom, Carroll and Buchholtz stated that, since its beginning in 1962 by Sam Walton, with first small focus on of rural cities and significantly less than ten thousand people. Wal-Mart goal was to provide faithful customer support, fast, friendly service and consistently low prices" (Carroll and Buchholtz). Wal-Mart targeted to expended their company into the large cities and be international stores disperse throughout the world.

Wal-Mart Stores experienced four major retail divisions, Wal-Mart Supercenters, Discount Stores, Neighborhood Market segments, and Sam's Clubs warehouses with an increase of than 100 million customer per week frequented Wal-Mart stores.

Wal-Mart socially in charge of their actions and thousands of careers, low prices and quality value and services to all their devoted customers. Sam Walton began to get Wal-Mart entail in environmental consciousness. Wal-Mart also started out making shelf tags from "completely recycled paper" because of socially responsible for the environmental recognition (Carroll and Buchholtz).

In other aspect, small merchant and communities in the us feel unpleasant and fear when Wal-Mart and his merchants reach this town and their can't much longer be the providers of the basic consumer goods and services. The areas made a issue about Wal-Mart's offer the low prices to customer and Wal-Mart just comes and takes over the tiny stores then it's give impact to downtown merchants

The successfulness and failures of the business to exposed their stores throughout the countries is depend how impact that company bring and give to their communities. Some example shows that the areas assumes Wal-Mart's using its low priced reputation can't be affect the other some resort communities in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. But its different situation when Wal-Mart try to expansion their company in New Britain and other countries because the Wal-Mart wished to insulate their particular cultures from what they regarded as the offensive consumerism (Carroll and Buchholtz).

There are some local sellers have to pulls out their business because of purchasing power, provide lower price and hostile marketing by Wal-Mart to the client. Despite the fact that Wal-Mart end up being the largest retailer across the country, but their decision to broaden their business a global as wrong action when working with brute make and Wal-Mart not respecting the culture or language their communities.


2. 1 Central facts of the case

The central fact of these case began when opening Wal-Mart's Store and Sam Walton acquired a small target of rural towns with populations significantly less than ten thousand people. Sam Walton targeted to expended and opened up their company or stores into large places and become international stores multiply across the world. Sam Walton began to get Wal-Mart require in environmental awareness to Buy American plan and the Environmental Awareness program. Despite the fact that, Wal-Mart using intense development and continue their problems to became successful when checking the store throughout the countries but it's still have other part that Wal-Mart failures to experienced and overcome it.

There are several issues increased in Wal-Mart circumstance whether this is actually the major or minor issues. The problems began when Wal-Mart's have discord with American areas whereas its require the community's environment and the small merchants. Besides that, Wal-Mart launched "Buy American" program and "Environmental Recognition" marketing campaign. Wal-Mart encountered the obstacles to domestic growth with its opponents in New England and California. In its brief history implies that Wal-Mart has closed five stores and this way give impact to worker that dropping their job and faithful customer. Other issues involve in this case when Wal-Mart began to expansion their business an international and it's really become issue when Wal-Mart take it easy about ethnical level of sensitivity or clashed in certain countries.

According to Carroll and Buchholtz, In Business & Culture: Ethics and Stakeholder Management, in 2001 Wal-Mart became the world's most significant store with $191 billion in sales. Wal-Mart Stores acquired four major retail divisions, Wal-Mart Supercenters, Discount Stores, Community Market segments, and Sam's Night clubs warehouses with more than 100 million customer weekly stopped at Wal-Mart stores.

Time series events


Sam Walton opened up first discount store in Roger, Arkansas


1981, Wal-Mart become the American largest retailer because of Sear, J. C. Penney, Concentrate on, Kmart

1981, Wal-Mart exposed the store in small Louisiana town

1983, Wal-Mart enter in Pawhuska, Oklahoma and the other local stores pulls out the business.

1984, Wal-Mart Buy American program

February, 1986 Wal-Mart quotes that this program can restores 4538 careers to American neighborhoods.

1989, Wal-Mart started a plan about environmentally friendly Understanding that Wal-Mart's aware to your land, air and water.


1990, there are a few or dozens of activist groupings against Wal-Mart expansion

November 1990, Wal-Mart used employees to scribble down price and list goods in their store.

December 31, 1990, Wal-Mart closed down their store in Louisiana

November 5, 1991, Wal-Mart successful to opened up their store in Iowa City

October 6 1998, Sam Walton's family created charitable program of the Walton Family Charitable Support Basis.

June 1999, Asda Chain already dominate by Wal-Mart and now has stores and depots over the United Stated.


2001, Wal-Mart end up being the world's largest store and get $191 billion in sales

July 2003, Wal-Mart exposed its stores in Beijing after exposed 22 stores in China

2006, Wal-Mart closed down their stores in Germany and sold to Metro, Germany's greatest retail group,

2007, Wal-Mart make a combined reception in cities and cities by carrying on their experience thorough out America.

July 2007, operate more than 2, 750 retails device in Wal-Mart International and employs more than 500, 000 in some countries.

2007, Wal-Mart get $45 billion in world wide web sales

2008, Wal-Mart successful to exposed first complete sales center in India

Time brand can cause you to clearly understand the complete case or issues that involve from start until the ending of case study. Time lime is approximately chronology story or case that enable you to identify the issues or problem easier and prevent the omitted significance issues.

2. 2 Assumptions about these facts

According these simple fact that come up several assumption that might be reason of Wal-Mart's success their company throughout the countries. Wal-Mart became the major store throughout the century when it's pulling out the small vendors from business. Sam Walton was still classified as successful person while he get many criticism and challenges from various side. Wal-Mart's "Buy American" and "Environmental Consciousness" programs implies that it's company is good exemplory case of ethical responsibility. This program shows Wal-Mart is obviously careless or awareness about socially responsibility or it's just the Wal-Mart gimmick

2. 3 Major concern occur in this case

The major overriding or main issues rise in cases like this are about socially responsibility that engaged size and impact of Wal-Mart's on local areas. The others major issues likewise incorporate ethical action and competition. There is a lot of conflicting perceptions in this primary issue that include in this case and really should be looked at the positive and negative impact of neighborhoods. This major issues are the threat of adding local small stores out of business, the creation of metropolitan sprawl, and the traffic congestion created when the business decides to locate in a particular city (Carroll and Buchholtz).

2. 4 Sub-issues or related issues can be found in the case

According the research study in this case shows that, the related issues that include lawsuits, other activists group and labors unions. According to Carroll and Buchholtz, In Business & World: Ethics and Stakeholder Management, the business has been accused of paying salary so low that employees cannot live off of them, making employees work off the clock without overtime pay, paying few or low benefits, and taking good thing about against the law immigrants. In earlier year, company faces many case lawsuit that related with company irregularities.


3. 1 Stakeholders and problems, dangers or opportunities

Consumers is principal stakeholder because they're a main customer and also customer who are enjoy to shop at Wal-Mart stores because Wal-Mart offer product with the "low price" and also high value of these product and service.

Challenges to Consumers, especially in small rural cities, they depend on Wal-Mart to provide them with the essential things they need (Carroll and Buchholtz 772) indicate they want Wal-Mart approximately Wal-Mart need them.

Threat to consumer when Wal-Mart buy the cheaper good from China and the nice have poor quality which is the primary safeness features and it would indirectly lead customer of North american especially in risky of consumable goods and also can harm customers

Wal-Mart quickly developed a key of devoted customers who love the fast, friendly service coupled with regularly low prices" (Carroll and Buchholtz 772). This is revealed when demand from consumers is increase, it not only offers Wal-Mart advantages but also chance to consumer could take advantage of the development of new product and services.

Owners will be the stakeholders in cases like this. Owners are the customer or consumer that possesses the stocks of Wal-Mart plus they have curiosity about profit from the company. For example, from this circumstance Sam Walton are founder and he also worker shareholders.

Sam Walton has issues when he starts the business he should fulfill what consumer need and because of that he put the objective and goal to make customer comfortable and prefer to shop at Wal-Mart. His goal was to provide loyal customer service and "fast, friendly service in conjunction with constantly low prices" (Carroll and Buchholtz 772).

Threat when the questionable of labor practice are dispute and Wal-Mart included of several lawsuits because company give low wages to the worker.

Sam Walton as innovator want developed his store with apply theory by training people as retailers not just the employees and this principle give big opportunity by big responsibility to Sam.

Community because of this case is the neighborhood environment and all area nearby Wal-Mart stores such as Pawhuska Oklahoma, Iowa City, Kinder Louisiana, and Boulder Colorado.

Community considered Wal-Mart as their friend and they waiting Wal-Mart available in their place with available biceps and triceps. When "Sam Walton opened up his first store in Rogers, Arkansas, " he had an objective to target "small, underserved rural cities with populations of only ten thousand people.

Some communities compared the enlargement of Wal- Mart with their areas because "they wanted to insulate their unique civilizations from what they regarded as the offensive consumerism that is usually made by Wal-Marts presence (Carroll and Buchholtz 776).

Wal-Mart establish program in "Environmental Recognition" and offered to "build inexperienced". That is opportunity for the company and show company concern and community.

Government is indirect stakeholder, Wal-Mart has the violent expansion and expands their business in an international stage also in UK, Japan, Germany and everything country cooperates and dealing with Wal-Mart.

Challenges when Wal-Mart give impact to governmental planning because Wal-Mart being called world's largest shop and their sales more than $191 million.

When Wal-Mart wishes develop the business enterprise in the international stage them has encountered difficulties in conditions of terminology and culture. Wal-Mart also have lack responsibility to given climb hurdle to both home and extension.

This case talks about Wal-Mart's "buy America" plan and international development. The Buy American plan is the one of Wal-Mart's early on effort to their corporate sociable responsibility.

Employee is the person who works for Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart has over 1 million employees which is 1. 2 million employees in US and "links" worldwide. When employees are employed in Wal-Mart these are trained to work in types of Wal-Mart needed.

The difficulties to worker, when new Wal-Mart has been develop, there are regularly a huge selection of construction employees and other related employees attempting to build the Wal-Mart.

Threat to staff is when Wal-Mart adding the small business out of the business and treat the employees in provider company in negative manner. Affect a lot of romance between Wal-Mart and the employees.

The opportunity when Wal-Mart provides many careers and give incentive to the employees, they are trained with contribution of the stock option, they are also provided by profit share incentive bonuses, and they also encouraged increasing in customer services.

3. 2 If relevant examine the economical, legal, moral, and philanthropic tasks the company have, and express the type and extent of the responsibilities.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about how companies run the business processes to construct a standard positive impact on contemporary society. Wa-Mart have both immediate and indirect stakeholders and it effect on the exterior environment. Wal-Mart examined company's CSR situation using the 4-part of the CSR model which is Monetary responsibilities, legal duties, ethical responsibilities and philanthropic obligations.

Economic Duties:

First of most is an economical responsibility. The financial responsibilities have been sufficiently satisfied. Wal-Mart is plainly profitable with net sales totaled $345 billion in 2007. Because company have obviously profitable, all bases for all the aspects of CSR have been established perfectly.

Legal Duties:

The second is the legal tasks, Wal-Mart is recognized as the most sued company in America because Wal-Mart engaged many lawsuit. For the reason that the doubtful of labor practice and company give low income to the staff. This show Wal-Mart have insufficient responsibility.

Ethical Responsibilities:

Wal-Mart's Buy North american and also have Environmental Awareness plan are suited example showing company's effort in ethical obligations. Sam Walton is creator for this company, he offered his employees with revenue showing and stock option to employees can share in company's riches but he doesn't gratify responsibility in the direction of the small vendors cause them out from business when it enters a town. It show company shortage in their honest responsibilities.

Philanthropic Obligations:

In this area, Wal-Mart has fared well and effective management and has been done numerous corporate and business citizenship initiatives such college or university scholarships, fund-raisers and contribute a huge amount which is $50 million to the business enterprise college at the University of Arkansas. There is also establishes the Walton Family Charitable Support Foundation to aid their corporate and business philanthropy.

3. 3 Apply appropriate moral theories or concepts to look for the ethicality of action or even to analyze honest issues.

In case Wal-Mart: THE PRIMARY Street Vendor of Doom, we have identified several ethical theories and strategy. In cases like this, Wal-Mart has committed to conduct some moral incorrect toward its country, community, and challengers. It has been proven when Wal-Mart has been importing cheap goods from China and its having poor quality which is the main basic safety features. This would indirectly business lead to customers in the American especially in risky of perishable goods and also can harm customers. In this situation, the process of ends should be employed by Wal-Mart. Theory of end comes from non-consequentialism honest theory which is under Kantian ethics (categorical imperative). Corresponding to Kant, under this process we must respect humanity and never exploit others to be able to attain our goal.

In order to attain the Wal-Mart aim which is trying to increase the revenue and safe product by decreasing their standard rather than sell the quality product, unconsciously give risk with their customer. The other honest concept because of this situation is ethics and consumer which is product basic safety and liability. Wal-Mart should apply credited health care theory when to sell their product and obligate for taking all affordable steps to ensure that the products are safe. By having the business enterprise, Wal-Mart also should purely responsible for any injury cause by their product and Wal-Mart is responsible to create safer product and services. So, rigorous product liability should be employed by Sam Walton for his business which is Wal-Mart. In cases like this also has stated that if Wal-Mart can be an independent nation, it can be China's eighth-largest trading partner.

The second is rule of universalizability. This principle should be employed in cases like this when Wal-Mart is putting smaller businesses out of business. Wal-Mart has treat employees in company companies in a poor manner, Wal-Mart opponents also has received the subsidies that the rival does not receive. Wal-Mart also getting a new employee with an unfair way when find the new employees that do not have valid documents in order to get a cheaper price. As the Kant said about basic principle of universalizability, function only on rules that you'd be eager to see everyone follow. To be able expression, Wal-Mart must treat other people with the same way as we want other people treat us. There likewise have some process of ends that should applied by Sam to Wal-Mart here which is shouldn't exploit other people in order to accomplish their target.

The other ethical theory continues to be from non-consequentialism moral theory which is under theory of right under categorical imperatives. This concept mean decision machine must consider the right of most affected people using individuals right reasoning. That is applying when Wal-Mart has finished five stores in its brief history. In this situation, Wal-Mart should think about many thing when decide to close the store such as how the individuals' lives after a close the store. The impact of the closure of five stores that induced many of them lost their jobs. Wal-Mart should provide lots of motivation to workers who lose jobs credited to closure of the store.

Wal-Mart also must have corporate public responsibility when they have got claims to value the environment and also have duty onto it. But the real is Wal-Mart just lied in what they has been said. The slogan that Wal-Mart will in order to receive the attention from its customer and make their customer believe that with their boasts. In fact, Wal-Mart acquired lied about having an environmental person dedicated to these issues. It really is similar to to avoid and problem will disappear by presenting a wrong statement to the client. It showed when Wal-Mart ignores the impact of adding chemicals on the surroundings. These chemicals can cause flaws and also endanger the health of the city.

3. 4 If the situation involves company actions, evaluate what the company did or didn't do in handling the issue impacting on it.

In circumstance Wal-Mart: The Main Street Merchant of Doom, there's involves several company activities. First action that company does is by given revenue sharing, incentive bonus items, and stock option so that the Wal-Mart associated can show in the wealth. This is one of the ways by Sam Walton, the creator of Wal-Mart to be able to enable his employees. The reason Wal-Mart do this action because he want his employees own stocks in that company so that everyone works hard to attain the same goal.

The second action done by the corporation may be the Buy-American and Environmental Programs. This program is doing in order to bring back public self-confidence in the products Wal-Mart because before this Wal-Mart has made many people in the America manages to lose jobs. Wal-Mart's "Buy America" program was a result of a 1984 phone conversation with Costs Clinton. This two action made by Wal-Mart has been firmly support Wal-Mart to be among the corporate cultural responsibility. It means that, Wal-Mart have obligation to develop and implement courses of action that aid in social conditions that give effect to the culture. Wal-Mart came into the purpose of this program is to get back again their customers after community lost confidence to them.

The other action by Wal-Mart is nationwide development. Wal-Mart should cease to move competitive and need to make changes. If Wal-Mart can conform their appearance and frame of mind towards modern culture, maybe society can also give chance to Wal-Mart to be able to grow their business in new area. But, if Wal-Mart still continues with extreme strategy, it is hard to see how it will have the ability to go through to these markets without major turmoil.

The previous action used by Wal-Mart is international development. Wal-Mart should consider the words and ethnic in the new area because they could face issues in terms than it. The best way to handle this problem is Wal-Mart should execute some research on the country that they would like to operate before expand their business. You will discover two types of civilizations that Wal-Mart must know before broaden their business international which are the business culture and the culture of the city.


For suggestion, Wal-Mart can grow their business internationally but they should remain constantly with the strategy. While Wal-Mart make a decision to expansion their business in global or internationally, they must continue develop the same strategy and standardize the local market conditions while open stores in internationally and rural place.

Purchasing from local manufacturers will have some benefits to improve and expansion in your community. It can save the neighborhood manufacturers from the global tough economy or shut down and will improve the profit for local manufacturers. Buying more products from local manufacturers means more job opportunities for local and lowering unemployment rate.

Good quality and low price will be the major sights of the retailing giant. Wal-Mart should provide its products at good deal and sometimes importing and exporting products from other country to other country will be costly and brought on to raise the price of products so Wal-Mart should make work to recognize those products are costly to transfer/export produce them from the local manufacturers. But nowadays China is Wal-Mart's most significant company in the

world has enjoyed a key role in the firm's global purchasing business. Purchasing products from China is acceptable for Wal-Mart and it has a lot of great benefit for china which is more job opportunities, increase earnings.

One of the reason why if Wal-Mart wishes to expand atlanta divorce attorneys country and endure for long time should produce some of its products from local suppliers. Providing products from local suppliers will involve some benefits for both. The benefits for Wal-Mart are persistence relationship with local country and producing those products are spoiling easily and are difficult to transfer/export.

Local company will reap the benefits of Wal-Mart's stores which are employing their own resources and lowering unemployment rate.

In my thoughts and opinions Wal-Mart could endure in German if tried to provide some of its products from Germany's suppliers that was help them increase business relations and use German's reference and also to save Germany from losing the jobs.

Purchasing from the neighborhood market at a reasonable price will lead to good business relationships. This will increase the market share and also purchasing from local help to provide good quality of products because of small amount of time of development to ingestion.

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