Use of weaponry of mass devastation by terrorists




1. Terrorists are now-a-days looking to propagate terrorism by creating heavy causality to the humans and the surroundings, and they'll not look back case they have to use WMD for this purpose. Why terrorists can think of using WMD are listed below:-

  1. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, these weapons are plentiful for sale and also anticipated cash - strapped defence, biotechnology, chemical, aerospace and nuclear establishments; these ex Soviet Union countries are prepared to sell their technology. There have been reports that methodical institutions and universities in Russia are prepared to earn money by teaching the nuclear and WMD technology to students from overseas countries. are displaced WMD,


  • Motivations and rising ideologies of terrorists,



  • Proliferation of technologies of mass devastation, and increased access to information and information technologies, which have increased the vulnerability to terrorist attack.


2. Terrorist organizations have become more deadly and dangerous by day. Terrorist situations with possibly large-scale casualties have been increasing for these terrorist categories limited lethality will not carry any importance. Terrorism using WMD may be expected from Fanatical Religious Teams and cults, Islamic extremists, right-wing chauvinists, and loosely associated terrorists who lack the traditional concern or desire to have group preservation. Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction and technology from or to undesirable nations provides another dimension because of its use.

3. Terrorists get access to means that was considered technologically complex and fiscally unaffordable. These terrorist groups are actually more enthusiastic about acquiring technical knowhow of WMD. Within an interview with ABC information correspondent John Miller, infamous terrorist Osama Bin Laden said, "To seek to possess the weapons which could counter those of the infidels is a spiritual duty. EASILY have indeed acquired these weaponry, then this can be an obligation I carried out and I give thanks to God for enabling us to do that. And easily seek to obtain these weapons I am conducting a duty. It might be a sin for Muslims never to try to have got the weapons that would prevent the infidels from inflicting damage on Muslims. But how exactly we might use these weapons if we have them is up to us. "[1] Because proliferation carries on, constraints stopping the acquisition of NBC weaponry may be surmounted by terrorist communities interested in creating mass devastation.


4. The invasion on japan train in 1995 came up at the same time when the terrorist strikes were over a decline. The amount of disorders by terrorists had reduced since 1980s, but the strength of the disorders had increased credited to increasing use of WMD and enhanced technology by these terrorist communities. Most of these terrorists groups possessed acquired condition of art work ordnance, timing mechanisms, and highly accurate Surface-to-Air missiles, as they could raise cash from various options, including transnational fund increasing infrastructure. What concerns will be the increasing sophisticated operations attached by these international terrorist teams. [2]

5. Another reason which heightens fear inside our brain is the emergence of terrorist groups motivated with spiritual fundamentalism. In a report by 'Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Assault at St Andrews School', in 1992, out of 48 terrorist groups, 11 were religious fundamentalists, including Christians, Sikhs, Jews, and Muslims. Any such group would like to have a chemical or biological weapon as compared to nuclear weapon as the sooner weapons are plentiful and affordable. In addition, Chemical and Biological agencies can be legitimately purchased, as they may have dual use and the process of producing a realtor is not at all hard.

6. WMD can be considered a potential weapon of preference by terrorists because of the pursuing reasons:-

  1. Quantity of WMD required would be much lesser when compared with conventional tool to get desired impact.


  • Mass casualty attained by using these weapons will have a huge effect on the psyche of the public.



  • Since it has significant effect, any use of WMD may result in destabilising the federal government as folks would have lost faith in them.



  • Because it is hard to find, a terrorist group can utilize it without being found and also vacate that place. Insufficient warning produces the utmost social and mental disruption.



  • The devastation caused by this mass damage can be large if it is burst over a sizable area using air compound.



  • A lot of the after effects in case there is a WMD use is still restricted to paperwork, and everyone is unacquainted with the unfolding of incidents in the event a WMD is used, which might lead to helplessness, vulnerability and disequilibrium in contemporary society.



  • Purchase of materials/ books is relatively easier and can be sourced easily from the following sources :-



  • Home production.



  • ) Laboratory/ commercial product.



  • Medical/University research center.



  • Foreign Navy Sources.


7. Nuclear Terrorism. Terrorist using nuclear weapon has since always been an anxiety, and its probable was underlined by Chechen event of 1995. Nuclear terrorism can take many varieties, including stealing or making nuclear weapon, either for blackmail or detonation, attack or seizure of any nuclear tool site/ plant, procurement of fissile materials, contamination or menace to contaminate goals using radioactive materials. However, much of these threats would depend upon the technological expertise of a particular group, but its potential impact will always be high. [3]

8. Before several terrorist groupings discussed resorting to nuclear tool, but were generally speaking, conservative in their methods and in the amount of violence these were willing to utilize to pursue their goal. Post cold war, the reason and capacity to go nuclear has transformed considerably. The newer communities have not only been more violent but also more progressive and willing to make use of new types of weaponry. Nuclear terrorism is more likely to be conducted for limited political rather financial gains and require the sources of a group of psychologically normal individuals. Placing of a nuclear yield bomb would require a group somehow get a weapon, possibly through status sponsorship, but much more likely by stealing one, an extremely difficult proposition and a relatively unlikely one, given the presumed needs of terrorists or states for anonymity and complete security at such a delicate stage of these operations. The more likely option would be that they create a bomb; since this might require fissile materials it would seem to be to preclude all however the most well off or express sponsored terrorists groups.

9. The look for a crude nuclear devise has been publicly designed for previous 25 years and depends on technology that, while challenging in 1940s, is almost certainly no much longer so, particularly if terrorist are quite happy with a crude nuclear tool, of varying and uncertain produce. Furthermore, Plutonium oxide could also be used to for a crude nuclear device by putting a near critical mass in a spherical box and encircling it with variety of classic high explosive. The simultaneous detonation would probably result in significant energy from nuclear fission. Although it didn't work, the effect will be a distressing radiological dispersal. A crude device could be built by a little group using the wide open literature, and without necessitating the trials of the component, for a portion of a million dollar. Increasing this threat is the emergence of low technology nuclear devices and radioactive materials dispersal weapons, predicated on diverted or taken material.

10. Chemical Tool. A chemical substance threat is most likely as the literatures to make a chemical weapon comes in wide open market and the task can be achieved in a concealed covert laboratory. In the event these categories are express- sponsored, then the situation is even simpler of acquiring these agencies. The communities can also employ unemployed or underpaid scientists to work for them in getting ready a chemical weapon. The Russian substance weapon storage facility lacks security, so that can be a concentrate on for these groupings. The lethality of dangerous substance release in atmosphere can be judged by the number of deaths in the accidental release of methyl isocyanate in the Union Carbide stock at Bhopal in 1984. As per CIA, roughly one tonne of substance agent is required to contaminate one rectangular mile area, provided it is disseminated in the correct manner. The chemical strike by the terrorist could be contaminating the air disseminating system of coach, aircraft or general public travel, poisoning food or contaminating this resource at its source (a difficult proposition compared to the amount of drinking water completed by the municipality). Chemical substance agent can be an attractive option for terrorists, if they wished to inflict large numbers of causalities, cause panic, and disrupt culture. It could be used against armed forces, politics or symbolic focuses on, as a musical instrument of revenge.

11. The usage of chemical weapon against circumstances, will give the terrorist initiative, shock the prospective audience, and undermine the audience's self-confidence in the federal government. The psychological aftereffect of a chemical tool can be overlooked as it'll revive the effects of poisonous gas.

12. A Chemical substance agent has certain gain in its use. They have got long been considered "the indegent man's atomic bomb" because of the relative low priced and ease of produce. The other aspect making chemical weapons such an appropriate tool for a terrorist is its terrifying nature. Since its first use, they are criticised and ridiculed by civilians and soldiers equally. They've are unconventional, uncivilized, and even gruesome, adjectives which can be synonymous to terrorists. In general terrorists thrive from the shock factor of their activities and chemical welfare exhibits a higher degree of impact factor. And lastly, inflicting mass casualty is the key reason behind its use. These weapons are extremely cost effective and 40 times more excess weight effective than classic explosive weapons.

13. Biological Tool. If a biological weapon is effectively dispersed, then even a small amount of such brokers can cause devastation which would be much bigger than chemical, typical or nuclear tool. Production of a biological weapon is a lot simpler, cheaper, and can be concealed in a much better way than its counterparts. If it's dispersed as an aerosol, than it will be tasteless, odourless, invisible, silent, and the first indication of it might be only once people start dropping ill or dying. Usage of biological weapon can't be detected, as it may pass of as a natural disaster. Like chemical type weapon, biological brokers can be cultured anywhere, however in a easier manner. The lethality of your BW is determined by the dispensing approach. Terrorists may vacation resort to small range operations, as a huge scale procedure would require sophisticated delivery system. A good partially successful aerosol strike in a in a crowded place, can create a delayed but heavy causality.

14. The terrorists can use biological weapon because of the following factors:-

  1. Experts from biotechnology or pharmacological industry can be hired without much security.


  • Greed may be considered a factor to motivate certain group.



  • Level of agents required to result large causality is very small in level and weight.



  • A biotech tool can pass through most of the security barriers.



  • Delivering biological agents does not require sophisticated means.



  • As on night out, no defensive strategy is open to identify its use.


15. In the event a biological tool is used in a greatly filled area, the casualties will be very high. Furthermore, the doctors would need to deal with a sizable range of patients who had been infected at the same time. In case of India, such attack can lead to epidemic or a pandemic, consequently a large number of cases may not get treatment anticipated to insufficient infrastructure.


16. As on day, claims have been reluctant to use Weaponry of mass Destruction because of political retaliation, and likewise terrorists have also not used WMD. Even areas sponsoring terrorism never have handed over WMDs to these teams, as any retaliation by the entire world might be from the state rather than resistant to the terrorists. Terrorists on the other hands, are said to be of the view that any use of WMD by them, might switch the tide against them.

17. The chance of use of WMD has increased many collapse scheduled to increased option of technology, expertise, materials and dual use technology. This is complemented by the changing dynamics of international terrorism, with varied motives, and capacity to handle coordinated and complex episodes. The terrorist communities tend carryout WMD attacks at a minimal scale, however those who have state support can go full bore in its use. Even a failure of the low scale attack, can cause significant panic amidst the population.

18. The purpose of assault of terrorists, with no hold bar motive is genuine. The terrorists in striving to achieve their motive, overlook the law customarily take the border off the excesses of equipped conflict and get excited about war of attrition to show their presence. According to the terrorists' idea, coexistence and bargain with their state is extremely hard, and hence almost all their efforts are aimed towards violence.

19. These terrorist clothing, in order to successfully employ a WMD, needs to be proficient in using these lethal weapons. Furthermore, they also need to beat moral constraints. In the end, these categories would endeavour to utilize the WMD despite formidable costs, as money for these outfits is not really a constraint. Though hardly any group can meet up with the capacity for acquiring and using WMD, the group which are likely to make use of these weapons is the religious fanatic communities, that would like revenge or those attracted to violence for their own sake. The likely reasons for the utilization of WMD by terrorists include religious beliefs, millennial, right-wing, and ethnically based terrorism.


20. A lot of the terrorists groups of today have cropped up with spiritual background and religious beliefs are going to be driving most of the terrorist clothing in future. The largest example of this is the Al Qaeda, JeM, and other Islamic fundamentalist organizations. These organizations in the fact that they are doing a service on Gods instruction are most likely to work with these weapons. Spiritual terrorist Osama bin Laden portrayed his sincere prefer to obtaining substance and nuclear weapons for the purposes of eliminating the non desired Expresses before eventually creating a worldwide Muslim condition. [4]

21. Terrorists who are religiously encouraged may entail themselves in more extreme acts of assault causing higher death tolls and elevated levels of damage. These religiously stimulated terrorists believe "Holy Fighters" will be rewarded in the rebirth if martyred in search of their spiritual goals. These religious terrorists believe that the take action of violence by them is immediately approved and ordered by the god. Terrorism then becomes an all-encompassing and superior responsibility that usually locates its perpetrators free from the politics, moral, or functional constraints which could impact other terrorists. Moreover, religious terrorists may be more inclined to get the full total devastation or removal of their adversary and would view WMD terrorism as morally justified and appropriate for their purpose.

22. Religious terrorism identifies those groups or acts that are generally religious in dynamics, but may have a politics plan as well. Some writers contend religious terrorism as being the main defining attribute of terrorist activity today. Terrorism motivated by religious differences has received significant amounts of attention within the last four generations and is known as by many to be a likely way to obtain future terrorism using WMD. Traditional terrorist motivations have begun to transfer from "ideology and separatism to cultural animosity and spiritual fanaticism motives that give themselves to extensive range atrocities. "

23. The first 'modern' spiritual terrorist groups appeared in 1980 because of this of the Islamic trend in Iran the prior year. "Only two of the sixty four teams' energetic in 1980 could have been classified as predominantly religious in figure and motivation. We were holding the Iranian-backed Shia organization al-Dawa and the Committee for Safeguarding the Islamic Revolution. " Since then, the number of religious terrorist organizations has increased greatly.


24. Theoretically, assembling enough fissile material for a good crude nuclear device, and the portions needed vary inversely with elegance, would be very difficult and intensely expensive for a terrorist company. The theoretical knowledge and functional skills required to design and build a nuclear weapon are of a higher order, while establishing, equipping and effectively working an undetectable clandestine weaponry laboratory would be expensive and difficult, even for the best-funded terrorist company. No state possessing nuclear weapons would be more likely to give nuclear weaponry to terrorists unless they were acting as mercenary agents of the state itself. The risk of nuclear retaliation, even if the opportunity of tracing the weapons back to its source were regarded as low, it should be enough to deter any rational state from utilizing a nuclear tool against another nuclear-weapon point out, or a country under the safety of one. Aside from the technical issue, there remains the question of whether terrorists would use nuclear weapons if they in some way were able to obtain them. Terrorists have different goals, histories, leaderships, social roots, political contexts, moral values, constraints and strategies. Of the types, apocalyptic spiritual or cultist terrorists will be the most dangerous, from a motivational and strategic viewpoint.

25. Another most dangerous form of terrorism is the religiously motivated transnational variety uniquely exemplified by the Al-Qaeda. The group has a narrower and better defined political goal in comparison with a cult; it has hardly any characteristics of any purely religious group. Its have difficulties is up against the world of real politics actors. The final results it wishes are evenly concrete and to the extent it engages in proper thinking, it does so in response to the configurations and dynamics of electricity in real life. Al-Qaeda may easily differentiate, on ethnic grounds, its goal populations from those on whose behalf the organisation says to be behaving. Its potential targets for nuclear terrorism are definately not its heartlands. Terrorists are not known for his or her any tactical development. The traditional root base of terrorism, hostage-taking, bombings, shoot-and-run episodes, have now widened to add the suicide bombers. Terrorists on the whole probably talk about the same ignorance and fear of WMD common in the broader human population, and probably see little reason to carefully turn to undiscovered, possibly unstable and certainly dangerous chemicals and techniques, when the old tactics have turned out themselves to be simple, reliable and cheap.

[1] Anoushiravan Ehteshami Nuclearisation of the Middle East Brassey's, 1989.

[2] Weapon of Mass damage Potential client for Proliferation by Edward M Spiers, publicized by Macmillan Press Ltd, Hampshire, page no. 76.

[3] Ibid webpage 80-81

[4] http://abcnews. go. com/sections/world/DailyNews/transcript_binladen1_981228. html

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