Using Environmental Management For Businesses

Human beings be based upon characteristics for various purposes like food, drinking water, clothing, shelter and even the air to breath. But, the unintended effects of human activities are now creating lots of environmental issues like global warming, tropical deforestation, toxic waste materials disposal, ozone depletion and so on. These environmental issues, in turn, cause increased knowing of the value of environmental ethics, pertaining to the moral relationship between humans and their natural environment (Stewart, p. 154), and increased awareness of the value of reducing the impacts on environment arising out of the activities of manufacturing industries, resource chains, transportation, administration etc.

Manufacturing industries and business organizations cause major environmental issues and for that reason effective Environmental Management has recently been viewed as imperative for businesses. This piece of research paper can be an attempt to solve the need and need for environmental management for businesses, and outline the great things about using such management system for business organizations.

Environmental Management

As Barrow mentioned, environmental management, a substantial part of environmental ethics, is something of initiatives that try to lessen the negative environmental influences of the merchandise and services a business is related to (p. 33). When companies are developing large level of goods by using of varied technologies, it triggers major issues of misuse disposal, toxic wastes, air, drinking water and environmental air pollution and so forth that in turn finally cause major environmental issues of global warming, ozone depletion etc. the essential concept of environmental management is the fact negative impacts of organizational activities on its environment should be reduced, energy to be kept, waste products to be disposed effectively or even to be restored and environmental air pollution to be prevented. Inside a broader sense, environmental management system a business implements not only helps you to save human being beings life, but also, will keep lasting environment for pets or animals, species and all others living beings in the planet earth.

Environmental management is essentially a significant part of business ethics and corporate and business cultural responsibility, because, the procedure of the business enterprise should never be bad for the surroundings and cultural life. Ryding emphasized that a business, when it is socially sensible and ethical, will need to have dedication to keep sustainable environment. He advised that a good corporate citizen must be socially and ethically focused on conduct operations to avoid serious damage to the environment and communal life (p. 536).

Business organizations, regardless of small or large, nationals or multinationals, should setup a system procedure, by taking an organization of individuals to be engaged in and by preparing certain organizational goals and benchmarks to be achieved by them in order to make the company more moral, socially responsible and morally focused on its environment (Tinsley, p. 2).

In recent times, green business notion, environmental management and ISO 14001 have gained significant attention among the corporate giants. ISO 14001 is a particular and systematic international criteria for environmental management, providing a framework on how a company can implement environmental management at commercial levels. The environmental management in a business can be effectively carried out if there are well described insurance policies, good communication among its participants, strong desire from the management and communal and ethical determination towards sustainable environment.

Importance of using environmental management for businesses

The environmental management at corporate and business levels will be a system strategy aligned with strategies, activities and managerial activities that target at eliminating the impacts of business procedure and its products on the environment. There are many electronic machines, clear plastic products, home goods, foods and chemicals that cause major pollution to the surroundings or dispose poisonous and dangerous wastes or even cause major medical issues to the humans. By effectively employing environmentally friendly management system or ISO 14001, these air pollution and environmental issues can be removed up to a greater extent and can do justice to the occupants of the earth, including humans, family pets and all the living beings. It implies that environmental management at business level can definitely help enhance environmental ethics.

Businesses today face strenuous competition from counterparts that causing them to put any potential initiatives that can help them achieve competitive advantages. Businesses require environmental management as a powerful tool for obtaining its competitive advantages because customers that they face are progressively more alert to environment and products and services that are environment-friendly.

To become more specific, a business that fails to meet specific requirements of its customers regarding providing goods and services that are conforming to environmentally friendly ethics, will lose its market. On the other hand, a small business with effective environmental management will eventually be socially sensible, ethical and therefore to have the ability to achieve competitive advantages too. It also can be perceived that environmental management is effective for businesses to create customer devotion and reputation through fulfilling their needs.

Secondly, environmental management helps maintain healthy communication among the members of the organization, because people or labor force of the business will like working environment that are goods for his or her health and work which in turn stimulate them to execute in their works. Finally, by employing effective environmental management system and by conforming its benchmarks compared to that of ISO 14001, it can be qualified as ISO 14001 that provides greater values in international relationships.

Waste minimization, energy conservation and effective waste material disposal are a few of the strengths of applying environmental management for businesses. Waste material minimization and effective waste materials removal can help the business enterprise become socially more dependable, especially one of the people who live close by the business enterprise. These both effect cost conserving to the business enterprise as well, because, by lessening wastes and through better disposal methods, the company can slice its costs down. Environmental management stimulates energy saving, that not only helps reduce pollution to the type, but also decrease expenses of the business enterprise.

Evaluative Conclusion

Ethics is perhaps one of the hot buzzwords of today. Ethics relates to both business and environment. This piece of research work integrated environmental ethics and business ethics, detailing how environmental ethics can be enhanced by businesses through a highly effective environmental management system. This research paper has outlined key great things about applying environmental management for the businesses.

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