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Victim Within The Felony Justice System Criminology Essay

An offender can be an accused defendant who is convicted of a significant crime and who is set to seem before the unlawful court. There are 37. 2 offenders in total in Ireland. 38. 1 of them are male and 32 of these are female. You can find 53. 6% of people aged under 18 who commit offences. 33. 5% of offenders get community service and 39. 3% are from a type of probation order. The best impressive statistic was that 63% of offenders didn't re-offend within 2 yrs.

A sufferer is anyone who has been harmed or influenced by an offence brought on by another person. Victims of violent criminal offenses may are affected financial stress as well as suffering from their accidents and emotional stress. Recovering from violence or maltreatment can have influence on them for the rest of the lives as they could are in fear and suffer anxiety. Lots of individuals are shocked after a crime and how they feel psychologically. Theses thoughts can have many results and can leave you being unhappy and perplexed. Which can also have an impact on family and friends around you, your thoughts can impact on them as they will be worried for you. Although some people believe that they have to be able to deal with this mental burden and are expected to live out their daily lives as if nothing has happened, most victims will need counselling to come to terms with what has happened.

For this essay we have chosen to talk about the victim once we think the sufferer suffers the most bodily and psychologically. The victim of a offense can need counselling to help them come to terms with their thoughts and doubts.


There are numerous different ways an individual can be a sufferer. Someone can be considered a sufferer for anything from a minor crime up to a major crime. Types of where someone can be considered a sufferer are from theft, robbery, burglary, assault, dangerous travelling, intimate offences, murder and manslaughter and individuals trafficking. In many cases of offense it is not only the victim that may be damaged, their family can even be affected, way more in the major criminal offense circumstances of dangerous travelling, erotic offences, murder and manslaughter.

As we earlier mentioned, there are various kinds of victims when it comes to offense, and usually the individuals role within, and there point of view of the unlawful justice system will change depending of the circumstances of each case. For instance somebody pressing costs for something modest such as vandalism is going to expect far less severe results than say somebody who has been the victim of rape. Also we known that there is a staggering amount of rape crime actually reported in this country, The Dublin Rape Turmoil Centre saved 11, 839 telephone calls to their helplines, with over 9, 000 of them being genuine, so whenever we realised the condition that exists with rape in this country we chosen we'd use rape situations as the key focal point of our own group newspaper.

Rape cases may vary a lot from another type of case. For instance while trials in general take place in public in our condition, rape conditions will be held in camera, in order to protect the victim's anonymity. In some serious situations as well such as rape, preparations may be made so the accused doesn't have to surface in court combined with the accused, and could instead be permitted to give evidence with a video website link from another area of the courts.

In rape cases this would be of particular benefit to the sufferer, who due to the sensitive dynamics of the criminal offense and the distressing experience they have been through may find the prospect of experiencing to come in person with the attackers in the courtroom too difficult and not have the option for this.

Report the crime

The sufferer should article the criminal offenses to the authorities when the offense has occurred. Whenever a victim accounts a offense quite quickly after the crime has happened it allows the authorities to assemble any evidence that may fade over time. Fast reporting will support the victim's profile of what took place. Many subjects of erotic assault are uncertain whether they want a circumstance to be prosecuted. Victims who are uncertain about prosecution are advised to shop around about direction to make an informed decision. For instance, even if the sufferer is not ready to prosecute soon after the crime, prosecutors have at least six years or more to file erotic assault charges. It is important to notice that even if the offense is not immediately reported, that prosecution may still be possible. A wait in reporting is typical for safety reasons. The role of any victim is extremely important in the Criminal justice system. They must go through lots of stages in the criminal trial process in order to feel justice was served. The first stage is actually reporting the crime. This can be difficult for many as there are a number of concerns in their heads. Such as trust in the gardai, recount the facts etc. 'It projected in 2007 that "about 30 %" of burglaries were unreported, as were nearly four in 10 incidents of theft with assault. Offences of any sexual aspect and domestic assault are "grossly under-recorded" This is astonishing and incredibly worrying for our legal justice system.

Preserve of evidence

If a criminal offense is reported, the police will accumulate and keep all of the information from the offense, which includes: bloodstained clothing, bed linen, weapons and harm to property. The authorities will also take images of injuries, harm to property and also images of where the crime occurred. Photos should also be taken of the patients injuries after the crime showing the phases of curing.


If the case proceeds to trial, patients should be prepared to testify.

Adult subjects: Testimony is less formal prior to the grand jury than in a courtroom setting. The grand Jury proceedings are private. They're private with the prosecutor and the victim. The Prosecutor asks the sufferer questions to be able to get a knowledge of the case. This testimony only can last about one hour.

Testifying at trial is more formal. The victim has to hold out outside the court docket room until it is her the perfect time to testify. The prosecutor will ask the sufferer questions first. Then your defence lawyer scrutinizes the sufferer. The judge's role is to also ensure that the questions asked by the attorneys are appropriate according to legal rules. There is absolutely no place time on the distance of your trial testimony. The prosecutor will help the sufferer on setting up them for the types of questions which may be asked. The victim witness advocate will help the sufferer on ensuring the thoughts that she may evoke on testifying and really helps to provide the victim with all the current support that she might need in so that it is a less terrifying situation. Sometimes legal prosecutions will end up in the favour of the victim as the offender may say to everything. This means that the victim does not have to testify in court.

Child Patients: Small children are usually asked questions by the Judge. The judge needs to be content that the kid recognizes the legal rules of a courtroom and the oath in which it is vital that he/she must notify the truth. The courtroom can be a very terrifying place for a kid this is why the judge ensures that the child are designed for testifying.

Pressing charges

Some victims may individually know the think that determined the criminal offense against them. Some may be related like a mother and kid relationship. In this case it is hard for the victims to choice between seeking justice and doing what's best for both criminal and themselves.

Going to court

The next stage the victim goes through is the court docket case. This is undoubtedly the most challenging experience for the sufferer. Especially for child misuse circumstances and rape circumstances. In the case of Frances Andrade, she consequently wiped out herself after offering evidence in court. She said it noticed like 'getting raped all over again'. She was sexually abused by her music teacher when she is at school. When it arrived around to supplying evidence she thought that recounting the details in a courtroom atmosphere was worse for her than the rape itself. Andrade wiped out herself your day after she listened to her abuser providing his side of the storyplot. However, some may say that by allowing the victim giving facts they feel that they are participating in seeking justice for themselves.


We have talked about at length the role and point of view of the sufferer in the legal justice system in order to seek justice. We as an organization unanimously feel that the role of the sufferer in the unlawful justice system is vital for acquiring the justice they need. From summary and indictable to serious offences, justice must be dished up in every case and the role and perspective of the sufferer is important in delivering justice.


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