Wake up before its too late

Good morning Females and Gentlemen.

'When the well is dry out, we will know the worthiness of normal water'- these famous words by Benjamin Franklin vividly explain the planet we reside in today. It is only when we go out of things that we neglect, that we realize how valuable and precious it really was. Regrettably, by that point in most cases too late to fix the harm.

I want to begin with a little story that occurred at a sea-side. Whenever a wave cleaned on land, it would carry a couple of a large number of starfish, deposit them ashore and then the waves would reunite with the ocean. When you all know, starfish can only make it through on land for a couple of days. A young young man decided that this had to avoid. The death of the wondrous creatures deeply disturbed him. Decided to put a finish to this bad fate, he set about trying to save them by picking up each one and throwing it back to the sea.

A man found him and curiously asked, "Why trouble throwing the starfish back into the sea? Every time you throw one, a dozen more wash over the beach!"

"Well, " said the young man, stooping right down to select a starfish, "At least, I'm saving that one, " as he threw it back to the ocean.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to handle this important period at the 12th Total annual International Seminar on the surroundings. I'd like expressing my sincerest gratitude towards everyone for your august occurrence. Today, I stand here, positive i speak with respect to several others, with similar concerns and desires for future years of our planet. I will inform you of the three environmental issues, which, in my opinion, are the most pressing problems that have to be handled, to recover our NATURE, to save lots of it from destruction.

Let me tell you what is happening to our world Earth, what will happen to it if we do not enact a change, effective immediately. First of all, let me take you on the journey to today's exotic rainforests. We have cut trees to provide our personal benefits. We've cut trees and shrubs to increase our agriculture. We've cut trees to exploit petrol to use in our factories. We have cut trees to use in our paper, furniture and building sectors, to name a few. All this has undoubtedly empowered us to truly have a comfortable life. However, there are always two edges to a gold coin. Let's sneak a peek at the other part. We have minimize our solo, most essential way to obtain oxygen. Rainforests are so much more than our typical image of just trees and shrubs. They may be a home for some of the very most diverse kinds of plant life and pets or animals and we are thoughtlessly destroying it. Our tree reducing is also triggering dirt erosion, flooding and global warming. We have been seeking ways to make our life comfortable. Our comforts have created discomforts for our Mother Earth. We have, instead, ignored it for own convenience, for our immediate desires and needs. Trees and shrubs can't be cut down one day and then be expected to grow again the next day. So why don't we awaken before it is too later!

Now, let us venture from the rainforests to the huge oceans and seas. Since the start of mankind, drinking water has been the main element way to obtain civilization. It has been our traditions and we owe everything to it. As you all know, normal water addresses about 70% of the Earth's surface. However, only 3% than it is fresh which can be used for taking in or irrigation. Recently, during my visit to a seaside, my eyes were opened up to the sheer levels of discarded waste, stretching out from the beaches to the sea. I used to be appalled by the quantity of sudden litter strewn across the beach. People ruthlessly chuck syringes, plastic slippers, plastic bottles, hand bags and tins on the beach. Wastewater from factories and industries, and insecticides from farms possessed also ended up in the ocean. This leads to the endangering of marine ecosystems and also makes the drinking water harmful for human being consumption. As the world population grows, the necessity for water also increases. Around 1. 1 billion people in the world do not have access to safe normal water; this is roughly one 6th of the world's inhabitants. If we do not work fast to prevent water pollution, it won't be a long time before our Earth will transform from a "blue planet" to a "dirty blue globe. " So let us wake up before it is too overdue!

Finally, why don't we vacation to the upper atmosphere and get a close-up of what's actually occurring there. Rain- our way to obtain water- has also become dangerous. There is an increasingly high awareness of pollutant gases worldwide from electric power stations, factories and cars. These gases have dissolved with little droplets in the clouds to create acid rainwater. The proof of this is the famous site in India- the Taj Mahal. The effects of acid rain took toll and weathered away the beautiful marble. That is not all! The ozone covering- the shield which helps to protect the Earth's surface from the dangerous rays' of sunlight is being damaged due to polluting of the environment. Today, there is a massive hole within the Antarctica. The set of such follies is just endless. Like a society, we need to recognize that our activities have major implications on the surroundings that can be practically irreversible. So why don't we wake up before it is too overdue!

Remember back again to the forest fires in Scandinavia, to the dying coral reefs in Fiji, to the flooding in Manila and then keep in mind all the reviews that we notice of philanthropy and humility exhibited by humans around the globe every week. All this is proof that we care, that people are perfectly with the capacity of defining what is right and wrong and thereafter standing up for what is right, standing up for each and every other, and standing up for the environment. In spite of all our selfish serves, we all have a sense of compassion treasured within us. Collectively, why don't we cultivate this compassion towards making a fruitful future for our planet.

The question is how. How can you as an individual enable a change to help the surroundings? How can you ensure that you won't have to go out on the avenues to face a never-ending panorama of bareness? The truth is that we cannot resolve this problem with out a joint effort. The truth is that we be capable of make a big change, all we need is willpower. The simple truth is that it might be challenging, but it will also, most certainly, tolerate the fruits of the seeds we have sown. The fruits which will be enjoyed, not merely by us or our children, but also, the kids of the future- those who find themselves not yet created, those, who we will never know and never meet, they are the ones who need us the most.

If we as individuals take the effort to make a clean environment there is nothing impossible. We must start with the tiny things such as conserving energy and losing litter properly, which, alone, can make a huge difference. A consciousness should be cultivated in us. It is merely then that people shall be in a position to advance to focusing on major issues. If most of us interact from an area scale, to a national scale and eventually a global size we will most definitely have the ability to re-create a lovely earth to live in, for not only the era of today also for many more generations, yet to come. We should join hands to safeguard our environment, join hands to secure its future and become a member of hands to ensure an improved place for our future decades. Together, we can make a change, a change for the better; we can make a change today.

It is never easy to simply accept defeat, to accept failure and to admit that we didn't do enough. Let us hope that your day never comes whenever we regret our activities. Let us react now to avoid our very own despair, remorse and resentment for what we may lose because of everything we didn't do. Let's not give us a chance to ask ourselves- 'How have we reach this?' I urge you now to do every little bit you can to advantage the environment. Let us not wait till it's too past due. On this notice, I'd like to get rid of by saying that each little action can make a notable difference. Every little action counts. Just like the little youngster at the seashore, we too must save every little starfish that people can.

Thank you very much for your kind attention, women and gentlemen.

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