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My grandmother used to share with me tales about the days of the past. A time of calmness, when the Avatar held peace between the Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Land, and Air Nomads, but that modified when the Fireplace Country attacked. Only the Avatar, professional of most four elements, only he could stop the ruthless firebenders, however when the earth needed him most, he vanished.

A hundred years have approved and the Fireplace Region is nearing win in the warfare. Two years earlier, my father and the men of my tribe journeyed to the Earth Kingdom to help fight against the Fire Country, giving me and my buddy to look after my tribe. Some individuals think that the Avatar was never reborn into the Air Nomads and that the pattern is broken, but I haven't lost anticipation. I still believe that somehow, the Avatar will return to save the world

He was three the first time he bended. His mom had been looking to get him to visit foundation when all he wished to do was stay up and listen to more of his father's stories of warriors, tiger-seal hunts, cruising on the sea, and visiting far-off lands he had never even heard of. The boy began tossing a tantrum, yelling and pounding his fists and kicking his toes, seeking in vain to make his parents keep him up. His mom shook her mind and tried to pick the son up, which brought on him to defeat the ground harder, where little cracks formed beneath the furs of the igloo. One last pound later, he found himself drenched, distress shown in his vast blue eye as well as in the encounters of his parents.

It didn't take long for Hakoda and Kya to understand that their eldest, Sokka, was a waterbender, the first delivered in to the tribe since the raids on the South Pole stole away the others of them. Sokka didn't understand, initially. All he knew was that normal water tended to do interesting things whenever he was upset or exited. He didn't know the danger he was in, the risk his entire family was in, especially since a 12 months later, his baby sister Katara got gotten so upset with him over him taking her favorite doll that she induced a wave of drinking water to erupt from the jug behind the igloo and drench them both. All he comprehended was that he and his sister were special, since neither of these saw anyone that could do anything like flex water.

He and his sister tended that can be played together instead, often engaging in water fights that led to the both of them getting soaked from check out toe and seeking to explain with an exasperated Kya that they had instead fallen into a pool of water. Katara was of course an all natural, and appeared to effortlessly bend normal water to her will with a few gestures. Sokka however was more apt to cause accidents, and frequently lost in his battles along with his sister with unusual steps that seemed to make him trip up constantly.

Katara often tried out to show her older sibling the finer gestures that would help him control the better, but often those missteps would cause him to screw up constantly. Katara joked that he didn't need to add extra flair to his activities. Sokka grumbled that he was controlling the normal water, Sokka-style.

"Maybe you're too fired up, Sokka, " Katara advised one day. Both of these were assisting out the ladies suspend strips of meats to dried out. Sokka scowled at the idea of not being with the men of the tribe, but he made the decision that given that they needed a solid couple of hands, it was fine that he was jammed here rather than off hunting with the men.

"I'm not exited, Katara. I'm not nearly as good a bender as you. " Sokka hung a strip at risk. "Besides, maybe it was a blunder. "

He switched and came to the realization that his seven-year-old sister was glaring at him. Geez, what performed he do now? "The spirits don't make errors, Sokka. Gran-Gran said so herself. " Oh, that again.

"Well, maybe they have in my case. How else do you really explain the fact that I cannot even get the basic forms down?" Sokka heaved a sigh. "Besides, I'm not even sure I even wanna flex anymore. "

The air around him suddenly switched frosty and Katara snorted. She threw up her hands in disgust and stormed off. Sokka tried out to go after her, but ended up slipping backward when his foot wouldn't budge. Somehow, in her annoyance, Katara acquired were able to freeze his calves into the ice.

Sokka tried to take his hip and legs free, and when that didn't work, he then attempted to bend the ice from them. That was satisfied with merged results as his feet were freed from the ice, but not his foot. "Aw, come on! Katara!" He viewed at the other women, almost all of who have been snickering behind their hands. Grumbling, he tried out multiple times to flex the ice off his legs, and when these were freed, he stormed off. "Stupid special water stuff" he mumbled.

For another several weeks, Sokka prevented Katara whenever she'd try to practice waterbending. It wasn't that he was mad at her; it was that he was madder at himself. It didn't help that Katara still attempted to move him off to practice as well. It finally came to a mind when he yelled at her to leave him alone, that he'd practice on his own.

This had not been missed by their parents, however. Hakoda observed the two of them bicker over bending and sighed. He understood that this wasn't right that Sokka was ignoring the one thing that he was born with, but he also knew that Sokka experienced a spot. The youngster was never going to be able to coach as a waterbender so long as there were no masters around, and it hurt him to see both of his children essentially growing angrier with the other over the complete problem.

Kya was also observing and getting frustrated with the seeming hostility toward each other. They were family, and part to be Drinking water Tribe was a close connection to family. Her mother-in-law experienced stated therefore, and like it or not, each of them had to solve their dissimilarities or risk tearing the family apart.

However, it was when Kanna, their grandmother, got stepped between the two in their combat that these were finally in a position to resolve the trouble. When both waterbenders got gotten into their most recent battle over the problem, the older girl snatched both of them by the ear canal and dragged them into their hut. "What is the problem with the you both? I've seen tiger-seals with less hostility during mating season than what both of you seem to demonstrate toward each other. "

"He won't waterbend!" Katara exclaimed, pointing one pudgy finger in Sokka's course.

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