What Ways Do Time And Place Subject English Books Essay

The Outsider was written in 1942, where Camus situated the time on the Outsider through the late 1930s almost the time "The Outsider" was written. Camus has set the setting of the novel in the location of Algiers. From the crowded city making Meursault feel dizzy "AS I left they came to the door with me. I was in a lttle bit of daze. " Another point also that, the road in which Meursault lived in is very much like the road where Camus grew up and lived. In addition to that, a motif found in The Outsider of the repeating event of viewing and observations. We then notice that from Meursault's Balcony he observes the activities and events going around the neighborhood "My room appears out onto the key block of the suburb" He even explains some results in details while observing them dashing outside. "Few people that were about were all in a rush. First all it was households out for a walk, two little guys in sailor suits, with the trousers below their knees " This represents how centered he was explaining activities and passersby in the pub in minute details.

2-What was easy it understand? and that which was difficult? In relation to social and cultural issues and context.

I found it easy to comprehend, how Meursault reacted to the weather, friends, neighbors and at the job. It was superior how tired Meursault was while he was in the funeral of his mother as he described it shinny and that the elements was so hot "The sun was already saturated in the sky. It was beginning to think about down closely on the earth and it was rapidly getting hotter. " We next browse the description of him being exhausted and exhaustion " I had been hot under my dark clothes" "The perspiration was operating down my cheeks. I wasn't using a hat, therefore i fanned myself with my handkerchief. " It's easy here to comprehend that the day was hot and therefore Meursault was sweating and tired of walking. Another point also, is how he reacted along with his friends, maintaining a good and close a friendly relationship with Raymond. Even as we read through chapter Three we notice how Meursault listens to Raymond and becomes his friend to talk with. "He often foretells me and sometimes comes round for a minute or two because I listen to him. I find what he says interesting. "

Yet throughout the book we acknowledge many uncertain events that people keep asking ourselves questions about them. Does Meursault really like Marie? in case why doesn't he have a certain answer whether "Yes" or "No" when she asks him would you like to marry me?. I think it is really odd that Meursault enjoys Marie and it's superior how their relationship is developing which is romantic, yet, he's not looking forward to marry her. "That night, Marie came around for me and asked me if i wanted to marry her. I said i didn't head and we could do if she wanted to. " It's really shocking how Meursault actually replied to that question after his love and feelings to her. We notice how they both meet alongside one another and spend such an enchanting day that they even kiss one another. "Marie and I swan right away, moving jointly and feeling content along. " "I travelled behind her to her round the waist and she swam" "Towards the end of the show i kissed her" All there quotes describe to us how Meursault's thoughts relocated towards Marie not the other way round. In other words, the activities were coming from Meursault's side not from Marie. However, after all these information we find that Meursault doesn't care and attention if he reach marry Marie or not. He even doesn't think that its a serious matter to think about and decide. " I told her that it certainly didn't matter and that if she wished to, we're able to get committed. "

Not only that, but also i find it hard to recognize that the Algeria Culture considered Meursault a nonconformist with norms of the modern culture plus they were planning to give him the death sentence mainly because he felt little or nothing on the loss of life of his mom rather than because he killed the Arab. Whether we cares about his mother or not, that's something relating and coming back to Meursault. It's his personal life and it's his mom. They does not have the to punish him because his thoughts towards his mom were not regular and that he went with Marie and smoked a cigarette. Maybe, he was really annoyed and in a melancholic feeling for his mom fatality, yet, his emotions weren't out that he didn't show it for everyone. Thus, he wished to go out with Marie in order to recharge or escape his misery second. And if he believed anything towards his mom, that's something personal no one should get involved in the first place. Therefore, I am really stunned the way the judge was looking at the situation from the modern culture viewpoint and ignored regulations. He was taking the circumstance as Meursault experienced little or nothing towards his mother. However, to be honest i am astonished towards Meursault's reactions and emotions on the day of the funeral, yet I cannot assess or say anything because this is a refused discourse to go over why didn't he cry or didn't feel sad, because it all comes home to Meursault.

3- What interconnection did you see between issues in the work as well as your own culture and experience?

I find some similarity in my culture. The main similarity is based on the fact that the Algerians were against Meursault as he is an atheist. Our world is very religious and we look down after any person would you not have confidence in God or an atheist. That what my country Egypt contains, from the Muslim country with a percentage of Christianity. People here in Egypt Believe in God, yet, from different views or prospective. Where is differ whether you are woman or a Christian. How over in my own point of view, I don't care if the person i am speaking with can be an atheist, Muslim, Religious or Hinduism. Because that comes home to person himself, it's his/her viewpoint and personal judgment to believe in God or not and which faith to follow.

Moreover, In Egypt if the mother dies, eventually everyone will be crying and frustrated. However, some say no, some in Egypt doesn't cry over their mother's fatality, but up to my knowledge i didn't experience or watch some of my friends not crying over a relative or being heartbroken. Unlike Meursault's effect where it was referred to that he didn't appear or show any indications of being miserable over his mother's fatality.

4- What areas of literary techniques are interesting in the task?

I found really interesting how Camus was explaining and expressing everything in the novel in minute details. He gets the skill to pull that image in the viewers' creativity. From my own experience, i used to be impressed by the expressions used and vocabulary to spell it out the settings and personality throughout the book. "A suit with trousers that cork-screwed down onto his shoes and a dark tie with a knot that was too small for the large white collar on his shirt. His lips were trembling beneath a nostril pitted with black-heads". Another phrase which i liked how Camus actually detailed the characters outside is Few people that were about were all in a hurry. First all it was young families out for a walk, two little kids in sailor suits, with the trousers below their knees "In my opinion, these rates can literary attract that image in my own mind given that I imitate in this picture as if I am there with the type and in the setting up.

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