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Why Undergraduates Are Not Getting Hired

Today, unemployment among undergraduates is one of the major difficulties to young people because they are uncertain in their future after graduation from universites and colleges. As the matter of simple fact, when they graduate they cannot find employment which makes them dependent on their family support as well as support of status agencies. In that situation, undergraduates cannot be certain in their future and successful professional development. Additionally, the unemployment of undergraduates lessens the value of diplomas because they are useless, if undergraduates cannot find a job and get good job opportunities.

In actuality, many undergraduates are unemployed and the condition with their future career following the graduation from universites and colleges is an unbearable burden for many undergraduates. At this time, it is worth mentioning the actual fact that the unemployment rate among undergraduates is greater than average (See App. Stand 1). The unemployment rate for American workers from age 16 to 24 experienced risen to 19. 6% (Nellis, & Parker, 119). Furthermore, specialists dispute that of recent school students between the age ranges of 20 and 24, about 10. 6% are unemployed (Newman, 3). In that situation, the position of undergraduates becomes really anxious that makes the analysis of reasons and causes of their unemployment especially important. In fact, the analysis should find out why undergraduates aren't getting hired, what risk factors and problems they face that prevent them from finding employment and, on the ground of conclusions of the study, you'll be able to work out recommendations related to possible advancements that can reduce the unemployment rate among undergraduates.

Research Methods

The analysis of the unemployment among undergraduates should involve both undergraduates and employers. In this value, it's important to place focus on the fact that the participation of both celebrations will reveal the fact of the challenge and to uncover explanations why undergraduates have low job opportunities and just why they fail to find a prospective job. In terms of the existing analysis, employers and undergraduates were decided on randomly. The analysis includes five employers and ten undergraduate students, who have different connection with employment as well as unemployment. Employers involved in the study operate in different establishments and represent medium size businesses. The analysis was conducted anonymously to boost the reliability of reactions of subjects involved in the study. Undergraduates involved in the study acquired different gender, race, and specialization. So, the scope of the study was long to avoid possible mistakes provoked by specificities of employment in certain sectors. The idea of the study was to get the general tendency in the undergraduates' career and to realize why undergraduates have problems with unemployment and what issues they have, while searching a job and what actually avoids them from obtaining a job they are looking for.

The study engaged the utilization of two methods: interviews and target groups. Actually, interviews were conducted to reveal the personal thoughts and opinions of employers and undergraduates in regard to revelation possible known reasons for the undergraduates' unemployment (See App. Interviews). At exactly the same time, interviews allowed view problems from two standpoints, that of employers and that of undergraduates. Interviews help to reveal the genuine situation in the labor market in relation to employees.

In addition, concentration groupings method was used. The concentration groups engaged employers and undergraduates. There have been three categories: a group of employers, several undergraduates, and a group of both employers and undergraduates. Each group mentioned one and the same concern - the unemployment among undergraduates, its reasons and ways of elimination. The first band of employers was created to discover the position of employers and also to understand what requirements employers have with regards to undergraduates. So, it was possible to learn which conditions undergraduates should match to discover a job. The second band of undergraduates was created to determine major problems undergraduates face in the course of work and their goals in regards to their future or current careers. Finally, the third group was created to negotiate ideal conditions of occupation for both employers and graduates. Furthermore, the 3rd group made up of employers and graduates helped to show major reasons for undergraduates' unemployment and mentioned the ways to the perfect solution is of this problem.


In actuality, the analysis of the unemployment among undergraduates has disclosed the fact that the problem persists and, what is more, the problem aggravates. Today, the unemployment rate among undergraduates is continuing to grow consistently. Furthermore, today, the unemployment rate among undergraduates surpasses the average unemployment rate countrywide. In fact, the undergraduates' unemployment undermines the worthiness of diplomas and sets under a risk the near future professional development of undergraduates because, if indeed they fail to find a job, they will decrease their professional skills and abilities being unemployed.

In such a context, the current review has helped to uncover several key points about the undergraduates' unemployment, including major known reasons for their unemployment and factors that prevent undergraduates from a successful career. In this regard, the shortcoming of undergraduates to write resumes is one of the major known reasons for their unemployment. In actuality, resumes are essential for resume and, if undergraduates neglect to apply their resumes, they can be deprived of your opportunity to apply for a job. Furthermore, if undergraduates write their resumes wrong, employers effortlessly exclude them from the list of potential applicants because they are not willing to hire experts who cannot even write a resume.

Another problem undergraduates face throughout their career is the shortcoming to execute interviews. Actually, undergraduates have little, if any, experience of conducting interviews. As a result, they grow anxious in the course of interviews that by natural means discourages employers to hire them because employers normally need self-assured employees, who can conduct interviews easily and effectively. If employers start to see the uncertainty of undergraduates throughout interviews, they obviously refuse them from occupation. So, undergraduates often come to interviews unprepared and neglect to get job because interviews include an important area of the job process.

Furthermore, many undergraduates are just unaware how to locate job. What's meant this is actually the undeniable fact that undergraduates have no idea where to look for a job and where to find a job. They don't have effective methods and strategies of searching for employment. As a result, they can not apply their skills and skills because they don't know where to find a job. In that context, the growth of undergraduates' awareness of basic methods and strategies of finding employment is one of the essential conditions of the successful work of undergraduates.

At once, the analysis has revealed the situation of unwillingness of employers to employ inexperienced employees. Actually, many employers are unwilling to employ undergraduates because they don't have extensive connection with work and, furthermore, they want training to begin working effectively. Therefore, employers need to invest time and money on training of undergraduates to make sure they are efficient employees. In such a situation, it is easier for employers to hire a skilled professional rather than an undergraduate.

Furthermore, the low certification of undergraduates as a result of lack of experience of undergraduates is another reason for their failure to get applied. As the problem of simple fact, employers need well-qualified employees, whereas the relatively low qualification of undergraduates leaves them little room for a successful employment. To put it more exactly, undergraduates often need to focus on low- or semi-qualified jobs. This means that undergraduates can count up for low salary paid for low- and semi-qualified careers. As a result, they grow to be in a disadvantageous position in the labor market.


Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it's important to place emphasis on the fact that the condition of the unemployment among undergraduates persists as a result of amount of reasons. At the same time, the problems determined in the course of the current review helps to elaborate effective methods of elimination of the undergraduates' unemployment and solution of this problem.

First of most, it is necessary to give attention to the undergraduates-employers communication. Actually, the undergraduates-employers communication should begin in the span of understanding how to allow employers to trail gifted students also to allow undergraduates to obtain additional information about potential employers and find experience of looking for employment. So, employers can develop positive interactions with undergraduates, to learn their skills and skills and to utilize them, if undergraduates meet their requirements and have became successful employees.

Furthermore, an in depth cooperation between universites and colleges and employers can help to provide undergraduates with better job opportunities. What's meant this is actually the fact that universites and colleges should enhance associations with employers because educators can help employers to complement their needs in regards to employers' requirements to employees. So, undergraduates should come ready to requirements and needs of employers.

Finally, their state support to induce undergraduate job, including tax credits, grants or loans for undergraduates, etc. is quite helpful. So, employers will be motivated to employ undergraduates.

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