"With great electric power comes great responsibility. " Educational technologies

With great vitality comes great responsibility. - Voltaire

I am reminded of this quote as we end this semester. Sometimes we choose educational technology for the wrong reasons. Either we desire to make an impression or we are simply misguided. From the months, the several issues and topics discussed brought up my understanding on the advantages, cons, and the dangers of using technology in teaching. To describe what I discovered, I am going to discuss everything choronologically.

QR codes. The use of QR codes in a scavenger hunt intrigued me a whole lot i applied it in my own class. The first try possessed a great deal of problems because the design i made was too complicated and therefore, too difficult to organize. I made 30 problems with 3 modifications each and 20 different routes. Although I had fashioned some students assist me, it turned out to be a little of a nightmare getting ready everything. The great thing though was my students really experienced fun and it was enough to allow them to request for a second hunt. Learning from my first experience, I removed the routes and instead executed a plain scavenger hunt giving bonus items to the groupings with the most amount of QR codes. You may just imagine the ruckus resulting during the activity, every person was jogging and shouting and it proved well. Aside from the use of QR codes, one concept that I was also in a position to apply was Teacher Ques debate of the digital separate. The activity needed that students needed a smart telephone and a QR code reader therefore i surveyed all my classes to check on if there have been enough for the organizations to work on. Luckily, there have been so could actually proceed. This might not have took place to me acquired I not been subjected to the discussions in EdTech 210.

Badges. I acquired this notion from our article on Emerging Systems. It is one form of making use of the concept of fitness since it is a reward system. I had been astonished by its success. Instead of awarding points, I granted badges and logged everything in schoology. Whenever I didn't list a badge, I immediately received responses from the worried student about any of it. I even integrated this in the recitations and I could increase the level of participation during conversations. Instead of being fearful, students were complaining about not being given the chance to recite!

Infographics. I really enjoyed doing my infographics and I determined that this was a great activity for my classes. Math is mostly devoted to logical-mathematical and aesthetic spatial intelligences. Howard Gardner advises that people have different talents with regards to the eight intelligences that he has defined and he stimulates teachers to hire strategies to talk about the learning advantages of children. I thought that this was a great activity for individuals who had artistic skills and it was well received. The posted infographics exceeded my goals. Since my students participate in the digital technology, they were adept at creating digital artwork. I offered them little instructions and provided them the links that I got from EdTech 210.

Equity, Legal and Ethical Issues in the Use of Technology for Education. My degree of awareness on the options of endangering our students when made to use online materials was heightened. Other concerns are the legal issues included when creating online content. Students have to be reminded on respecting intellectual property and proper attribution. The first time the infographics were published, I asked every person to revise them since they readily used images from the web without citing their sources. AS I made flipped school room videos, I used flipasaurus instead of youtube to ensure that students viewed only my videos and not some recommended one that i possessed no control. During the semester, I had been planning to develop a facebook account as an educational extension tool where I possibly could post useful links on Math and their studies but postponed this to plan and study perfectly the possible problems to do so. Instead, I used Schoology and UVLE in tandem to deliver content.

Report 1. Essential conditions for technology integration. I am a solid believer of criteria because I used to be an ISO auditor in our place. During those years, I learned the advantages of standards and how to create them for search engine optimization. After our herb was ISO accredited, the procedure became less people based mostly since all benchmarks, and the corresponding production steps involved were identified. Recently, whenever a critical employees resigned, she or he helped bring with him all his knowledge and competence. After the standardization of the development system, this problem was lessened. We made less errors and were more consistent in level and quality of productivity. I was very glad that ISTE has produced similar ones and as a result of report, I discovered how to use them in examining whether educational solutions satisfy them. The rules for mentors are also a great help since I really do combined learning activities and use the internet a lot for lessons extensions. Personally i think more confident that I can design courses that are usually more attuned to the needs of my students.

Report 2. Traditional and digital advertising for education. Complex technology is not necessarily the best tool. In the end, it will depend on the situation. I got particularly thinking about the different illustrations that the group helped bring along. Actual samples are actually more interesting than pictures and it was good that the people brought many of them to class. A lot of the traditional tools I know are for Mathematics so it was good to observe how other areas like knowledge and preschool classes use certain tools to assist learning.

Report 3. Rising Technologies in Education. I was really really glad that we got this record because I am very interested in projections and glimpses of the future. Not only performed I learn the rising technologies in neuro-scientific education but also the problems and obstacles that teachers face before they can go mainstream. The NMC horizon studies offer rich information and what's so excellent about them is they are results of inputs from market leaders and experts from different parts of the world. Most locations have the same problems nevertheless they differ in goal largely as a result of economic separate.

Report 4. 21st century skills. This report reminded me that I must keep improving and to be kept up to date on new technologies and fads in education. With this century, the needs on personnel are being upped and upped since we live in an easy paced world that is press driver. It is a world that is very different from the previous centurys. Students have to learn more at a faster rate with higher levels. They should learn how to be creative, progressive, critical thinkers, problem solvers, and effective communicators which really is a rough call. This sets more burden on instructors to improve pedagogies and meet this needs.

Flipped classroom. Undoubtedly, this is an extremely useful strategy. For my circumstance, I see a whole lot of applications in my classes since one of my main problems is bound class time. Mathematics includes conceptual understanding and procedural fluency and flipping can provide me more time to address these concerns when I meet my students. I actually partially implemented this in my own Mathematics 1 cl

In addition, academic institutions must promote an understanding of educational content at higher levels by weaving

21st century interdisciplinary designs into core things:

Global Awareness

Financial, Economic, Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy

Civic Literacy

Health Literacy

Environmental Literacy

Learning and Development Skills

Learning and technology skills are what distinct students who are ready for increasingly sophisticated life

and work surroundings in todays world and the ones who aren't. They include:

Creativeness and Innovation

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Communication and Collaboration

Information, Press and Technology Skills

Today, we are in a technology and media-driven environment, designated by usage of an abundance

of information, swift changes in technology tools and the capability to collaborate and make individual

contributions on an unprecedented size. Effective residents and employees must have the ability to exhibit a variety of

functional and critical thinking skills, such as:

Information Literacy

Mass media Literacy

ICT (Information, Marketing communications and Technology) Literacy

Life and Career Skills

Todays life and work conditions require a lot more than thinking skills and content knowledge. The ability

to navigate the sophisticated life and work surroundings in the globally competitive information era requires

students to pay rigorous attention to expanding sufficient life and career skills, such as:

Overall flexibility and Adaptability

Effort and Self-Direction

Social and Cross-Cultural Skills

Productivity and Accountability

Authority and Responsibility

And finally is Mahara. I remember Professor Que stating that at first, students get discouraged and see it as difficult to use. But once you know how to use it, you figure out how to love it. First, I thought bewildered while navigating the site but once I began posting my work, I learned its nice features over time which is just about the reason why Personally i think I have learned it. In the training theory article research, a large area of the article was committed on learning, assimilation, and accommodation. My Mahara experience is surely a reflection of these processes. More and more teachers have become facilitators and learners tend to be involved and in charge of their learning. Hence, hands on activities like the Mahara stock portfolio, infographics, qr rules, and more are the best ways for a learner to acquire the abilities.

As your final word, let me say that I am very impressed with Ed Technical 210. This isn't to get the nice graces of Teacher Que but a honest opinion. WHENEVER I enrolled, I thought we were heading to make posters and so on and I realize given that I was really mistaken. Last November, I enrolled online in a UCLA led Coursera course on emerging technologies and I am very pleased to say our Ed Tech classes at COE are not lagging behind. As a teacher, I discovered a great deal from how this program was supervised. All course requirements and course targets were identified and deadlines were occur move forward. I used to believe I used to be very structured but this is far more better. Since we have been starting another semester in August, I be benchmarking these into my course administration.

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