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Leadership is something that is needed in all careers whether you are a QC leading a junior in a law of court, a mentor in a college or the CEO of a multinational company. As a student, you may feel as though you have not seen enough of life yet to be offering leadership to anyone but then you are asked to write leadership articles. Don’t panic. Simply take some deep breaths, tell yourself you can do it and read this article.


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One way to write a leadership article is to argue why you deem a great figure to be a leader in their own time. Obviously, the person that you are writing about will vary depending on which subject you are covering. Here is a list of ideas for different subjects.

  • Law – Can Cherie Blair be considered as a good leader?
  • Politics – David Cameron – leader or loser?
  • History – Winston Churchill – Did Churchill’s leadership help or hinder us in World War II?
  • Business – Are business leaders such as Jeff Bezos (Amazon) promoting capitalism or demonstrating true leadership qualities?
  • Religion – Does the Roman Catholic religion still need the leadership of the Pope in the 21st century.
  • Literature – Did Heathcliff depict leadership qualities in Wuthering Heights? Discuss.
  • Psychology – Understanding how your prefrontal cortex works in context to your amygdala aids leadership qualities.

It could be suggested that leadership articles are purely for business or law. However, the above list proves that is not the case. Therefore, learning how to write such articles can be useful not simply for getting a degree but also for writing articles that magazines and websites could be interested in too.

Once you have decided upon which leadership article you are going to write, you can start researching your topic. If you are writing about the leadership qualities of a famous person, whether dead or alive, it is essential that you write about someone you are riveted by. It doesn’t matter whether you admire them or loathe them. Both of these emotions will bring out the passion in your writing. This is a definite plus, especially for the person reading it.

There is nothing more likely to stop a reader than bland feelings. For instance, Cherie Blair is a famous Queen’s Counsel but she was also married to the former Prime Minister, Tony Blair. He is someone that folks either love or loathe. This means that there are endless sources on Cherie Blair and whatever you may think about her leadership qualities, she is never bland.

When you have decided upon the subject of your leadership article, you should make a plan so that you have a tight structure which offers the reader a logical argument. For instance, if we stick with the Cherie Blair theme you could write about her climb up the legal ladder from a relatively working class background. You could write about how her leadership qualities have shone through with her work on equality and human rights. This could take up the first part of your article but then you could highlight all the controversial situations that she has been involved in and question whether this demonstrates good leadership or not.

Some people like to write their introduction last when they have worked out everything that they wish to say. However, if you have made your plan, you will find it quite easy to write your introduction. Simply state the question that you are going to consider “Can Cherie Blair be considered as a good leader?”

Begin by defining what you believe is the criteria for a good leader. Briefly state the points you will examine in the order in which you will investigate them. Indicate that this exploration will allow you to measure whether Cherie Blair measures up to the description of what makes a good leader. If anything changes when you have written the article you can always return to your introduction and edit it.

  • Go through each point using your plan.
  • Stick to the single point that you are discussing and don’t go off on a tangent. Make it as easy for your reader to follow as possible.
  • Put in as much evidence as you can find and don’t forget to cite where the evidence came from.
  • Make sure that you are not repeating yourself using the same point but in different words. Ask yourself, am I building on this argument?
  • When you are writing about a lawyer e.g. Cherie Blair, it is tempting to use legal language. Try to avoid using too much of this as it can make the text difficult to follow; it can also make the language appear clumsy sometimes.
  • Don’t try to fit every single point in that you have thought of. Only use the very best of your argument. Using too much, especially if it is weak material, will dilute the quality of your leadership articles.

Writing the conclusion can be the most interesting part when writing leadership articles. The reason for this is that often we view people that are in the public eye sometimes through a very narrow lens and we get preconceived ideas about them. However, by the time we have researched them, thought about them and deeply discussed them, we often change our opinion. Therefore, it is important when writing an article about leadership to keep an open mind.

When writing your conclusion weigh up everything that you have discovered before you reach your conclusion. In the case of the Cherie Blair article, you would go through your evidence and then test whether, from what you have collected, you think that she fits the criteria for a good leader or not.

It is always a relief to get to the end of writing an article or an essay. However, it is important to add a notes sheet with all your citations on and a full bibliography to demonstrate your background reading. It helps if you do this as you work through your article.

Writing articles or essays about leadership are interesting. There are endless ways that the subject can be discussed, researched and written about. However, there are times during student life when the pressure becomes too much and you can’t think clearly or you just need to sleep a lot. If this is how you feel and you need to write an article on leadership you should contact us. We offer all kinds of writing services; these include articles on any subject, dissertations. editing and proof reading. Simply get in touch with us and see what we can do for you.

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