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Saunders 2003
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Accumulated data
Collecting information
Research Technique On Digital Marketing IT Essay
1. Introduction This research specializes in collecting and therefore analyzing the gathered data systems to re solve problems that are decided on by the researcher. In a way, this research offers wider meanings. For some individuals reading books or browsing the internet for information is research. As a matter of fact these activities are a few part of the entire job. Preliminary research structures are related to the sense of collecting authentic and original data and..
United states
Mass media
Ahmad 2005
Federal government
One Malaysia Principle Among Malaysian Marketing Essay
Malaysia is a renown country that is located in the southern parts of Asia, Malaysia contains thirteen says and three federal territories which on the whole forms up a complete land mass of 329, 847 square kilometers, the united states also boost of any people of 28. 25 million people this is based on the 2010 census.
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