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Marketing Analysis and Planning at HSBC
This record highlights the marketplace segmentation of the HSBC bank card in India. The company segments the market on the basis of geographic locations and because of income, lifestyle and behavioural features. The merchandise has been majorly targeted to the existing customers of the lender and the shopaholics at the Westside store. The lender also emphasises on increasing credit card-spends and client satisfaction by offering specific product types and elite additional..
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Bank card
Ecommerce business plan for an gadgets store
Online business is becoming very vast slowly but surely and steadily. There's a lot of revenue in this kind of business. Like EBAY and AMAZON our company has required a part of the field of web business. The Website name of the website is www. Theray. co. uk. The image which may be seen below is of a homepage from the RAY website. This homage is browsed on the first paragraph. Inside the first part it is explained briefly that how we run our daily business. In the next part it is explained..
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Bank card
E-Commerce in India
Keywords: ecommerce article, internet marketing india Marketing environment in India is changing. The pattern of marketing by the consumers has improved drastically from previous 10 years till date. The neighborhood environment has evolved in both infrastructural, social, economic terms in india. This newspaper shows the increase of the e-commerce market and internet marketing in india. Our findings show that the tendency of internet marketing is on the rise among..
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