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Blood group
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Secretors And Non Secretors In POPULATION Biology Essay
Human population can be classified into secretors and non-secretors. These are categorized on the basis of presence or absence of the blood group antigens (A, B and H) in the body fluids and secretions, such as saliva, perspiration, tears, semen, serum, mucus present in the digestive tract or respiratory cavities etc. Secretors are individuals that secrete bloodstream group antigens in their body fluids while non-secretors are the people that do not secrete them in their..
Punnet square
Blood vessels
Blood group
Bloodstream group
Study on Mendelian Genetics and Genetic Traits
Mendel's Regulation is the study about how exactly a certain characteristics are transmitted from one generation to another in an organism. This review was produced from an Austrian monk, Gregor Mendel (1822 'C 1884) who is considered as the daddy of genetics. He thought that natural regulations such as those that govern inheritance could be discussed as mathematical romantic relationships. In his tests, Mendel used common pea plants to review the traits, he match these pea..
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