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The Dalai Lama AS WELL AS THE Tibet Politics Essay
General Background: The Tibet is an autonomous region which is situated in China and beside Nepal, this region was an independent country in 10th hundred years, but they have endured many invasions from the Mongol empire until an English invasion. In 1904, a British army gets to the Tibet and in 1906 the Tibet becomes a British protectorate; in 1907 Great Britain and Russia offers sovereignty to China; in 1912, 1931-1933 and in 1949 there are several tries of Tibet's independence...
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The China-Tibet Conflict
The main of the China-Tibet conflict is the position of Tibet. China is of the view that Tibet is an inalienable part of China while the Tibetans are of the thoughts and opinions that Tibet has historically been an independent country. The intricacy of this concern has increased as both get-togethers have misconstrued background to serve their purposes. Tibet is a mountainous region located between India, China, and Nepal. Tibetan background, as a separate and unbiased country,..
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