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Whittaker chocolates
Whittaker products
Cocoa butter
Product Feature For Whittakers Products
Whittakers the major chocolates manufacturer and really the only fully held New Zealand Company. It is the second biggest delicious chocolate brand in New Zealand. It offers dark peanuts slab, control of beans includes human involvement. There is no solid dairy in this chocolates. Whittaker forwards its quality using natural cocoa butter and cocoa dairy. Product feature for Whittaker's products:- Dark chocolate has always been best vendor for company by setting a development..
Cocoa butter
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Development of Heat Resistant Chocolate
PRALINE The term 'cocoa' originates from the word 'cacao' that is used straight from Mayan and Aztec languages. Chocolate has been derived from cocoa beans, present in the centre to the fruit of cocoa tree, Theobroma cacao, which comes from the South American region. (Afoakwa 2010) Chocolate is one of the most popular products throughout the world. The fact that it is sturdy at room temperatures but melts in the mouth area, giving a soft delicate taste, helps it be one of the..
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