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Islamophobic content
Cultural minorities
Dijk 1991
Investigating Islamophobia in the Daily Mail
Islamophobia is described in the dictionary to be: 'hatred or concern with Muslims or of the politics or culture'. Since the terrorist disorders of Sept 11th and the London 7/7 bombings among others, some say islamophobia within the mass media has more than doubled. This work intends to discuss the coverage of Muslims and the faith of Islam all together within the 'middle market' papers The Daily Email and explore whether publications like the Email are representing the Muslim..
Bell 1991
Jucker 1989
Newspaper publishers
Results obtained
Content analysis
Sociolinguistics as a means of Modification in Conversation
INTRODUCTION This review is aiming to examine how different strategies and processes are used in sociolinguistics as a means of modification of the writer's manner of address with regards to his or her notion of the addressee. That is a complex process of change within the dynamics of talk and writing. (Giles/Powesland 1975). It is often said that convergence seems to be the guideline in media dialect. For example, phonological features in radio broadcasting showed that..
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