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Average person
Early adulthood
Early middle
Major milestones
Major milestones related
Milestones related
Physical development
The major milestones related to physical development in adolescence are rapid physical progress and change, which is referred to as the adolescent progress spurt. The height and weight considerably increases in adolescents, causing the individual to be looked at as adult measured. During these physical changes, the adolescent views themselves in a different way and it changes the view they have of themselves. The onset of puberty that took place in late youth begins the creation..
Attitude changes
Attitude change
Their attitudes
Early adulthood
Attitudes changed
Impressionable years
The role age plays in the susceptibility to enduring attitude changes
In order to do this in an obvious way, relevant research and theories will be considered. Attitudes can be defined as a person's negative and positive views on another person or object or even a meeting. These are also known as 'attitude objects. ' Attitudes is seen as people's judgements on something or someone. These develop through the 'ABC model. ' The ABC model stands for the affect, behaviour and cognition model. This model shows how people develop their attitudes about attitude..
Personality changes
Personality attributes
Changes personality
Srivastava 2003
Early adulthood
Their children
Personality Characteristics in Adulthood
Personality traits will be the unique motivations, thoughts and actions that are possessed by a person. Before, changes in personality were only thought to happen in the developmental stages in childhood up to adolescence. After the teenage years, it is thought to be 'placed like plaster', or the change seen is regarded as inconsequential or absent (Srivastava, John, Gosling & Potter, 2003). However, recent studies show that personalities do change in adulthood, even..
This period
Development Milestones
Child years
Development Milestones Early
Early adulthood
Milestones Early
The developmental stages of adolescence and adulthood
As a rise stage, adolescence is characterized by exponential and remarkable physical milestones which permit a person develop from child years to adulthood. It is during this stage that secondary erotic characteristics emerge credited to a surge in creation of testosterone in guys as well as estrogen in case there is young ladies (Slee, 2002). These hormones continue being produced until total maturation is achieved. Starting point of adolescence and puberty starts early..
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