Emotional brains essays and research papers

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Emotional intelligence
Coping strategies
The James Lange Theory Of Emotion
Everyone is exclusive as we all behave and react differently to occasions just like our intelligence. Emotions can be defined as a complex status of feelings that lead to the physical and subconscious changes that effect thought and behaviour. There are several theories which attempt to realize why we experience feelings. We experience many emotional states that can outlook our lives or how someone might respond to a situation which might include, anger, kindness, fear, admiration..
Emotional intelligence
Emotional cleverness
A History on Emotional Intelligence and IQ
For a long time plenty of emphasis has been placed on certain areas of intellect such as spatial skills, mathematics skills, rational reasoning, verbal skills understanding analogies etc. Researchers were complicated by the actual fact that while IQ was able to predict educational performance to a significant degree and, in some way, personal and professional success, there is still something absent in the equation. Some of these people that that they had fabulous IQ test..
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