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Gain access
Data source
Access rights
Encrypted data
Database security and encryption
Introduction Organisations are ever more counting on the sent out information systems to gain efficiency and efficiency advantages, but at the same time are becoming more susceptible to security threats. Data source systems are an integral component of this distributed information system and hold all the info which enables the complete system to work. A data source can be explained as a shared collection of logically related data and a information of the data, made to meet..
Content material
Cryptographic algorithm
Hash function
Called cipher
Called plaintext
Information Security Using Cryptography IT Essay
tal overview of Information security and cryptography, "Information security means guarding information and information systems from unauthorized access (PROXY SERVERS), use, disclosure, disruption, adjustment, or destruction". Governments, military services, financial institutions, hospitals, and private businesses amass significant amounts of private information about their employees, customers, products, research, and financial position. Protecting..
Data files
Source code
Source data
Source code binaries
An Architecture for Source Code Protection
Abstract-Due to great competition in software industry the source code and binaries have to be protected. Source code available in plain form could be easily stolen and launched on any computer using IDE. We will discuss a protocol that will be used in both (single user and teaming environment) in order to provide source code protection. This would be achieved though authentication, authorization, encryption/decryption and hashing. Keywords-Encryption; Authentication;..
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