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Macro environment
Marketing environment
Goods services
Business functions and adjoining environment
Business functions as an inseparable part of the environment encompassing it. Hence to comprehend the environment is a significant task of a product manager. Otherwise successful and effective online marketing strategy formulation is extremely hard. The marketing environment includes many factors or pushes that function or control a company's action in its preferred marketplace. According to Jain (1981:69), the marketing environment includes those factors that..
Travel leisure
Neighborhood people
Economic Environmental And Culture Effects Of Tourism
In light of the progressively competitive day visit market and matter about the keeping of wild animals in captivity for individuals amusement, the national Zoo of Bangladesh must balance carefully the demands of the paying visitor with those of preserving credibility as conservation and education-oriented organisations. Using the model of the merchandise life routine this paper analyses the current position of national Zoo of Bangladesh in visitors interest market...
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