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Home bias
Hundred years
Positive nationalism
19th hundred
19th hundred years
The Record Of Bad Nationalism
Like any large social movements, nationalism has its benefits but may also be a dangerous weapon. It's rather a powerful tool with which to unite people under one banner, a people acting as one who can be wielded in virtually any direction that sometimes appears fit. Nationalism can be considered a positive thing, as easily proven by how Filipinos, fired by its ideals, been successful in kicking out the Spanish, the Japanese, and the Us citizens. So necessary was nationalism..
External world
David Hume
Behavior custom
Consequent skepticism
First rule
Hume On Ideas Of Skepticism Viewpoint Essay
In the late 1700's, philosopher David Hume was seeking to increase the ideas of empiricism created by John Locke and George Berkeley, but he needed it with an extreme of radical skepticism. The way in which he attempted to improve Locke's ideas of empiricism was that he would apply scientific ways of observation to the type of humans. Hume felt that we should try to observe humans and how they function in the world, primarily because that made the most sense to him. Using this method,..
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