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Historical Research Of Mcdonalds
McDonald's History The business starts between two brothers. McDonald opened a tiny restaurant in 1940, east of Pasadena, California. 1948 they created a ''Speedee Service System'' with US trademark on a clown designed which replaced with Ronald McDonald in 1967. McDonalds began ''drive in restaurant service'' in 1961 with McDonald hallmark. After McDonald modified the company logo with double arched ''M'' symbol. The founder and the builder of McDonald Company is..
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Food restaurant
Fast Food Restaurants And ISSUE OF Hygiene English Language Essay
Today it is vital for food industry providers to matter about their degree of cleanliness as today s customer have grown to be more alarmed about risks allied with food. This report will identify the issues of health associated with various fast food restaurants, it will also highlight whether these problems of cleanliness in junk food restaurants impacts their sales, whether it changes the behaviour of customers and also a few of the alternatives that can enhance the hygiene..
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