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How Useful Is Robert Merton's Anomie Theory?
This essay is about how exactly Robert Merton theory makes up about criminal offense and deviance in just a contemporary society. I'll look at how he believes crime is a result of an ambitious contemporary society, and if we can blame offense on the wider population and not on the deviant themselves. I will show how Merton and also Durkheim (1958-1917) build their ideas of crime from different ideas, However, both use the idea of `anomie' (also referred to as 'stress theory') in..
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Merton's theory of Anomie: Female gangs
Topic: Browse the report A study on ladies in gangs by Hong Kong Federation of Youth and measure the possible explanations proposed by Merton's strains towards anomie theory. After reading the report A Study on Young ladies in Gang by Hong Kong Federation of Youngsters, to a big amount I disagree to Merton's tension towards anomie theory. Let's begin with this is of Ladies in Gang. First of all, Girls in Gang means those ladies are not add in any triad or serious unlawful circumstances..
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